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Would you rather be Giant or Tiny 6 months ago 78 votes 11 comments 0 likes
Would you rather have: Antlers or Horns 7 months ago 44 votes 7 comments 0 likes

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Turn them into nicer dreams so the person suffering from nightmares can have decent sleep 5 months ago  
Pretty sure there'd be more kinds of merfolk, because like fish and other aquatic creatures, there would be freshwater and saltwater types. I wonder if there would also be giant and tiny ones too? Like one mermaid could be half whale or another be beta fish? Edit: Oh my gosh would reverse merfolk be there too? Like the top half being a fish head and fins but the bottom be legs X'D 6 months ago +1
A lot of my dreams include either gaining some superpower, becoming some fantasy creature (including monsters like the werewolf) or going to another world 6 months ago  
spooky scary skeletons 6 months ago +1
Already do and enjoy having it long >w 6 months ago  
Or a snake that's already non-venomous like a rat snake (not to be confused with the venomous rattle snake) or a young python 6 months ago  
Not video games alone. It's usually a combination of things that push them to violence. 6 months ago +1
O_O 6 months ago  
both owo 6 months ago  
Centaur? 6 months ago +2
Loophole I was homeschooled and made my lunches X3 6 months ago +1
I could have fun with this 6 months ago  
What if you're third party and don't really have a side in politics? 6 months ago  
You could be buried in puppies and kittens X3 6 months ago  
Isn't that called lucid dreaming? 6 months ago  
There's a better view at least 6 months ago  
I like dresses. Dresses are underrated 'w' 6 months ago  
It depends, as there are different kinds of intelligence. For example, there's being good at science and math, good social skills, practical knowledge for certain situations, ect. Someone could have one kind of intelligence but lack other kinds, or have a combination of them. 6 months ago +1
"FOR NARNIA!" 6 months ago  
You say as you get 1000+ likes on this comment from 1000+ people who noticed you XD 6 months ago  
I love nature >w 6 months ago  
same 6 months ago  
My purse is a weapon that carries more weapons now. 6 months ago  
Could be a coffee zombie that doesn't bite people 6 months ago  
I'm talking about the common undead zombies that are always limping/shuffling because they're literally falling apart. The weapon of choice would be for the faster ones that are still mostly intact. 6 months ago  
Zombies are slow. Just speedwalk and keep a weapon. 6 months ago  
♒♏●●□ 6 months ago  
While mistakes suck, it's better to learn from them so you don't repeat them. 6 months ago  
Chocolate mug cake 6 months ago +1
meow 7 months ago  
I like long dresses :3 7 months ago  
Both 7 months ago  
Zelda is a better ruler for her kingdom and won't use her subjects as shields (ssbb) 7 months ago  
Both! X3 7 months ago  
Skyrim is one of my favorites ^w^ 7 months ago  
But what if I grew up with (and liked) both? 7 months ago  
Electroswing 7 months ago  
I have never seen the avatar movie but I loved the Last Airbender series. I also like star wars >w 7 months ago  
I like both 7 months ago  
I'm straight 7 months ago  
Already partly Cherokee 8 months ago  
I guess it means knowledge? 8 months ago +1
The past affects the future 8 months ago +2
Just shout compliments at them 8 months ago +1
You could just treat them like a normal person because bullies are often suffering from the inside or even hate themselves secretly and need someone to show them there's a better way 8 months ago  
Stay as is I guess? 8 months ago  
I wonder how a modern Skyrim would be? 8 months ago  
Why not both? 8 months ago  
meow 8 months ago  
yes 8 months ago  
One day isn't much so I'd be fine 8 months ago  
Don't have a boyfriend anyway 8 months ago  
The music tracks would be much more interesting owo 8 months ago  
I may be a bit biased, but Texas all the way ^w^ 8 months ago  
