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    with the price of gas on the rise, I would take slow internet.  
    beauty is in the eye of the beholder.... +2
    being smart is over rated  
    Fire, Fire, he he he he....stop drop and roll  
    Shhhhhh...... did you hear that???? NoPe..... ME EITHER.....  
    hot famous person and have kids. divorice = major moolah  
    Those who do not fully understand the big bang theory are the ones who seem to be most critical. Ignorance will get you no where. +5
    how about recover with a secret special power????? hmmmm?????  
    how many jokes do we have about super man being faster than the speed of light? I mean I don't really care for spiderman either but if I had to choose.....  
    my cat is trained like a dog and walks on a leash outside. people love her and she loves all the attention she gets. I would love to be my cat.  
    someone needs to make sure the estate plans are acted out accoridngly. +2
    homeless, Home less than I used to be....  
    morbid...... I like that. +2
    Living without the internet is fine, but I gotta have my baths..... oh god how I love my baths. +1
    white chocolate has no chocolate in it what so ever.  
    public transit for long distances.  
    pen I love ink, plus isn't that why they made white out?  
    weed all day every day +7
    lived in texas and it sucked would rather be in cali any day.  
    perfection in it's truest sense is unattainable.  
    golden delicious, but red delicious are next +1
    you would have to have dreamed you wished it. I highly doubt the subconcious mind would allow that to happen.  
    cake... I love cake +3
    brownie batter is more satisfying when you have a chocolate craving +1
    can always learn sign language  
    spend half my time in each, but my permenant residence would be in london. a girl can dream.  
    cancer, wouldn't wanna get the anti-abortion peoples panties in a bunch. +3
    being a woman would love to have super long hair. take forever to wash and dry, but would love it still. +2
    be popular with fake friends, no one is really a true friend anyway. +3
    tough one can't I pick both?  
    i go to college, doing homework is not really optional considering I am paying for it and don't wanna pay to take a class a 2nd time +1
    I can't sing and I know it. why torture the world with that? Would rather do silly stuff and win money for it +3
    can't stand a stuffy nose I can tolerate a sore throat.  
    be wolverine and squish spiderman like the bug he is. plus the ability to heal would be a bonus +2
    out of these 2 choices I would make the deal.  
    would love to make other people fart on command especially in the most embarrassing moments like during tests or giving a speech. +1
    more recipes for dog. poodles and noodles, german shephards pie... +1
    either one would be awesome.  
    knowing what I know today I would love to go to the 1700's and totally be a star. totally change the world forever. +1
    there are some pretty dumb questions out there :D  
    one has a ton of entertaining acts of all kinds (agt) the other is full of pompus overpaid blowhard judges who pick the most untalented people who can't sing to save their lives. I would rather listen to nails on a chlak board than watch Ai +1
    live in the past or the present.... tough choice (she says sarcastically) +2
    more fun to embarras your parents not be embarrased by them. +1
    when a birthday falls as close to christmas as mine does it kinda sucks. so christmas for sure. +1
    I am a child trapped in an adults body. +3
    doesn't really matter once you drive in detroit. yeah they make cars, but the streets are sh*t to drive on. one pot hole and you're screwed.  
    A huge snowfall meaning singular or one.... hopefully followed by much much sun. I can handle one big snow storm. but days of rain no. would rather not deal with that.  
    I never said he was going to hell for spouting his beliefs or having views that differ from my own beliefs. There is only one who can truly judge and I am not that one. But thanks your ridiculous little opinion has been noted now move along you ignorant idiot don't you have a bible to read? +3
    I was one of the smartest people in school. this time around I wanna be popular. +1
    unless I can also have mind control with the mind reading I wouldn't want it. flying would be better  
    pigs don't flinf feces, are much cuter and easier to clean up after and can be trained to use a litter box.  
    invisible just to freak ppl out.  
    my coke rewards are so nice. Just for the coke points alone I vote coke +2
    I know just who I would kill as well. She deserves it  
    a shy guy not THAT specific one though. I am dating a shy guy.  
    more people voted for option A lol gimmie my 50000  
    date of death so you can do everything you want before you die. also if you only knew you would get in a car accident you would stay away from cars cause any time it might be the one acciednt that killed you.  
    i prefer to be alone.  
    money you can invest and get more money and buy just about anything else you want. money= good  
    how many people would believe you about x ray vision versus how many people would believe you when you jump in the air and take off flying.  
    I woud be even happier to do it. My family deserves worse than death.  
    I'm selfish and hate my family I hope they all get a flesh eating bacteria and die a slow painful tortured death  
    nerds are people of above-average intelligence who place little importance on their appearance. geeks are smart, but they tend to focus more on technology but lack social grace. These are the people you make fun of in high school and later work for as an adult.  
    Animals, anyday I work in that field and would be so much easier if a dog could say "hey doc my stomach hurts" would save money for a lot of pet owners as well.  
    I live in my pajamas until I have to leave the house. +1
    obese people can be depressed too. Too bad so many men would rather have a twig than be seen near a fatty.  
    judge not lest ye be judged +1
    I bet you believe in the tooth fairy, santa, the easter bunny, unicorns and leprechauns as well. what's a matter too simple minded to think for yourself?  
    Bet he won't pick up your check for dinner. would love to see him come down just to pay that for you. bet it never happens. keep dreaming tho.  
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