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    obama is my presedent im american! B looks creepy  
    im 12  
    gifts of cash  
    i can make any laws i want BOOM!  
    unless ur an only child, u 30% are retarted  
    cant answer this never had either  
    wizards can just turn themselfs into the epic WIZARDNINJA  
    due to the fact i watch family guy and im a jew id stop the holocaust  
    id change it back  
    WTF IS BOTH??  
    only if myley cyris didnt get a haircut that made her look like a hooker  
    i live in north america, its the only continent were bald eagles exist in the wild  
    the super bowl is happening right now  
    gifts of cash  
    theres something called a bridge  
    wrong one  
    wrong one  
    atleast i wont be a virgin  
    im 12  
    less crime, more time. LOL  
    wrong one  
    ill be famous, but dead  
    i want both to stop, both are stuped. animals are adorable and pollution is bad. i vote both  
    B is creepy  
    my moms scaring me right now watching the super bowl  
    i have my mom  
    it will grow  
    wrong one  
    same sweater every day, never wear jeans, only like sneakers. love a hat.  
    god is real and u guys who said pokemon will go to hell for sure. GODS REAL!  
    my birthday is december 26  
    you said the mirror, not a mirror  
    dammit wrong one  
    paris is home to terrorists  
    wrong one  
    havent tasted either  
    id say i can make any laws i want  
    men have more cancers  
    wrong one  
    wrong one!  
    i wont answer this, both means i die  
    if i were immortal, id have enough time to get the money anyway  
    both are d!cks  
    cant change f***ing ANSWER!  
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