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    This would be a lot more interesting 7 hours ago +1
    Yes and no. I eat really well but not due to me being super worried about it but because I was raised on homemade meals and that's what I enjoy. I'm more aware of it more now then I've ever been (not due to the epidemic, but within the last year or two I've gotten more conscious about eating healthy) 7 hours ago +1
    As a child of divorced parents, I know how awful it is to feel forced to see the other parent 7 hours ago +1
    Intangible means I can't be hit by bullets 17 hours ago  
    I need this sooooooooo much 1 day ago  
    They're both great for stupid reasons 1 day ago  
    Create a fire and smoke them 1 day ago +3
    More horrifying 1 day ago +2
    Offer to cover dog food for a while 1 day ago  
    Get her a small dog 1 day ago  
    What's something that they enjoy? 2 days ago  
    Gtc, hashslingingslasher, yomoko, usmanc, ilovefreedom because we need chaos 2 days ago +2
    I want it turned into a meme page 2 days ago  
    Im not very accurate so more than likely I won't hit the window 2 days ago  
    In my personal opinion strahd was way more powerful than Dracula but still had the regular weaknesses. Hell the vampires in the Lost Boys are better than Dracula. Dracula kinda sucks 3 days ago +1
    Gtc will oversee the department of religion, usmanc will oversee the department of fine dining and engineering 3 days ago +1
    There are so many vampires I would consider stronger than Dracula who still were weak to sunlight and had the regular weaknesses 3 days ago +1
    But vampires will always have their weaknesses. It doesn't matter how powerful you are, and, immortality STILL SUCKS 3 days ago +1
    First off, you can fully die, immortality and invincibility are different. Also I would disagree, death is better than losing everything you care about 3 days ago +1
    For the most part. That's for the grandparents I actually know I don't about the others 3 days ago  
    Wow really so intelligent but that means they're doing it with intent not being forced with it by reading dumb sh*t 3 days ago  
    Because you have to sit back and watch everything you care about die while you continue to live 3 days ago +1
    But he's also very small in comparison to humans 3 days ago  
    I'm too lazy for that sh*t 3 days ago  
    King dedede is top tier 3 days ago  
    Immortality sucks 3 days ago +1
    It realistically depends on what kinds of demons 3 days ago +1
    PLUTO IS A PLANET 3 days ago +2
    High fantasy elves I'm assuming? 3 days ago +1
    Colder 4 days ago  
    Don't promote yourself on my questions without something worth while to say 4 days ago  
    I ain't feckin going. Just like I won't go to the fecking haunted museum in la that Zak what's his bucket runs 4 days ago  
    A solid 0 generally 4 days ago  
    The best Vader is prequels Vader 5 days ago  
    Death note, bleach and Naruto are also on the list, I haven't watched Naruto since I was like, 8 5 days ago  
    Instead of whining try and make it how you want it 5 days ago +1
    Crab puffs are top tier 5 days ago  
    I'm not racist because I hate everyone equally 5 days ago  
    I'm planning to start my hero academia and possibly dragonball but I've been too obsessed with rwby to watch anything else 5 days ago  
    It has to fit in my hand in my pocket 5 days ago  
    I used to watch more than I do now, but I'm getting back into it 5 days ago  
    15) avoid swearing no matter what 17) you're entire life story is an elaborate lie to sound cool 10) you attempt to identify and investigate everything by licking it only 5 days ago  
    That's true, but you can always change and leave the jedi 5 days ago  
    You collect the funniest body part off of slain enemies 6 days ago  
    But I really love both 6 days ago +1
    By technicality the sith are also trained in the ways of the jedi. They're all Jedis, but the ones who call themselves "Jedi" are the strict ones 6 days ago +1
    Either way it's boring as sh*t but at least in a novel nobody has to see my face 6 days ago +2
    I don't really believe in this stuff too much but I got mediator 6 days ago  
    Become a grey knight 1 week ago  
