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    Let people believe what they want  
    Already am, it sucks, but 8 siblings is 6 too many +1
    Wait if your life was a video game couldn't you just get an extra life?  
    I'm Not beautiful... I'm cute c:  
    In Utah :/  
    Powdered Unicorn Horn  
    Hells Yeah! Pong was the SH*T  
    Yes 50/50 the world is right!  
    American cars suck! Stop being a stupid patriot  
    Both are amazing, but I really love HIMYM  
    Charlie Chaplin was the SH*T!  
    My hair is one of my best features  
    It's about personality, not wealth  
    Rock is way better (metal not so much), and rap and hip hop are pretty much sh*t  
    Family Guy, and American Dad are pretty much the exact same, King Of The Hill, Futurama, Southpark and The Simpsons are completely unique and way better  
    Just got baptized 4 weeks ago +1
    What about hHeisenburg or Jesse, and of course James Franco in James Franco  
    As long as it's not half a locker, but a full body one  
    Wrong! Linux!  
    Pastafarian heaven  
    I can eat in private while watching tv  
    I'd like to change my answer  
    The Simpsons in under-rated  
    To correct mistakes  
    All fast food can  
    Arms are more essential for daily activities  
    I like pennies  
    Doesn't say you ever see a ghost  
    I have a $30 flip phone  
    That's how I am  
    Already me  
    Sonic can run really fast. Mario can shoot fire balls, become a frog, become a tanooki, become a cat, shoot ice balls, get a helicopter hat, become invincible, etc, and fix your plumbing!  
    Obese doesn't mean super fat. Just your too fat for your height  
    Eh, both a pretty much magic  
    The old saying: Dogs have owners, Cats have servants  
    I can pay for college, buy a car, and start up a business  
    My middle name.  
    Have you watched Final Destination?  
    I can try to do everything I want before then  
    Chuck Norris doesn't win, he just allows me to lose  
    Water is essential to live  
    Barney Stinson wears suits! SUIT UP!  
    Don't have a good voice, and acting is fun  
    Never said they don't pay you back... With interest! Mwahahaha >:D  
    The Amish are a good example  
    I love the cold! I can't stand the heat over 85 degrees  
    They're both good, just home cooked meals taste better  
    Set for life  
    George Tucker style  
    Umbrellas are cool, just I can close it right. I. Supersticous  
    -Barney Stinson  
    New life. I also forget what happened in Inception. I was 8 when I saw it, I saw it at my grandmas so I had to listen to Spanish and read English subtitles  
    Don't care. Prius  
    Pre-Wrecking Ball, more Hannah Montana the show Miley  
    Meh, both have high alcohol contents. Possibly deadly. I'm just gonna sit in a corner  
    That's cute, and I'm proud of you. :)  
    Soundcloud, rdio,, bandcamp, self publish, local recording studios, etc. you can be successful without a record deal. +1
    I don't know much about either except both are very beautiful and scenic, but I do prefer colder temperatures, and I hear most of Australia is grassland or desert  
    I don't care for immortality, because just like Wolverine you'll see everyone you love die  
    I'm a minor but from the commercials.... Yeah so this is what I would say, but nay, I want to be a brewer when I grow up and I know that flavored alcohol such as Smirnoff isn't supposed to be good... At ALL! That being said Bacardi is a hard liquor, but it's rum which isn't as bad as whiskey or scotch. Case closed. Future Brewer.  
    At least not a runny nose. And I have a sore throat and it sucks!  
    More customization. Hot dogs you get to pick meat and condiments. Hamburger you get to pick the bun, condiments, veggies, meat, cheese, etc.  
    Don't care. Prius  
    The stock market. Something I totally know about  
    Tie, they're both Kings, I mean obviously it's a tie  
    Nikola Tesla is from Croatia  
    Pffffft! I'm ignorant already, rather be smart  
    Thanks for bringing up the elephant in the room. And no I'm not inferring any type of COLOR of the elephant, I'm just saying it's there.  
    I can't jump!  
    Bleh, iced coffee is horrible  
    People who voted for Apple are people who like to wait three hours for a picture to upload  
    Misclick! Nooooooooooooo!!  
