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    Im a vegan  
    I remember being an "edgy" 14 year old who thought atheism was the only best option. As long as you respect others, it doesn't matter what you believe. And it's pretty stupid to be completely sure of atheism or religion because you simply don't know until you die. That's why it's called BELIEF  
    I'd rather be both +1
    30% of people would rather force people to be cannibals than be vegan...wtf  
    Being youngest is better because you have people to tell you on what college, SATs, life is like ect and give you advice  
    Anarchy is terrible, but I'd rather hide out and be on the run than be completely controlled and possibly be ordered to kill people my whole life  
    Vegan for life +1
    Ian my baby  
    I'd rather be happy and be able to have a fufilling life than have my head filled with useless / scarring knowledge  
    Boobs (im a girl)  
    I love books so much but I'm obsessed with film and cinematography. It's just a matter of taste, not intelligence.  
    I could live my whole life in a fantasy world asleep  
    Vegan forever already  
    I could use sign language  
    People voting for stopping animal abuse but would never even consider going vegan and instantly doing something about it.....  
    I can just use my phone  
    Why are people so upset over the movie preference? I still love books, but it's cooler to see the magic come to life than imagine it. Plus, most of us grew up with the movies. +1
    I was already a kid, I'd never get to be the opposite gender  
    My best friend has dated all of my crushes.....  
    Where are all the trekkies? :(  
    A piece of paper doesn't make yor relationship any less real  
    Love both  
    Movies are free online anyways  
    I'm a girl and I love being one +1
    A glorified beach or an awesome Europe tour with culture exposure? Obvious choice for me!  
    Animals rape and kill other animals without thought. I'm pretty sure irl they wouldn't be too fun to talk to  
    The law that I get anything I want for free  
    I'm already a vegan so I guess nothing changes  
    If there were no problems life would be boring and pointless  
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