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Would you rather listen to get lucky or happy 5 years ago 104 votes 5 comments 0 likes

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crap wrong one 5 years ago  
im 11 5 years ago +2
i follow the slug 5 years ago  
im the on who gives long explanations of stuff 5 years ago  
touche 5 years ago +1
crusades, wars between catholic and protestant, jewish rebellion against the Egyptians, etc 5 years ago  
jay-z, mackelmore 5 years ago  
yeah i agree 5 years ago  
i really dont know what my favorite song is but i would say lose yourself, mockingbird (both by eminem) or counting stars (one republic) 5 years ago  
basketball skills 5 years ago  
play baseball, and just play a hell of a lot of baseball, for example, i practiced for 3.5 hours today 5 years ago  
that....hurt...must....die..... 5 years ago  
oh no i read the question wrong... 5 years ago +1
i really dont know... 5 years ago  
i would rather be atheist and have everybody chill the hell out about religon 5 years ago  
this is dystopian as hell 5 years ago  
I WIIIIIIIIIIIN 5 years ago  
my moms makes great chocolate cake 5 years ago  
half of people that voted probably got confused 5 years ago +2
be nicer, if i was saving the world, id die either way 5 years ago  
mind blown, now i want to switch my comment 5 years ago  
im not brave enough to kamakazi 5 years ago  
also oregon sounds like a good place to do that 5 years ago  
there is actually a person who does that, you should look him up. there are also people who do that running in the rocky mountains, and pay each other on favors. i would like to do that but i know i couldnt and im 11 anyways. if you try that would be really cool. 5 years ago  
by the end of that, i would be amazing at counting seconds in my head 5 years ago  
mask of awesomeness! 5 years ago +2
fart so much 5 years ago  
crap im reading this at midnight 5 years ago +1
it just depends on the teen 5 years ago  
im 11 and i love candy 5 years ago  
bite my shiny metal ass (non futurama fans dont hate) 5 years ago +1
blue 5 years ago  
i have mad hopping skills 5 years ago  
key and peele!!! 5 years ago +1
the road to hell is paved with good ideas, fascism is a pretty good idea, its just everybody is weird with to much power 5 years ago  
perfect is for imperfect people 5 years ago  
blue 5 years ago  
blue ring octupus 5 years ago  
being a humpback whale on hump day 5 years ago  
my last name is potter (no lie) 5 years ago  
ive read like 130 books since september and seen under 20 movies 5 years ago  
I would be tris because she is honestly stronger as a person 5 years ago  
CITY=AWESOME 5 years ago  
superpower of infinite wishes, wish the internet into exsistence 5 years ago  
five hour radio show on low volume while reading... 5 years ago  
i could take 12 hours of math class 5 years ago  
i love baseball 5 years ago  
define titan because Prometheus was cool 5 years ago  
it actually feels the same 5 years ago  
its really sad but really good *wipes tear* 5 years ago  
wrong one.... 5 years ago  
lobsters are really cool but taste disgusting 5 years ago  
live in NYC i can just blame on some other random thing instead of a gun 5 years ago  
i would have hearing good enough to hear movement people make, and create and image of it, therefore being able to see 5 years ago  
how can you not want a chariot if your username is about greece... 5 years ago +3
i would rather be buddhist than atheist but i dont think that's gonna happen 5 years ago  
i wouldnt want to kill myself if i ended up hating them 5 years ago  
i say i dont give a f**k 5 years ago +1
if i could live without money that would be awesome 5 years ago  
Estoy bien en EspaƱol 5 years ago  
party day, then would it be hangover day? 5 years ago  
biggest wish= infinite wishes 5 years ago +1
its ok 5 years ago  
so hard... depends on story and place. a ghost story at a campfire would be awesome, but divergent (for example) would just be boring 5 years ago  
like mackelmore, but you gotta love wiz 5 years ago  
i would kill kids about to die 5 years ago  
religon is not politics 5 years ago  
i could fly and pull the best pranks, and would be like the best pitcher in the world 5 years ago  
i havent read either (im 11) but im probably gonna read of mice and men in my book club soon 5 years ago  
church is not the state 5 years ago +1
50/50!!!!!!! 5 years ago  