    Faster death  
    My mom whips me, also don't have a dad  
    Then your happy  
    Then I can hate them  
    Por Favor?  
    True, but I'm too lazy to get involved, I'd help the victim though  
    Never seen either, I hear Dirty Dancing is great though  
    Paralyzed from the neck down  
    I like happiness :)  
    The social network was awesome  
    Sheeeeeeeeeeet. I'd watch both  
    I'm a dude  
    I've never heard of Bora Bora, it looks cool  
    I think that sex is intimate and should be shared between you and your spouse, but doesn't really matter if you wait or not +1
    True, but I think they mean the personality  
    Save the planet, also I ride a moped, no way I'm gonna have low gas mileage  
    I like how we're split 50/50  
    I'm 14  
    I don't watch true blood D:  
    Just for the hell of it  
    Read my comment  
    Geeks are well versed in a subject that most people aren't (fans) , Nerds are exceptional academic students (know it alls)  
    More functionality  
    Animal Planet, River Monsters, watch it  
    If it was for a misdemeanor then yes  
    My dream car is a 1983 Honda Civic...  
    Sleep on my side  
    My family doesn't grow much hair, no one in my family has a good mustache  
    Either way I'd have fun +1
    I'm American, football sucks, futbol is awesome, but rugby is the best  
    She's hot!  
    Green Arrow's my favorite but Superman  
    Two words: Penny Slots!  
    27% of people are greedy  
    It's good, not as good as Bookman Old or Comic Sans though  
    I can watch Netflix Hulu and Xfinity on my computer  
    The Mermaid Effect -Barney Stinson  
    I really want to do it just for the fun if it  
    College is a lot of money, also In n Out pays $13/hour if you work as a cashier  
    I AMA A DWARF AND IM DIGGING A HOLE!... But I also like trees, ugh, tie  
    I'd rather live in Canada but the states haven't gone to crap yet  
    Basically I would just have to lie on the ground and do nothing  
    "My legacy was made when I was living, and my death will be the final sentence in a short story, on a shelf, with many more short stories, on a bookshelf, in a library with countless short stories"  
    More normal Americans (62%) than common white girls (38%) hmmm  
    Only like 15 a year die from shark attacks, more people die from falling out of bed  
    I live in Utah...  
    I freaking forget crap from yesterday, I have crap short term memory  
    It's better  
    I got $50,000 in theoretical money b*tches! *proceeds to make it rain*  
    Edison didn't invent anything except the patent, which he used to take ideas from real inventors, "his" most famous invention the lightbulb was invention he patented. And he used tons of propaganda and electrified animals so Pepe would use his DC instead of Tesla's AC  
    People use crap all the time, leaders get overlooked  
    I have no tolerance for physical pain, and the worst thing I could think of was being castrated or trying to pass a 1 karot kidney stone. But psychological pain will scar me for life but therapy so yeah  
    Take you date to the party  
    My immune system is strong enough to fight most disease, and I live in a place where the worst thing that's going around is the flu  
    1 of the anarchists votes I can guarantee you is from a 14 year old  
    I like arson, and stealing, but I don't think I could survive, but authoritarian is worse than anarchy  
    You and CrazyChixo must not like people  
    Friends can buy food for me and I can crash with them... The two necessities food, and shelter, and thrift stores for clothes  
    My least favorite song is any rap song,  
    Great job *clap, clap*  
    Love narrative  
    I suck at most FPSs so I need a team covering me, but I am good at solo games  
    Owl is my 2nd spirit animal, hoo, hoo  
    Nooooo! I didn't know, I didn't know!  
    I love that about them  
    An igloo would melt in Utah during the summer  
    I hadn't even seen this comment when I posted mine  
    Ignorance is bliss  
    It would be a dystopia then, seems like a utopia but it isnt  
    In my utopia I am the dictator. JK everyone's free and happy  
    More control on the controls  
    I hope it's a chain reaction of falling out of bed hitting a palm tree, which drops a coconut on my hid, and topples a knife block releasing all the knives into me, and as I wake a bowl of pure lemon juice into my wounds and then another coconut drops on my head killing me... On my birthday... Where all my friends and family were waiting for my surprise birthday party, and they all see it but tell me before I die how much I meant to them... This is the way I want to die.  