    Chance manipulation 1 week ago  
    You're 100% taint 1 week ago +1
    I haven't watched it in so long I should binge it 1 week ago +1
    I don't really like pizza 1 week ago  
    Probably 1 week ago  
    Probably a 3. I already barely left the house. The only thing changing is how many online classes I'll be taking 1 week ago +1
    Let me fix it 1 week ago  
    NVM I gotta agree with gtc 1 week ago  
    Big bruh moment 1 week ago  
    Speaks weird, bruh 1 week ago  
    Vegan and weeb 1 week ago +1
    A is top tier how dare you. The prequels are the only good star wars movies 1 week ago  
    That's more fun 1 week ago  
    Oh I know they lost. I know they could not have won. But considering Stalin believed it would take 2 weeks, and it took 6 months. They kicked the sh*t out of the Soviets. That's like saying just because Germany lost the world wars means they didn't kick the ásses of Europe 1 week ago  
    Pretty cool guy 1 week ago  
    Your entire life story is an elaborate lie to sound cooler 1 week ago  
    Probably 1 week ago  
    Does that spell B*tch cause I'm trying to remember it without looking 1 week ago  
    Probably insane but 1 week ago  
    Embarrassingly sex positive 1 week ago  
    Thank you father 1 week ago  
    You enthusiastically eat things like bugs and rats 1 week ago  
    You're divorced 1 week ago  
    Sexually attracted to something weird 1 week ago  
    Thank you 1 week ago  
    The collect the funniest body part of slain enemies 1 week ago  
    You investigate and identify things solely by licking them 1 week ago  
    You avoid swearing at all costs 1 week ago  
    You should be able to use google 1 week ago  
    Rip 1 week ago  
    Watch nobody think of me 1 week ago +1
    Colder 1 week ago  
    YES MY DREAM CONE TRUE 1 week ago  
    Gtc + asthomas because you both play Minecraft 1 week ago  
    God I can't wait 1 week ago  
    Contact, not eating them. Last I checked the black plague didn't start because someone at a rat. No it was started because of fleas carrying the bacteria 1 week ago +3
    I don't blame them for the virus (because that's a natural thing) bit I blame them for how poorly they dealt with it 1 week ago  
    Many pandemics have nothing to do with whether or not you eat meat 1 week ago  
    Literally never tell people not to vote 1 week ago +1
    Both 1 week ago  
    Me: probably something really stupid 1 week ago  
    ilovefreedom: everything he already listed + more probably 1 week ago  
    I'm a huge Kotor fan 1 week ago +1
    I'm fine with that as grey Jedi are best 1 week ago  
    I honestly don't care as the movies (all of them) are kind of eh in comparison to all of the other material now considered non canonical (books, video games, etc.) 1 week ago +1
    Gtc = Jedi 1 week ago +1
    I can respect that 1 week ago +1
    Ketchup sandwiches aren't that bad 1 week ago  
    Sounds good to me 1 week ago  
    Hmm alright 1 week ago  
    Charisma is being able to sell a tomato based fruit salad 1 week ago  
    Im curious to know where you'd put me for both 1 week ago  
    Except in very specific scenarios 1 week ago  
    Everyone easily 1 week ago +2
    The Jedi are easily not the good guys 1 week ago +1
    Maybe 2 weeks ago  
    It's their life, not mine 2 weeks ago +1
    They saved my life 2 weeks ago  
    I might finally be able to swim 2 weeks ago +1
    I consider myself a perfect balance. That's why I like dnd so much. It's the perfect mesh between creation and logic. 2 weeks ago  
    I was making a joke based on a college humor skit from a couple years ago. It's a nonsense word 2 weeks ago  
    Fûcking chubos 2 weeks ago  
    FOR THE CAUSE 2 weeks ago +1
    My LG is good enough 2 weeks ago  
    Not about to break the bank for something not worth it 2 weeks ago +1
    I'm fine being a squishy human 2 weeks ago  
    I'm really bad at online classes 2 weeks ago +1
    Wow a bonus 2 weeks ago  
    I haven't really met any bad fans of either 2 weeks ago  
    My instructor just said well have time to catch up on them and if not hell cut some out 2 weeks ago  
    Not until the 28 for the public schools in my area. But the college will do online classes for a while 2 weeks ago  
