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    how is tech +1
    William tell William tell shoot an apple shoot it well  
    Hi guys, did you watch the NHL playoffs last night. It was really cool and St. Louis won.  
    pats shouldve won  
    superbowl parties r fun. who the hell has an olympics party  
    chara's slap shot: 106 johnsons fastball: bout 100  
    dark night rises was a good movie +2
    thermal underwear  
    According to the UN, taiwan is part of china. Probably because china has veto power  
    i have no taxes, im a kid  
    Thats freaking link  
    i am an only child  
    i hate mayo  
    twinkle twinkle little star... is not even close to the best of mozart  
    2 words: wiz khalifa  
    @guest New York, United States: YES  
    im part sweedish  
    thats under MLB minimum salary  
    these comments are *priceless*  
    depends on if youre old and wrinkly for those 50 years  
    im a dude  
    there will b no more humans by 1700  
    i honestly would not give away half of what i own but i would rather give away half of what i own  
    hump back whale on a wednesday while riding a camel  
    SNOW DAYS!!!!!  
    the road to hell is paved with good ideas...  
    im just assuming it means best friend of whatever sex you like  
    never have my mom be pissed that im not wearing a helmet  
    i dont wear jeans  
    u dont miss what u never had  
    book sales is what you save for...  
    walk/bike/train/electric car  
    its a freaking philosophical question  
    i would spend 2 million on candy...  
    hindenburg effect  
    crocodiles are not very strong at opening there mouths, just biting down. if you arent a total wimp, you can clamp your hand around a crocodiles shut jaws and force them to stay closed. A bunch of crocodiles though...  
    i dont watch tv...  
    i dont have an annoying grandmother :D  
    ive already been to the colosseum  
    i pressed the wrong thing *facepalm* +1
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