    I don't want to, I just chose it because people need money  
    Paparazzos are annoying  
    If I have a belt on then I'm good  
    I agree, but I like poor, I grew up poor  
    Grift and make enough money for a good living  
    Books are haaaaard  
    More wasting of time  
    I could call people in my house to open the door, also I have a flip phone  
    Racism is funny, sexism is funny, but sexism means equal rights and equal pay so yeah  
    You get a full sub for $5, or a Big Mac combo for $6.50  
    Tasty, only with butter  
    I've never been camping  
    Don't care, got art or Prius, or Mini Cooper, or Smart car, or Bike  
    No, because your crush might not like you  
    Dunz care  
    Hot keys FTW!  
    I'm a dude  
    They're is this one buffet called Tuscanoes, it's in utah it's delicious, every come and enjoy it  
    As long as they have fire extinguishers on standby  
    I'm a Pastafarian, the sea is our holy land  
    He started a war to make money for his friends, Obama is better than Bush  
    I can still text  
    Test scores are more important in the long run  
    Slightly lacking in these, know parkour, how to pickpocket, and break a bike lock... But I still could get mugged, have no fighting skills  
    There would be women and children, I'd feel horrible  
    I need to speak, and would be easier to talk to teachers, bosses, and crushes  
    At least I see happiness... and don't lose any money  
    I hate texting, it's not personal, and hearing a persons voice is awesome!  
    13 yo in full agreement, but I do love alt rock and a lot of 80's and 90's rock  
    It's centered around me!  
    Colds aren't that bad  
    Make a robot suit  
    I want a ginger beard  
    I hate sleep  
    More reason to hate them  
    Nikola Tesla, one of my favorite people +2
    Would love having to go through the Internet to find out what has haplened  
    My thoughts exactly  
    Cute+Pain=Cute +1
    The rain is my shower!  
    Would be fun ;)  
    If he's a bum, he deserves it  
    One of my life long dreams  
    Brewing might make it possible  
    Golf carts be street legal  
    Golf cart to the mall  
    Outside? What server is that?  
    Me too!  
    Only child  
    I love Friday!  
    Coke, just coke  
    Have to good a conscious  
    I'm too nice D:  
    Always wanted to go to a mental institution  
    Silent movies are fun, The Artist for example  
    Too many deaths  
    Stealing fun, already an amateur pick pocket  
    I agree, misclick  
    Lies, all lies  
    I'm a pastafarian, what do you exoect  
    Meats too good!  
    Already do  
    My school friends already Know too much +1
    Seeing earth die is one of my many wishes  
    Easier to love them back  
    Average is fun  
    Piggy! Then bacon later  
    Only want to play the ocarina and guitar anyway  
    I'd lift a ton at the gym  
    I'd pick both  
    Wizard ninja, nuff said  
    Both had to happen, not going to choose +1
    I love suits  
    I love animals, and I already know Swedish and spanish  
    This is something I've always wanted  
    I'm more forgiving  
    It's the thrill  
    Music beats coffee, and Starbucks is too sweet  
    I'd like to test my survival skills, and say'Go on without me!'  
    Amazon doesn't sell donuts or coke or Doritos and sour cream, now do they  
    No worries, and YOLO is stupid, because it's a fact  
    Really, lack of Internet is impossible in this day and age  
    I could draw things, like in Cash Back  
    One of my many dreams  
    I would get a small music note or heart  
    Then I can plan accordingly  
    For da monies  
    I would know what girls like  
    Not God but the FSM (Flying Spaghetti Monster)  
    A little lest creepy, and 'I had it my way'  
    When I'm 25 I could start my micro-brewery (Said Pastafarian99, 13 yo 11 mo 12 do)  
    Only if they cooperated and would do cool things  
    Money lets me go places and do stuff  
    If I ruled then I could fix the problems  
    See if my kids are f*ucked up or not, to correct myself and make them have a good upbringing  
    I'm dead, I'd be chilling in Pastafarian heaven mame good use of the stripper factory and beer volcanoe  
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