    Im super low fat content anyways, nearly 0% 2 weeks ago  
    uwu burn me because stalkers and pervs are awful people 2 weeks ago +2
    Take my kneecaps daddy uwu 2 weeks ago +1
    I've definitely heard of it but don't know much about ir 2 weeks ago  
    Colder 2 weeks ago  
    Honestly both are pretty fun 2 weeks ago +1
    It's a learning experience 2 weeks ago  
    Tell her I'm already taken 2 weeks ago +1
    Probably. I'm surprised I didn't get one when I scoped myself a couple years back 2 weeks ago  
    Not a horror guy 2 weeks ago  
    Some would say these all go hand in hand (Nietzsche believed science and philosophy went together and Descartes believed math and philosophy went together) 3 weeks ago +2
    If it's split amongst many it helps to alleviate the power 3 weeks ago  
    I ain't got that kinda money 3 weeks ago  
    The fact that the universe is infinitely expansive it was bound to happen at some point 3 weeks ago +1
    If we bring humans down to their base survival needs they won't have time for technological advancement 3 weeks ago +2
    Sadly teslas thoughts were not true. Give everyone weapons of mass destruction, and people only get more violent 3 weeks ago  
    Get rid of the electoral college 3 weeks ago  
    Not toilet paper 3 weeks ago +3
    Worry creates panic, and panic creates problems 3 weeks ago +1
    Hell yeah brother 3 weeks ago  
    I am not actively working t the moment 3 weeks ago  
    Thanks 3 weeks ago  
    Finally be able to afford an apartment 3 weeks ago  
    I don't know but imma be alone. Usmanc will be one of the most popular people. Ilovefreedom is the ironic bully (bullies people as a joke), gtc is a class clown, gtcs ankle is god, yomoko is the hot girl, Satan and catlover are the pda couple, and then, just like every good show, miscellaneous students 3 weeks ago +3
    Fùck yeah 3 weeks ago  
    17. Turn 18 in a month and a half 3 weeks ago  
    I'm ugly as sh*t 3 weeks ago  
    Don't worry I'm here 3 weeks ago  
    In the rare likelihood I die, I die 3 weeks ago  
    Both 3 weeks ago  
    This is seriously getting annoying. We get it. 3 weeks ago +7
    Not to sound egotistical but I'm fairly knowledgeable and increasing your knowledge is easy. Luck is not that way. 3 weeks ago +1
    How many are there because this is pretty cool 3 weeks ago  
    Colder 3 weeks ago  
    I'm already broke 3 weeks ago  
    Europe kinda sucks not gonna lie. Why? Because everywhere sucks. The only place that doesn't is Antarctica because there's so few humans there to ruin it. And even then we are ruining it 3 weeks ago  
    I don't know who these people are 3 weeks ago  
    Rip. My school doesn't care because we recognize it's not a big deal if you aren't stupid 3 weeks ago  
    Honestly I don't care, it's situational 3 weeks ago  
    Both are bad 3 weeks ago  
    Even though stray away from main movies cause they've gone downhill 3 weeks ago  
    Considering I can't code at all 3 weeks ago  
    Colder 4 weeks ago  
    People aren't making as many questions, and the ones get made are generally just really dumb. There are a couple that aren't bad, and it's getting better, but for a while id come on and see the same question 10+ times before a new one got made 4 weeks ago  
    Colder 4 weeks ago  
    I do very little planning because I know plans get ruined. Almost Everytime I've planned to hang out with people, ruined, Everytime I've planned to do something useful, ruined, Everytime I've planned a goddamn dnd sesh, it gets ruined 4 weeks ago +1
    Very good game 4 weeks ago  
    I roll over and sit on my phone for anywhere between 5 minutes and 3 hours 4 weeks ago  
    Honestly, the movies are kinda eh, and the prequels are filled with goodness 4 weeks ago  
    I do it from time to time but nah 4 weeks ago  
    I don't have anything to truly be worried about other than the off chance I infect someone I care about 1 month ago  
    I call my stepmom by her first name only 1 month ago  
    It's always kinda interesting 1 month ago  
    There are things I personally won't joke about. I don't believe in censorship but I believe in being sensitive 1 month ago  
    It has something to do with it turning 18 and being another baby (baby Yoda, baby nut, etc.) 1 month ago  
