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    BMW Isetta! The car of single men who can't get girlfriends. 1 year ago  
    Have the best body!  
    That was me, an coincidentally I just got a cookie in real life!  
    Allready did.  
    I don't want to have kids anyways and it was his choice to be have a life leading to that anyways.  
    Whoops! wrong option! (And I picture my significant other just being like a friend.)  
    good enough. As long as I love my job, then my life is not working.  
    I don't need family. I can just have friends; I always found family interactions incestuous anyways even if that's not the point. +61
    I'm more obsessed with times.  
    No, they just want to be real Jews.  
    I can obey and eveyrhting!  
    My granny is dead, so i'd be punching her dead body.  
    Beef contains traces of E. Coli.  
    Get tanned  
    Even if he brutalizes me, there's always a first aid kid to get to and an ambulance. Can't say the same for WWI.  
    I can confirm that even if I find my soulmate, then I'd get tired of her after the next 5 years with her. A true love is someone I NEVER get tired of.  
    Wrong choice! With A, you can always speak with a horn.  
    B is a good thing which could raise the average IQ of people. +1
    Option B is gambling - that is haraam.  
    At least I get paid for it and I get a gun  
    No religions, just one belief that God exists and has created our universe.  
    My body could be found in the incident  
    I'd actually not mind.  
    In Soviet Russia, Russian man marry you!  
    No, those 3% are people who are happily Jewish.  
    White people!  
    Congratulations on beating the "dumb name and be beautiful" question.  
    I want a huge rave wedding.  
    Nerds are smart +1
    Is that just me or does the B dude have oral herpes on his bottom lip?  
    I'd go for the moron, but because he's miserable, then I'm going for the genius  
    People can learn what cool dances I can do +1
    Completely destroys risk of having kids ::D  
    Darnit! Whatever, when I make it to heaven, my motto will be "YOLT" (You only live twice)  
    I get to ride dogs!  
    I always thought marriage would be miserable anyways.  
    The sad thing is all the celebrities I know are much older than me.  
    Cars (the videogame)  
    Somehow I find B looking like a human version of Po from Kung Fu Panda.  
    Who's this "happy genuis" you speak of?  
    Me! I'm not trolling, I really choose this.  
    3% of the people here are happily Jewish.  
    Sorry but you won't be this time as it's going to actually be some "garbeg".  
    Not garbage, "garbeg."  
    Your profile pic explains everything.  
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