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i dnt got a cock:) 7 years ago  
omfg i just found out wat it is and i feel the thro up in my throat!!! I PICK GETTIN IT IN THE REAR 4 SURE 7 years ago +2
take the worms out 7 years ago  
im a girl so i wanna suck a dudes long ass cock 7 years ago +4
i can survive if i play right 7 years ago +45
do walruses have dicks? 7 years ago  
poop feels gross 7 years ago +5
im 4 foot 10 in 8th gRADE So im already short 7 years ago +1
ik a girl who has like 4 and she looks so f**** ugly 7 years ago +2
there isnt any more blockbuster:( 7 years ago +4
y woud u take advantage of another person being insecire? 7 years ago +2
i would break up with them in a sec..i would cry but i would try and find new love..hopefully 7 years ago  
like not really huge like between a b or c 7 years ago +1
im not having sex till i get married so... 7 years ago +3
im a girl lol 7 years ago +2
as long as he isnt a condeded little perve then im good:) 7 years ago +1
idk wat the holocaust is 7 years ago  
depends 7 years ago +1
i dont wanna feel makes me feel like sh*t 7 years ago +1
im 13 so 10 ys youger would b a 3 year old..but 20 years older wood b a 23 year old:) lol 7 years ago  
i hate jb 7 years ago +1
i am 13 lol 7 years ago +1
PIKATCHU 7 years ago  
my room is alrdy actaully feels good sometimes especially on hot days 7 years ago  
flts are comfy 7 years ago  
showers, lotion,deoderent, perfume can help 7 years ago +1
i alredy live with like 10 ppl so...i picked the wrong 1 7 years ago  
TERRIFIED OF BOTH 7 years ago  
im already so frickin short i cood b a legal midgit (well not rly but the point is im rly short) 7 years ago  
it wood b funny to hear her have sex in the next room lol 7 years ago  
im 13;) 7 years ago +5
i already look like tht 7 years ago  
in the middle of a crisis liek tht(small middle school crap) haha:) 7 years ago  
my lover can come with:) 7 years ago +3
i feel like i taste it in my mouth 7 years ago  
wat protection? haha the cops cood care less about criminals 7 years ago  
thats wat haircuts r for 7 years ago  
same thing 7 years ago +2
i wanna b a normal person so boy= balls girl=vagina 7 years ago +1
afraid of flying 7 years ago  
well will the ugly baby be better looking when it gets older? 7 years ago  
depends 7 years ago  
hannah montana didnt lap dance a 44 yr olld man so thats all i gotta say 7 years ago  
and u have nosy paparazzi every where u go 7 years ago +1
famouse ppl deal with critisizim and watever 7 years ago +1
facebook always has some one getting bullied then commiting i dont wanna be apart of that 7 years ago +2
depends on the prez 4 me 7 years ago +1
some1 gets a montly visit from mother nature haha 7 years ago  
on ur b-day its ALL about U! 7 years ago  
hell f***** ya reading minds is awesome! 7 years ago  
it depends how big tho.. 7 years ago  
watevs let the kitty learn from me then go f*** its gf/bf and make kittens 7 years ago  
This is a dumb a** queastion 7 years ago  
hell f****N NO 7 years ago  
cmon we really gotta answer this? 7 years ago +3
oh how i want both soo bad :( 7 years ago +2
the frickin human centipede is sick! the guy in the front crapped in the girls mouth!! 7 years ago a girl but if i wuz the gf i would kill myself if i had balls 7 years ago  

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