    Multiple years ago 1 month ago  
    Colder 1 month ago  
    Call the police 1 month ago  
    Like a 3. Most situations I wouldn't care and already do 1 month ago  
    I don't own any dishes left 1 month ago  
    Possibly but who knows 1 month ago  
    As they are different situations, I can speak of different people, who may or may not have different pronouns 1 month ago  
    I intentionally did him/her 1 month ago  
    So if my child is starving I shan't steal food for him. If my childs life is threatened by another, I shan't defend her even if it causes harm to the person who threatened her. 1 month ago  
    Too much good is just as bad as too much evil. You need equal amounts of everything. 1 month ago  
    Even better, a world of balance 1 month ago  
    Money can make your life less depressing via being able to pay for bills, pay to go to the hospital when you need to, being able to afford therapy, etc. 1 month ago  
    Except i don't want to live in New York. And I already have a couple places that may hire me after I'm done 1 month ago  
    It's like CVS or Walgreens, but not 1 month ago  
    I agree with a in some areas, and fully agree with b 1 month ago +2
    Considering how impossible this is 1 month ago  
    Oh no? 1 month ago  
    r/woooosh 1 month ago  
    If it comes down to you failing one class to not get your diploma you're f*cking up a lot 1 month ago  
    Shouldn't have gone in the river 1 month ago  
    It takes so long and a lot of money to get one of those degrees 1 month ago +1
    I'm 17 going on 18 but I spent years with strict rules and they still linger heavily. 1 month ago  
    Ooh noo I'm so scared. Also there's more stuff about my dad than me at the top of the Google search so it's finr 1 month ago  
    I can't tell you what to do 1 month ago  
    It would suck but only thinking I'm funny is worse 1 month ago  
    In Las Vegas 1 month ago  
    So im less ugly and smarter than now 1 month ago  
    Both are gonna be my life anyways. I'm gonna be a high school teacher (shît pay) which requires a master's degree (student loan debt) 1 month ago  
    Just turn myself in and let the Justice system do its job. Running only makes it worse 1 month ago  
    Neither because I'd get in trouble for getting seconds 1 month ago  
    I already do. B is actually a major cause of obesity 1 month ago  
    I can still get the human interaction I need 1 month ago  
    It makes folks uncomfortable 1 month ago  
    Both 1 month ago +1
    I already dont 1 month ago  
    As a warden 1 month ago  
    Both good topics but a isn't done very often 1 month ago +1
    If they want me dead do it yourself 1 month ago +1
    Both 1 month ago  
    Smaller 1 month ago  
    Considering humans are animals 1 month ago  
    Fûck off 1 month ago +2
    That's 5 words 1 month ago +1
    Bruh 1 month ago +1
    I'll be like axle from twisted metal 1 month ago  
    Nothing 1 month ago +1
    Allow us to ascend to anklehood 1 month ago +2
    My questions are sh*tposts 1 month ago +1
    I don't pity anybody. Pity is an awful thing. I empathize with them 1 month ago +1
    Well because they'd just die again, or some sorta movie sh*t 1 month ago  
    B would end badly 1 month ago +1
    It really depends, but generally I'll read it unless I've seen it before 1 month ago  
    Not that I'd be willing to bring back 1 month ago  
    Smaller 1 month ago  
    None of those people in my life have died that I'd want to bring back. 1 month ago  
    Oh wow its almost like I'm not already poor and sad 1 month ago  
    Make more 1 month ago +2
    Sell some skin 1 month ago  
    Just explain that I have a condition 1 month ago  
    Infamy is better than being forgotten 1 month ago  
    Nothing suspicious about 27 likes 1 month ago +2
    Jedi robes are dope as hell 1 month ago  
    Been like that lately anyways 1 month ago  
    I don't have a lot. Even though I also haven't taken a lot of photos. So either way I'm not losing too much 1 month ago  
    It's literally my life 1 month ago +1
    So it's literally me 1 month ago  
    My imagination would kill me in a 1 month ago  
    Cooler, prettier, HALLOWEEN 1 month ago  
    That's what I want at my funeral 1 month ago  