i dont have any cereal, i ate the end of my box of cheerios 5 years ago  
b looks a lot more unique 5 years ago  
mind=blown 5 years ago +3
i live in a big apartment building with big front doors 5 years ago  
the hard choice... 5 years ago  
dont have either 5 years ago +2
i would wish to be able to wish to have more wishes 5 years ago  
50/50!!!! 5 years ago  
im not how i would deal with taking care of a newborn baby... 5 years ago  
yes! i love divergent 5 years ago  
hulk smash 5 years ago +2
i did 5 years ago +2
i would want company 5 years ago  
tim tams is a cool name 5 years ago +1
i play a lot of sports so it would be easy for me to make friends like that 5 years ago  
satan isnt real 5 years ago  
neither i say mo bull too 5 years ago  
ww1 was started because the austria archduke was shot and complex alliences/pearl harbor, ww11 started because of facism/ hitler, ww111 is not going to start because russia invades crimea. A cold war, okay maybe 5 years ago  
i couldnt deal with having to kill my friends and family if they became zombies 5 years ago  
its actually really hard. most wars are caused by religion, but religions against other religions. however, it would still be better to be atheist so nobody gets "divine right" 5 years ago  
the red sox were originally the Cincinnati Red Stockings and had the longest winning streak ever, during which they invented extra innings, but once they lost, everyone hated them. the coach took his best players, and moved his team to team boston. They won the first world series in 1903, against the pirates. The red stockings are also why the reds are the reds. I dont how the white sox became the white sox but i think they wore white socks. They both had 86 year world series droughts, in consecutive years: the curse of bambino (red sox) from 1918 to 2004 and the curse of the black sox (white sox) from 1919 to 2005. they are also the only mlb teams whose team names dont end in s (yankees, reds, giants). btw im a HUGE red sox fan 5 years ago +1
immortal people dont exist... plus immortal does not mean unkillable. it means they will never die from natural causes. for example the hunters of artimis 5 years ago  
just troll him back 5 years ago  
my friend would have my back on this one 5 years ago  
venice sounds cool cuz of the canals, and italian food is pure awesome 5 years ago +1
oh no wrong one!!!! 5 years ago  
tobuscus cgpgrey 5 years ago  
google 5 years ago +1
i WANT an iphone 5 years ago  
i would not want to fight in an army but i doubt i would die in a roman tortura. buffalo horns used by shaka are clearly superior though 5 years ago  
how is this on tech? or even a question 5 years ago  
camera= electrical light, batteries 5 years ago +4
dont have either 5 years ago  
tech? 5 years ago +3
sh*t id have no cats 5 years ago +7
i have a phone 5 years ago  
depends on what math 5 years ago +1
solar in desert, wind in artic 5 years ago +4
how is tech 5 years ago +1
William tell William tell shoot an apple shoot it well 5 years ago  
i hate ellsbury now 5 years ago  
wrestling is actually really fun... if youre wearing regular clothes 5 years ago  
jog a hike 5 years ago  
its freaking football and football 5 years ago  
any given sunday 5 years ago  
im b 5 years ago  
some faith in humanity restored 5 years ago +3
its so freaking fun 5 years ago  
it doesnt matter anyways 5 years ago  
irish step dancing 5 years ago +2
boring, but still a sport 5 years ago +2
whatever my kid wanted to be 5 years ago +3
even though im american 5 years ago  
some type of like penicillan i think. 5 years ago  
luke, im freaking gandalf 5 years ago +3
lion 5 years ago  
Hi guys, did you watch the NHL playoffs last night. It was really cool and St. Louis won. 5 years ago  
my... torch...is on FIIIIRREEE!!!!!!! XD 5 years ago  
not that infuriatin 5 years ago  
did both 5 years ago  
i play baseball 5 years ago  
reading and playing sports/ listening to eminem 5 years ago  
reading a good book after winning baseball league 5 years ago  
i play baseball starting in january (gym workouts) and ending in late october,. 5 years ago  
@chrisj1995 maybe some people are 11 and have hit 70 mph but have no chance in hell at hitting 100 mph 5 years ago  
im already a genius 5 years ago  
im good at math 5 years ago  
no contest 5 years ago +1
i live in NYC 5 years ago  
oh s**t wrong one... 5 years ago  
