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All hail our Lord Jim Pickens

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    It's vandalism when it's stupid stuff like gang sh*t 2 hours ago  
    F*ck your 100 attempt 2 hours ago +1
    7. It increases or decreases depending on individual people 2 hours ago  
    9. There's some stuff out of place because my unbuilt computer is taking up a lot of space 3 hours ago  
    I don't really like either tho 3 hours ago +1
    Still a much cooler world also anyone can master the force 12 hours ago  
    No, Batman does not count. On the other hand Donald duck does 16 hours ago  
    1) extremists 2) people who think their way is the only way 3) idk 1 day ago  
    War never changez 1 day ago  
    War 1 day ago  
    Im very curious what you have to say 1 day ago +1
    I think you need to learn some basic biology 1 day ago +6
    I'm not sure if I've ever done it but people die in my dreams all the time 2 days ago  
    Also intelligence can get you far but empathy gets you anywhere 2 days ago  
    Wow it's just me already 2 days ago  
    Also Linux is eh 2 days ago +1
    Be like my boi loki 3 days ago +1
    At night because I try not to take it off the charger 3 days ago  
    It's been done so many times and it's the same few users (they're great) 3 days ago +1
    It has been proven so many times over to not work 4 days ago +3
    For Peace 4 days ago  
    I do both 4 days ago  
    Luigi Mario is the best 4 days ago  
    Hell yeah 5 days ago  
    Bug because I'm insignificant 5 days ago  
    I'd cough so much in a 6 days ago  
    Easier to cover up 6 days ago  
    I think I did it once 1 week ago  
    Matt is too powerful 1 week ago  
    GOTT MIT UNS 1 week ago  
    This may be true, but in that society it would not be considered wrong, I'm not saying it would be stable 1 week ago  
    Writing, video games, dnd, and when I get the chance excersise 1 week ago  
    Yes. If you have a society of murderers they won't see murder as wrong, so murder won't be wrong 1 week ago  
    Find a universe where someone loves me 1 week ago +2
    Hell yeah longer erections 1 week ago  
    It all changes from person to person, society to society, power to power. What may seem wrong and immoral to one person, another person may seem as a moral thing to do. 1 week ago +1
    I only hang button ups and jackets 1 week ago  
    Very, very little 1 week ago  
    Im a very simple dude. 1 week ago  
    Im almost always in a not great mood so 1 week ago +1
    Walk on water, crush people with air, make my ice go to the bottom of my drink 1 week ago +1
    B would be cool but I'd abuse it 1 week ago +1
    Even though 5000 would kill me 1 week ago +1
    It's nice to have for burning my mouth 1 week ago  
    Oh I thought this was like Yes! 1 week ago  
    American 1 week ago  
    I do usually in the description tho 1 week ago  
    Wow so I'm an exception. I'm neither manly nor intelligent 1 week ago  
    Eh, I kinda like what I've got going. And I won't be us ugly 2 weeks ago  
    Well I was 7, so probably doing nothing at home. And I hope to be a successful teacher 2 weeks ago  
    I don't know what a is 2 weeks ago  
    I mean, if you know what you're doing yes they will. You can tape utensils to them, and you can still use your phone. And sex just got a billion time easier 2 weeks ago  
    I was young and less depressed 2 weeks ago +2
    Good ol dickfingers 2 weeks ago  
    I prefer cash because it's easier to keep track of 2 weeks ago  
    #bribgbackAJ but usmanc been my boi since the beginning 2 weeks ago +1
    Just a real good frend 2 weeks ago  
    The ankle 2 weeks ago  
    Onex sucks 2 weeks ago  
    He sends me holiday messages 2 weeks ago  
    The beginning alone bumps it pretty high. Prolly an 8 2 weeks ago  
    Thomas good 2 weeks ago  
    The ankle 2 weeks ago +1
    I can't read it bruddah 2 weeks ago +1
    B was great but not really active anymore 2 weeks ago  
    No. lawful neutral I you follow your own moral code to the t. Lawful good is you follow the rules of society to the t 2 weeks ago  
    Skrt skrt add your humble servant 2 weeks ago  
    He follows the rules too well 2 weeks ago +3
    I have chosen not to 2 weeks ago  
    Literally - infinity 2 weeks ago  
    Bring him back 2 weeks ago  
    Hate to have to choose but it's my duderino 2 weeks ago +1
    Musta is savior 2 weeks ago  
    GOD 2 weeks ago  
    Yay 2 weeks ago  
    Im sorry to hear about that. Sending good vibes 3 weeks ago +3
    New year's is kinda eh to me 3 weeks ago +1
    Yeah. I actually showed him the site. 3 weeks ago  
    Skyrim, black ops 2, and many others I'm definitely forgetting 3 weeks ago  
    Literally the best. Bring him back! AJ did nothing wrong! 3 weeks ago +1
    Literally the first person here to notice my existence 3 weeks ago  
    How in the world is musta losing 3 weeks ago +3
    One of the greats 3 weeks ago  
    Shes not even that active but still great 3 weeks ago  
    The God 3 weeks ago +1
    I happen to be semi narccistic 3 weeks ago  
    B is my buddy in real life so naturally I can't pick him 3 weeks ago  
    Both great 3 weeks ago  
    5-6 it was mostly pretty boring. I got moneys 3 weeks ago  
    Bruh 3 weeks ago +3
    At least an 8 3 weeks ago  
    2 $25 Visa gift cards 3 weeks ago  
    Mostly lust and pride 3 weeks ago  
    Makes me big sad 3 weeks ago +1
    I wouldn't be surprised 3 weeks ago  
    Probably a 2-3 3 weeks ago  
    Ethiopia wasn't either if I recall correctly 3 weeks ago  
    Why the f*ck not 3 weeks ago  
    A would end very badly 3 weeks ago +1
    I love both 3 weeks ago +1
    A literal god 3 weeks ago +1
    Imma be a teacher so 3 weeks ago +1
    Huzzah, a man of culture 3 weeks ago +1
    SpongeBob is in his late 30's 3 weeks ago  
    Im miniladd 3 weeks ago +1
    I can easily picture tom as SpongeBob 3 weeks ago  
    Yell bruh 4 weeks ago  
    The 9th doctor 4 weeks ago +3
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