    Happens less often 1 month ago  
    Either way it sucks 1 month ago  
    Happens less often 1 month ago  
    Dragon time 1 month ago  
    Much less dangerous 1 month ago +1
    I don't watch movies all that often anyways 1 month ago +1
    Oh no? Id never know 1 month ago  
    Until I'm dming, then I'll kill your favorite npc and laugh as I rip them in half 1 month ago  
    It really depends. But I tend to just procrastinate 1 month ago +1
    Colder 1 month ago  
    Suits are boring 1 month ago  
    A isn't that bad 1 month ago +2
    Yeah sorta 1 month ago  
    Rain 1 month ago  
    A: I play dnd religiously B: halo, cod, Minecraft, a bunch of others 1 month ago  
    I just won't be able to hang out 1 month ago  
    Bi 1 month ago +1
    Yeetus yeetus 1 month ago  
    Being evil because you're evil is no fun 1 month ago  
    Gets hit by airplane 1 month ago  
    Less ocean battlinh 1 month ago  
    Very fun 1 month ago  
    Is me 1 month ago  
    What Armenians 1 month ago +2
    DEATH 1 month ago  
    I feel attacked 1 month ago  
    Resorts aren't my thing, too touristy 1 month ago  
    Ancient psychic tandem war elephant 1 month ago  
    But I do some things left handed 1 month ago  
    But if you give yourself a lil 15 min breather then your good. But the male body physically can't do it multiple times without a small break 1 month ago  
    Both, I'm all over the place in my own head 1 month ago  
    Beat me daddy 1 month ago  
    Until it gets old 1 month ago  
    Chromebooks are ass 1 month ago  
    More variety. One console versus 3+ 1 month ago  
    A big ol game of he said she said that lead to millions of deaths. But I'd fight with the Arabian rebels 1 month ago  
    Anakin Skywalker was so much better tho 1 month ago  
    YES FINALLY 1 month ago  
    Less of a standstill of death 1 month ago  
    Come in with the Arabian rebels from the south east 1 month ago  
    Both extremely bad, but if I'm on the USSR side of things my future looks a lil better 1 month ago  
    Pacific theater time 1 month ago  
    Consider we Americans got away mostly unscathed 1 month ago  
    uwu 1 month ago  
    I know, sorry about seeming rude 1 month ago  
    I have also just been told "no" 1 month ago +2
    No I don't mind 1 month ago  
    The regular flu has killed more 1 month ago  
    Yes. I am in fact weak. Don't need you to remind me 1 month ago  
    It's not that bad 1 month ago +3
    Tic Tac toe 1 month ago +2
    Crosswords remind me that I'm stupid 1 month ago  
    Drowning is extremely painful, as someone who has drowned many times, it's not enjoyable 1 month ago +1
    Like 1 1 month ago  
    Prolly just to check out cool stuff 1 month ago  
    Colder 1 month ago  
    Wouldn't effect me til summer, and twitching is still movement 1 month ago  
    It was literally yesterday 1 month ago  
    Out of rudeness, like a 2. Out of joking, a full 10 1 month ago  
    They're Russian 1 month ago  
    I wouldn't really use either of them 1 month ago  
    I won't be able to 1 month ago  
    I'm just not as big a fan of dc 1 month ago  
    B doesn't even happen to me 1 month ago  
    Damn I did t think of that 1 month ago  
    Hell yeah 1 month ago  
    Not use it for wealth or power, but for INFINITE CHEESECAKE 1 month ago +2
    Use my wealth and power to attempt to make this shïtty planet better 1 month ago  
    President of the world 1 month ago  
    I mean, that's the plan. That's why I'm going to school 1 month ago  
    I don't watch tv 1 month ago  
    Water has different flavors. Also with this I gain DEATH 1 month ago  
    Punch time 1 month ago +1
    Cod zombies 1 month ago  
    Its not really my thing 1 month ago +1
    I had a red bull once, not bad, but not good 1 month ago  
    Ergonomics baby 1 month ago  
    Ugly as feck 1 month ago  
    Niko 1 month ago  
    2002. Turn 18 in April 1 month ago +2
    Because I could've tried to be there for them, and I didn't notice, so ultimately I'm to blame 1 month ago  
    Windows 95 instead 1 month ago  
    Ask them if they're fine, and choose my actions based on circumstances. But if they want to die, I'm going to explain that that's one of the worst ways to go 1 month ago +1
