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    Facebook is a great way to stay in touch with people especially if they're further away. Though twitter is useful sometimes, most of the time it's just a dumb waste of time where people post the stupidest stuff.  
    Didn't say how long I have to sit.  
    It wasn't mentioned what kind of snake, could be a non-poisonous kind.  
    Zombie Apocalypse is against the laws of physics and so impossible, but World War III would be a guaranteed end of the world, so yeah.  
    Better chance of survival from a baseball.  
    Dracula because at least it's not a fake copout with a being that dresses like a teenager, calls himself a vampire in name only and plays with his food (Bella).  
    I've been able to try frog legs once, liked it. Only way my answer leaned this way is, I haven't been able to try escargot yet.  
    With some presidents maybe. But with the current choice, I'd pick celebrity.  
    It's just a dumb phone. I depend too much on my computer though, and it costs a lot more.  
    I can deal with cold better than heat.  
    I'm already this so...  
    Forever? Gotta live.  
    Car accident would probably be quicker.  
    Peanut allergy makes this an easy answer for me.  
    With my peanut allergy, the only kind of M & Ms I can eat is the kind with almonds. So majority of options rules, I pick Skittles.  
    At least I'd get to experience a new type of place I'd never personally seen before.  
    Coca-Cola is like drinking battery acid. That can be used to strip off paint and remove bumper stickers.  
    I'm a guy lol, easy answer.  
    This life is only temporary, we are but pilgrims. +1
    Although Cars is good, I like Toy Story a lot more.  
    Easy answer there. Now if the question was between Wall*E and Monsters Inc, I'd have a hard choice.  
    If it comes down to the Disney movies, Hunchback of Notre Dame was a pretty forgettable adaptation.  
    Serious health problems come from eating too much meat. +1
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