I doubt my finger would even fit. 8 months ago  
Maybe. They look more scared and hurt than anything else. 8 months ago  
"The best way to destroy an enemy is to make him a friend." ~Abraham Lincoln 8 months ago  
Heaven is forever 8 months ago  
Find a home for the dogs 8 months ago  
"Maybe women won't want to answer this"... You say to a 20 yr old Norse(viking) woman who can and has wielded a realistically weighted two-handed training sword and plans on training in other martial arts as well. 8 months ago  
Joke's on you I don't even cut my hair 8 months ago  
I'd choose the 1950s model, those are cool X3 8 months ago  
I like both 8 months ago  
Time to get the chisel 8 months ago  
They usually range from 100 feet to 500 feet, but there are some that are 1000 feet deep 8 months ago  
I recognize him. He is limbless and has a book titled "Life Without Limits", and I think a documentary somewhere 8 months ago  
Could be low flames that don't touch you but are just extra warmth. 8 months ago  
Laser pointer. 8 months ago  
Well, think about it. We do have to SIT DOWN on the toilet everytime. Luckily I mostly come across clean public bathrooms, but there are some that are just nasty. 8 months ago  
oh my gosh lol XD 8 months ago  
Love is more valuable than money. 8 months ago  
Hang glider! 8 months ago +1
Exactly! X3 8 months ago  
Join the nerd side. We have pi! 8 months ago  
I've gotten grass stains on my blue jean skirt as a kid if that counts 8 months ago  
ikr? 8 months ago  
I like rain -w- 8 months ago  
An underground world filled with monsters and other mythical creatures! Wait isn't that undertale? 8 months ago  
Is that even a question?Videogames of course! I hecking LOVE playing Skyrim! 8 months ago  
Well water tastes best 8 months ago  
I didn't know Picasa existed, but I have surprised people with art on MS Paint 8 months ago  
"CHEESE FOR EVERYONE!" ~Sheagorath, Prince of Madness 8 months ago  
I friggin love summer! 8 months ago  
I KNOW, RIGHT??? 8 months ago  
Except?? I'm a woman who likes martial arts??? 8 months ago  
C H O C O L A T E OwO 8 months ago  
To defeat, the Huns! 8 months ago  
The police in my town are reasonable and nothing like what the news portrays, and since I try to follow the law anyway, I'd probably be caught for some minor harmless mistake 8 months ago  
Spooky scary skeletons 8 months ago  
Bats are cute X3 8 months ago  
More resistant against rain (would the plastic bags technically be a tent?) 8 months ago +2
I carry matches around that could melt the ice as long as I'm careful. 8 months ago  
1950s model 8 months ago  
I have to choose ONE? I love both 8 months ago  
Thistles are also edible and I saw someone shave the thorns off one before straight up eating a piece of it (though I've heard it's better cooked) 8 months ago  
No, Daisy's right. He's limbless and has a book titled "Life Without Limits" 8 months ago  
Having worms wiggling around your eyes would be annoying as heck 8 months ago  
no sex. just muffins 8 months ago  
Lol I don't have a Twitter anyway 8 months ago  
Doesn't say the flames have to be high enough to burn you 8 months ago  
Bring a bunch of meat and befriend the big kitty 8 months ago  
I like animals X3 8 months ago  
Joke's on you I've never dated before X'D 8 months ago  
Keyword: Accident. I wouldn't purposefully hurt either because I like both. 8 months ago  
Fun fact: Lions only fight people because they're territorial or in a desperate situation, and tigers are the only big cats known to eat people. Just give the cat some steaks 8 months ago  
Eh. I've eaten frog before so why not 8 months ago  
Lindsey Stirling ftw 8 months ago  
I already live in USA 8 months ago  
Easier to patch up the wound when there's no bullet to take out 8 months ago  
Having people genuinely care about you is much better 8 months ago  
I like potatoes :3 8 months ago  
Veggie tacos! X3 8 months ago  
Do denim skirts count? 8 months ago  

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