    Costs less money 1 month ago  
    Not evil 1 month ago +1
    This involves more consoles 1 month ago  
    You shall be smote 1 month ago  
    Literally killed me man 1 month ago +1
    But sire, what about, premarital speaking 1 month ago +1
    You can't just say "no loopholes" without setting ground rules 1 month ago +2
    I jump a lot in videogames 2 months ago  
    Id prolly disappear 2 months ago  
    The pressure of the deep ocean would kill me or I would take b 2 months ago  
    Turn 18 in april 2 months ago  
    My major (along with a master's in teaching) 2 months ago +2
    I say a when I'm being obnoxious 2 months ago  
    Imma be real with you without context the episode makes no sense. It takes place halfway into a dnd campaign 2 months ago +1
    It checks your vibe 2 months ago  
    It's just an edit, there is no porn 2 months ago  
    College of whispers 2 months ago  
    I mean it really depends on what you're going for. I was originally gonna go into engineering and then realized how bad I am at it and how boring it is 2 months ago  
    No 2 months ago  
    Not by a lot. It's similar to psych but on a less personal level 2 months ago  
    Same degree 2 months ago  
    It's partly what I'm going into 2 months ago  
    Sadly you can only listen to one episode. The rest were live. Not another dnd podcast good tho 2 months ago  
    I personally don't do it, but I don't care what others do 2 months ago  
    That's not a loophole. It says no toilet paper. Doesn't say no cleaning my áss after I shît 2 months ago  
    I love being goo 2 months ago  
    I prefer salad 2 months ago  
    Bidets are better 2 months ago  
    Because I suck 2 months ago  
    A one story building 2 months ago  
    Almost the entire Skywalker family is extremely whiny 2 months ago  
    I know how to turn lead into gold. It's just not worth it 2 months ago +1
    Satanism isn't even that bad, and honestly the rules they have are really good 2 months ago +1
    My masters in teaching because that's gonna kill my bank account 2 months ago +1
    As someone who swears constantly that'd be bad 2 months ago +1
    Has been consistently great 2 months ago  
    Do greyscale 2 months ago  
    Wow no change 2 months ago  
    Me 2 months ago  
    Well if it's a little Creek there's probably a spot thin enough to cross without touching the water 2 months ago  
    A would just be seeing how ugly I am but at all times 2 months ago  
    No 100. But both. 2 months ago +1
    It has been stopped 2 months ago +1
    No 2 months ago +1
    For a second 2 months ago  
    Why would I 2 months ago  
    Oh harder daddy 2 months ago +1
    Wow it's just me already damn 2 months ago  
    Do it 2 months ago  
    Both 2 months ago  
    You didn't say anything against mythical tho. Imma be a dragon 2 months ago  
    Both are great depending on how everything else goes storywise 2 months ago  
    Misclick. Of course 2 months ago  
    1 of them no. The other 2 yes 2 months ago +1
    I watched some of it. Not too bad. Didn't quite capture the essence of the game though. 2 months ago +1
    The first 4 fast and furious movies were good 2 months ago  
    Ill at least bring it up 2 months ago  
    Is it? 2 months ago  
    They were both filled with trenches. And they were filled with mud and disease. WW2 used less trenches than ww1 did. 2 months ago  
    Actually b because there's way more series under Tom clancy 2 months ago  
    Not too much tho. Especially because his newer stuff isn't as bad 2 months ago  
    That would be easy peasy 2 months ago  
    It's vandalism when it's stupid stuff like gang sh*t 2 months ago  
    F*ck your 100 attempt 2 months ago +1
    7. It increases or decreases depending on individual people 2 months ago  
    9. There's some stuff out of place because my unbuilt computer is taking up a lot of space 2 months ago  
    I don't really like either tho 2 months ago +1
    Still a much cooler world also anyone can master the force 2 months ago  
    No, Batman does not count. On the other hand Donald duck does 2 months ago  
    1) extremists 2) people who think their way is the only way 3) idk 2 months ago  
    War never changez 2 months ago  
    War 2 months ago  
