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Would you rather watch... Baggage or Deal or No Deal 7 years ago 5,801 votes 38 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be... Hermoine Granger or Bella from Twilight 7 years ago 1,135,948 votes 6,452 comments 81 likes

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i hate twitter 7 years ago  
i chose baby!? and whoever did this question needs to go to a psycho ward. 7 years ago  
if bush was so bad... why did he win twice???? 7 years ago  
id rather have them raped along time ago because there probably over it. 7 years ago  
neither 7 years ago +1
pen: ink explosion. pencil: eraser! :) 7 years ago  
the baseball could hit you in the face, the puck most likely in the leg. 7 years ago +2
NOT ALL GINGERS ARE UGLY! 7 years ago +26
save the puppies!!! the mothers still have a chance 7 years ago  
and if you already are gay, you got lucky. 7 years ago +7
at least your body can be removed and buried in a car crash... 7 years ago +1
what if you do alarm them? you can see crocodiles better than piranha and crocodiles are slower 7 years ago  
you still go to hell for both! and you most likely commit suicide after both!! 7 years ago  
it could be in a locked room in a shopping mall where no one can see...? 7 years ago +1
i know? and i think it's more like 98% 7 years ago  
if your best friend dates them, then you basically have 2 enemies!!!! 7 years ago  
Fabio is old. 7 years ago +3
so basically mostly males answered this, unless there are lesbians. 7 years ago +1
loud death metal would get annoying... at least more than jazz. 7 years ago +1
if there is enough room in the elevator... 7 years ago  
Lost!!!! loved that show. 7 years ago +1
this is horrible. heaven!!!! 7 years ago +2
Robert L? ew. 7 years ago +1
ummm...okay? 7 years ago +4
what the heck is this stuff???? 7 years ago +4

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