@RyanAD its not called freaking handegg, all the non-americans on this site get so pissed off when we americans call football "soccer" (i agree with u on that) so please dont b such a hypocrite 5 years ago  
flag football 5 years ago  
i read like genesis, it was bad but boring, and im still an atheist but i would at least learn some useful stuff 5 years ago +1
i would only have 2 seconds 2 say oh s**t 5 years ago  
any other hat 5 years ago  
dude pitchers work out every freaking day in the season and 6 days a week in the offseason 5 years ago  
im a kid and honestly my team is better than most adult teams (not pro/college) that ive seen so kids sports 5 years ago +2
no contest 5 years ago +1
i speak english... 5 years ago +1
running backs hurts less 5 years ago  
ochenta y cinco is 86 in spanish 5 years ago  
same person 5 years ago  
you have no idea how much baseballs hurt... 5 years ago +2
the super is half commercials so id rather watch it at home 5 years ago  
tom brady!!!!! XD 5 years ago  
ok let me clear this s**t up. american football because when it first started the way to score was to kick (more or less) a field goal. but, the game started evolving, mostly thanks to sammy baugh, but the name had no reason to change 5 years ago  
baaaaaaasssssssseeeeeeebbbbbbbaaaaaalllllllllll 5 years ago  
lol 29 percent are stupid 5 years ago  
what sport? 5 years ago  
@Shorthop im a red sox fan, but still you cant talk, 86 years (just like us), and at least the cubs never had to be banned 5 years ago  
baseball bat deaths in mlb: 0 fastball deaths in mlb: 1 5 years ago +1
pats shouldve won 5 years ago  
you can have fun and lose 5 years ago  
LOB CITY 5 years ago  
cuz im a pats fans 5 years ago  
that was pure freaking torture to answer 5 years ago  
auburn 5 years ago  
@Russman i do that like 3 times a week 5 years ago  
flag football 5 years ago  
hmmmmmmm this was a reeeeeeaaallllly hard one... not 5 years ago +1
lol technically there is no border because North and South Korea r still at war 5 years ago  
PATS ALL DAY 5 years ago +1
im 11 and cried when i saw buckner 5 years ago  
flag football 5 years ago  
superbowl parties r fun. who the hell has an olympics party 5 years ago  
chara's slap shot: 106 johnsons fastball: bout 100 5 years ago  
dark night rises was a good movie 5 years ago +2
thermal underwear 5 years ago  
According to the UN, taiwan is part of china. Probably because china has veto power 5 years ago  
i have no taxes, im a kid 5 years ago  
Thats freaking link 5 years ago  
i am an only child 5 years ago  
i hate mayo 5 years ago  
twinkle twinkle little star... is not even close to the best of mozart 5 years ago  
2 words: wiz khalifa 5 years ago  
@guest New York, United States: YES 5 years ago  
im part sweedish 5 years ago  
thats under MLB minimum salary 5 years ago  
these comments are *priceless* 5 years ago  
whisper 5 years ago  
depends on if youre old and wrinkly for those 50 years 5 years ago  
im a dude 5 years ago  
there will b no more humans by 1700 5 years ago  
im 11 5 years ago  
i honestly would not give away half of what i own but i would rather give away half of what i own 5 years ago  
hump back whale on a wednesday while riding a camel 5 years ago  
SNOW DAYS!!!!! 5 years ago  
future 5 years ago  
the road to hell is paved with good ideas... 5 years ago  
im just assuming it means best friend of whatever sex you like 5 years ago  
snow...days... 5 years ago  
skiing 5 years ago  
never have my mom be pissed that im not wearing a helmet 5 years ago  
pain is quick 5 years ago +1
i dont wear jeans 5 years ago  
u dont miss what u never had 5 years ago  
IMA NEW YORKER 5 years ago  
moonwalk 5 years ago  
book sales is what you save for... 5 years ago  
walk/bike/train/electric car 5 years ago  
stop, drop and roll 5 years ago  
its a freaking philosophical question 5 years ago  
i would spend 2 million on candy... 5 years ago  
hindenburg effect 5 years ago  
crocodiles are not very strong at opening there mouths, just biting down. if you arent a total wimp, you can clamp your hand around a crocodiles shut jaws and force them to stay closed. A bunch of crocodiles though... 5 years ago  
i dont watch tv... 5 years ago  
i dont have an annoying grandmother :D 5 years ago  
ive already been to the colosseum 5 years ago  
i pressed the wrong thing *facepalm* 5 years ago +1
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