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    y do boys haf to skip?  
    the drug dealer looks to worried  
    minme wouldnt b jb  
    I CALL TOP BUNK ps imma boy +32
    its just my opinion  
    how bout MY HAIR :D  
    i alredy am doin pretty well  
    SKY DIVE 4 THE WIN!!!!!!!!!!!! +77
    imma boy, i dont do queen......  
    could u just kill rself b4 the date and u wouldnt die or would u still survive a miracules way +4
    its true im clueless +1
    imma bo so id look normal  
    hermoine is smokin +4
    crap i didnt read all of the second 1 i thot it was asking rich or poor  
    since imma boy and not gay justin bieber  
    just look at my name :D +2
    god created the 1st people but those people evolved with god leading thr way or something like tht  
    so the question is do u like skin coor changers or girls who retend to be boys  
    couldnt god create the big bang? +2
    the american picture is hot  
    the sun glasses girl is hot +2
    this is tuff  
    hottubs=old over stressed people pools= energetic young awesome people thumbs up if u agree wait, this isnt you tube....... +1
    pollution abuses animals...... +1
    woop rong one the murderer would just kill mor innocent people  
    i havent seen an ugly fat mermaid only kinny gorgeous ones :D +1
    either way the world would b a better place +2
    anything but that  
    sharks r my worst nightmare +2
    ashley is hot +1
    im pretty sure im rite  
    it wouldnt be katy perry thts 4 sure  
    esy question  
    the picture to the right is mean +4
    since u wouldnt need to eat or drink anything that would save a lot of money  
    i would use the power to fly wich i chose a while bac +2
    wait ts hard to get romantc in daylight  
    Arnt they the same person? either way Miley is HOT  
    im on a boat mother f*****s look at me i climb boyes mother f*****s +1
    wait were supposed to skip? +1
    imma boy so tht body wont do.......  
    wow never thot of tht wish i could change my answer  
    im from MN too lets work together but i call first one :D  
    imma point guard!!!!!!!! +1
    that would b interesting.........  
    imma guy so this was kind of easy +1
    either way ud die  
    I LOVE the basketball picture lol  
    im older than 10 so i dont no how its possible now..... +4
    WOLFIE ( magic treehouse name fr mozart)  
    evr heard of butlers? +1
    Stand tall and proud! ;0 +4
    less wrk and u still get some money  
    con boys look fr thr "lovers"  
    u could say mor stuff talking +5
    selena's hot +1
    isnt it the same thing +3
    MEEAAATT jk just pressed rong 1 cannabolism sucks man  
    waaaaat +1
    id just take all languages easy A  
    oquerd question 4 a boy........  
    evryone hates the boss but evryone loves the comedian +288
    the wrld must no the truth  
    elephants r awesome +6
    i can live with it heck i alredy do!  
    but ull 4evr long to see wat others r seeing :(  
    u could at least remember wat the wrld was once  
    im not a computer geek or anything but i dont really see any differeces  
    unlike superman spidy has no weaknesses +420
    if u survived with ur dream girl and were "forced" to have kids to restart the world then yes  
    if i forgot mself people would tell me im a hooker or something +2
    USA +4
    im already a beast at b-ball +1
    either way ur a winner +2
    wait get caught doing wat O.o +4
    look at my name +1
    alredy haf to share the i pad so i go the other way fr both :)  
    havnt seen either +1
    britney is HOT  
    WHIP CREAM!!!!!!! +400
    people say they would take the blame here but no1 would in real life +2
    u can only text just get verizon 4 unlimited texting!  
    at least i could brag tht i climbed munt everest to god +838
    is it possible to choke som1 with pizza?  
    can he only kill my cereal? +2
    id probably kill myself after a year in a human centapede  
    mor work to rock climb +1
    either way ur life sucks +1
    u haf a better chance at finding true love with nevr find true love.....  
    whoevr chose green has a SOUR personality hehehe get it? sour apple sour personality? aww 4get it +1
    with ok looks and a flirty personality doesn't men u won't get REJECTED!!  
    u could be famous 4 a perfect relationship. HUH BET YA DIDNT THINK OF THT +1
    to many hacks on the pc so i heard....  
    wached both alredy but hunger games was better...  
    wat if u dream of being with the person of ur dreams?  
    im from minnesota enough said +1
    I LIKE FORDS!!!!! but since its not thr.....  
    wat do u do with a small dog +1
    u could guess how'd u die like at60 u can guess cancer or 80-90=old age +1
    i could just go up to som1 hot say i love u and c wat happens and always haf a chance to take it bac +2
    only haf facebook alredy  
    make the world a better place :)  
    id eat CHARLIE THE DRUNK GUINEA PIG!!!!!! +457
    if ur sibling is a total brat then no, but if the the sibling is sweet and innocent then sure y not?  
    white chocolate ROCKS!!!11 +4
    it always gets better in time +3
    ull get rich and it doesnt mean ur the one doin drugs  
    wats degrassi...  
    this is y u haaf a spare! ;) +1
    all u need is happy ness :) +2
    hockey is fr canadians  
    imma guy so who cares  
    snuffed nose r easier to handle +1
    i LOVE luxuios hotels  
    thrs not as many lady gaga fans.... +2
    its nice to snuggle with blankets  
    wat happens wen the wrld ends would u just float alone 4evr and wat age would u b 4evr either way im not dying rite now  
    frozen thts wat it was called, scry stuff  
    i just wached this scry movie where people got stuck on a ski lift and the place was closed for the rest of the weak elevaters all the way +1
    a lawer has to b good to earn money if ur a docter ur alredy prety rich and smart  
    texas is rite buy mexico they could break out fighting anyday +1
    anyone ever heard of getting a bunch of tuff guys and planning a JAIL BREAK!!!!!!  
    if ur beautiful but hated wats the point... +2
    saftey first ;)  
    at least i wouldnt DIE  
    magic kingdom is MAGICAL....... +50
    cant do anything if ur disabled  
    just bring ur date to a prty +1002
    if u stoped world hunger it would b 1 less thing to fight about  
    clowns r weird...  
    at least u'd have someone.....  
    if u have it all u can pay someone to teach u all  
    coke is yummy  
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