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    being I'm female, I would have never been allowed to do anything truly cool. The letter at my local college was addressed to a lady who didn't get the job because she is female....still like disney 5 years ago  
    um, one of each? 5 years ago  
    at least one would have been consentual 5 years ago  
    back in the seventies they said we were all freezing to death....don't worry, man 5 years ago  
    you mean valuing life? Yeah, I'm conservative 5 years ago  
    but if they were all gay, you'd be SOL 5 years ago  
    you can tell this person is biased 5 years ago  
    rather get off quick than possibly not at all 5 years ago  
    take that Wheaties and Cheerios! 5 years ago  
    what? 5 years ago  
    confidence is sexy 5 years ago  
    when my mom was in the casket, I smelled her. I mean I smelled death, man. Death! 5 years ago  
    accidentally stabbed myself once. I'll pick that! 5 years ago  
    my middle school nurse told me taking a bath is sitting in your own filth which is why I'll never take a bath again (I"m 34) 5 years ago  
    how about no 5 years ago  
    they do anyway 5 years ago  
    but it also doesn't say how much longer you will live....maybe he'll kill you in your sleep 5 years ago  
    Minecraft! 5 years ago  
    being female, that'd be awesome to turn some of them straight! 5 years ago  
    only a few varieties of piranha actually eat flesh 5 years ago  
    stop trying to make calibri happen, it's not going to happen 5 years ago  
    adopting is easier said than done 5 years ago +1
    the movie only highlights all the awesomeness of the books! 5 years ago  
    Edison is a dirty thief who stole ideas from others, INCLUDING Tesla. The author to this question doesn't do their homework 5 years ago  
    your body ends where the new life inside you begins 5 years ago  
    better to not say anything and let them not think me a fool than open my mouth and confirm it 5 years ago +2
    I was ten 20 years ago... 5 years ago  
    no 5 years ago  
    if only you could see my dreams....I once had a friend who interprets dreams tell me that mine was f'ed up 5 years ago  
    I love my husband and we could use the time together!! 5 years ago  

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