    Im very curious what you have to say 2 months ago +1
    I think you need to learn some basic biology 2 months ago +6
    I'm not sure if I've ever done it but people die in my dreams all the time 2 months ago  
    Also intelligence can get you far but empathy gets you anywhere 2 months ago  
    Wow it's just me already 2 months ago  
    Also Linux is eh 2 months ago +1
    Be like my boi loki 2 months ago +1
    At night because I try not to take it off the charger 2 months ago  
    It's been done so many times and it's the same few users (they're great) 2 months ago +1
    It has been proven so many times over to not work 2 months ago +3
    For Peace 2 months ago  
    I do both 2 months ago  
    Luigi Mario is the best 2 months ago  
    Hell yeah 2 months ago  
    Bug because I'm insignificant 2 months ago  
    I'd cough so much in a 2 months ago  
    Easier to cover up 2 months ago +1
    I think I did it once 2 months ago  
    Matt is too powerful 2 months ago  
    GOTT MIT UNS 2 months ago  
    This may be true, but in that society it would not be considered wrong, I'm not saying it would be stable 2 months ago  
    Writing, video games, dnd, and when I get the chance excersise 2 months ago  
    Yes. If you have a society of murderers they won't see murder as wrong, so murder won't be wrong 2 months ago  
    Find a universe where someone loves me 2 months ago +2
    Hell yeah longer erections 2 months ago  
    It all changes from person to person, society to society, power to power. What may seem wrong and immoral to one person, another person may seem as a moral thing to do. 2 months ago +1
    I only hang button ups and jackets 2 months ago  
    Very, very little 2 months ago  
    Im a very simple dude. 2 months ago  
    Im almost always in a not great mood so 2 months ago +1
    Walk on water, crush people with air, make my ice go to the bottom of my drink 2 months ago +1
    B would be cool but I'd abuse it 2 months ago +1
    Even though 5000 would kill me 2 months ago +1
    It's nice to have for burning my mouth 2 months ago  
    Oh I thought this was like Yes! 2 months ago  
    American 3 months ago  
    I do usually in the description tho 3 months ago  
    Wow so I'm an exception. I'm neither manly nor intelligent 3 months ago  
    Eh, I kinda like what I've got going. And I won't be us ugly 3 months ago  
    Well I was 7, so probably doing nothing at home. And I hope to be a successful teacher 3 months ago  
    I don't know what a is 3 months ago  
    I mean, if you know what you're doing yes they will. You can tape utensils to them, and you can still use your phone. And sex just got a billion time easier 3 months ago  
    I was young and less depressed 3 months ago +2
    Good ol dickfingers 3 months ago  
    I prefer cash because it's easier to keep track of 3 months ago  
    #bribgbackAJ but usmanc been my boi since the beginning 3 months ago +1
    Just a real good frend 3 months ago  
    The ankle 3 months ago  
    Onex sucks 3 months ago  
    He sends me holiday messages 3 months ago  
    The beginning alone bumps it pretty high. Prolly an 8 3 months ago  
    Thomas good 3 months ago  
    The ankle 3 months ago +1
    I can't read it bruddah 3 months ago +1
    B was great but not really active anymore 3 months ago  
    No. lawful neutral I you follow your own moral code to the t. Lawful good is you follow the rules of society to the t 3 months ago  
    Skrt skrt add your humble servant 3 months ago  
    He follows the rules too well 3 months ago +3
    I have chosen not to 3 months ago  
    Literally - infinity 3 months ago  
    Bring him back 3 months ago  
    Hate to have to choose but it's my duderino 3 months ago +1
    Musta is savior 3 months ago  
    GOD 3 months ago  
    Yay 3 months ago  
    Im sorry to hear about that. Sending good vibes 3 months ago +3
    New year's is kinda eh to me 3 months ago +1
    Yeah. I actually showed him the site. 3 months ago  
    Skyrim, black ops 2, and many others I'm definitely forgetting 3 months ago  
    Literally the best. Bring him back! AJ did nothing wrong! 3 months ago +1
    Literally the first person here to notice my existence 3 months ago  
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