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    'A' is a pro-gamer mindset 2 months ago  
    We have like two of these in SA, we dont have any walmarts tho. 2 months ago  
    People with money laugh just as much as those without it 2 months ago  
    Both very cool 2 months ago  
    Even tho they're irrelevant now 2 months ago  
    Dark mode is always better 2 months ago +2
    same difference 2 months ago  
    I like being right 2 months ago  
    It's one of those things you should do a quick google search before commenting on, people have such strong opinion on it without even understanding the basics 2 months ago +1
    Huh? Bernie beats Trump by the largest margin in polls, he consistently beats all other candidates in head-to-head polling, he is the second choice for the majority of people, and he leads in the traditionally democratic states that swung to Trump (MI,WI, PA). Plus his campaign isn't based on his personal character, so Trump mud-slinging won't do sh*t to him, he's gonna force him to debate on policies this time (some of which he flanks him from the left on, e.g. TPP/outsourcing). Lmao, Trump explaining to people why good things aren't possible is definitely gonna hit different to 'Hillary is corrupt'. 2 months ago +1
    A contested convention is most likely, followed by a Sanders victory 2 months ago  
    A year is a long time, plus the coronavirus be wildin on cruise ships 2 months ago +2
    Not a fan of all the executions but I can't argue with results 2 months ago +1
    left is best 2 months ago +1
    It'd be a murder 2 months ago  
    I don't follow them but they both have great singles 2 months ago  
    I prefer ice cold drinks 2 months ago  
    There's so much wrong with your 'report' that I'd have to write 3 times as much just to correct it all, but I guess that's one of the perks of being a moron, you don't have to worry about things like research and facts. I'll just give you some advice instead, knowing your audience is propaganda 101, most Danes are for enlightenment values such as freedom of expression and not murdering children for their political opinion, so the mass-murder apologetics probably isn't gonna go over well. 5 months ago  
    You obviously don't understand the situation very well so I'll break it down for you, to impeach him democrats need a 2/3 majority in the senate, right now it has a republican majority. Impeachment has about 8% approval among republican voters which means no republican senator is going to vote for it, just like none of their representatives voted for it in the house, therefore impeachment = impossible. On the flip side 83% of democratic voters are for impeachment, and doing what your constituency wants is usually a good idea, besides that, impeachment gives democrats the opportunity to make the arguments for why trump is a criminal and get people hyped to remove him in 2020. The difference between a republican win and a democratic win is voter turnout, just take a look at the results of the midterms. P.S impeachment is a political process not a criminal one, you don't have to do something illegal to be impeached and there are no criminal punishments tied to it. 5 months ago +1
    What is this take? there's a 0% chance of him getting impeached in the senate, the point of impeachment is to obstruct republicans and motivate democrats to come out and vote. 5 months ago  
    Obviously, impeachment is a purely political process. 5 months ago  
    I'm all for it. It should energise the democratic base and force senators from purple states to protect trump. 5 months ago  
    Alhamdulillah 5 months ago  
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