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    at least im bonin someone 1 month ago  
    like father like son 2 months ago  
    funner 2 months ago  
    normies 2 months ago  
    their gonna bomb is 2 months ago  
    STOP 2 months ago  
    neither 2 months ago  
    sexy latinos 2 months ago  
    goodnight bats 2 months ago  
    id make war with earth 2 months ago  
    im pointy egg now 2 months ago  
    yes 2 months ago  
    egg 2 months ago  
    laugh 2 months ago  
    my great grandpa was one so now its my turn 2 months ago  
    life wants people to die for balance 2 months ago  
    he also is rock 2 months ago  
    nah hes a faggot 2 months ago  
    welp as long as somones not in my ass im fine 2 months ago  
    i agree 2 months ago  
    thats hot 2 months ago  
    i doubt it 2 months ago  
    then why do muslims blow things up 2 months ago +1
    its jew gasing time 2 months ago  
    NUT 2 months ago  
    i dont see a downside 2 months ago  
    End the childrens misery with the lightsaber 2 months ago  
    CANADA 2 months ago  
    id rather not get AIDS 2 months ago  
    im athiest still tho i would glady stay away from hell 2 months ago  
    i personly cant stand little kids 2 months ago  
    we men have evolved to be the alpha so nature made men the stonger gender to do tougher tasks 2 months ago +1
    women cant be smarter than a guy 2 months ago +3

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