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I'm completely obsessed with pigs! Also, on other websites, my username is actually 99 innocent pigs.

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    He kind of already does...kind of 3 months ago  
    I like going to school, so yay 3 months ago  
    I mean, I would love to use Yahoo...to download Google 3 months ago  
    I would rather use Safari to download Google Chrome 3 months ago  
    Awww yeah!! Who is Morgan Freeman anyway? 3 months ago  
    lol wut is magic kingdom 3 months ago  
    I don't have a love life xD 3 months ago  
    I'm an atheist and my crush is Christian... 3 months ago  
    Who are they? 3 months ago  
    Who is Mila Kunis? 3 months ago  
    A thing isn't beautiful because it lasts, but because it ends. 3 months ago  
    Already happened to me 3 months ago  
    I have a lot of male friends, actually more male than female... 3 months ago  
    Less jealousy 3 months ago  
    Considering that he is my crush... 3 months ago  
    Who is Mike Tyson? 3 months ago  
    Who are these people? 3 months ago  
    I don't even watch TV lol 3 months ago  
    Who says you can't eat them? hehe 3 months ago  
    much more useful 3 months ago  
    I could be high middle-class, ALMOST upper-class 3 months ago  
    more classic 3 months ago  
    I can settle with just a million dollars, I don't really care about that much money 3 months ago  
    Ugh, I would hate being famous. How do those famous celebrities go through it?? 3 months ago  
    You don't have to have $10M to be rich 7 months ago  
    Oh, absolutely disgusting. 7 months ago  
    Aren't they the same? 10 months ago  
    Better than everyone else dead 10 months ago  
    I don't drink 10 months ago  
    Bush Republican 10 months ago  
    Just be lazy yea 10 months ago  
    Rain makes everything muddy - snow is fun 10 months ago +1
    At least it's not as scary 10 months ago  
    I think that's alcohol - I'm 12 10 months ago  
    wot 10 months ago  
    I'm using a MacBook Air right now 10 months ago  
    I misclicked again... 10 months ago  
    I gotta use dat for my school essays 10 months ago  
    Nooo.....I misclicked...I'm USING Apple right now 10 months ago  
    I already have a Mac, and I'm not the kind of person who likes the kind of big games that you have to have a pc to get 10 months ago  
    At least, in a war, you also have people to protect u 10 months ago  
    At least the pay's high! 10 months ago  
    At least then I'm not guilty of anything 10 months ago  
    I would hate to be immortal 10 months ago  
    More cool looking 10 months ago  
    I'm fine with either, but only if he/she were happy with it. 10 months ago  
    I would HATE being famous 10 months ago  
    Yep, don't wanna be ugly 10 months ago  
    It's clean 10 months ago  
    I respect how people have a different religion than me so that wouldn't be a problem 10 months ago  
    What kind of question?? 10 months ago  
    Ugly hair is something that can be fixed more easily 10 months ago  
    Duh 10 months ago  
    What kind of question is this? 10 months ago  
    I LOVE staying in my hometown! Also, is that Emma Watson? 10 months ago  
    If I could fly, I would get so much attention, and I absolutely HATE being the center of attention! But if I could read minds, no one would know unless I told them, AND I could learn so much! Like, on a test, and the teacher was checking someone's test that had finished before me, I could read their mind and find out the answers! Okay, maybe I won't do that, but it would be so cool. EDIT: Pigs can fly!!! 10 months ago  
    Eh, there's more than just chocolate 10 months ago  
    I'm 12. I've never really understood having a crush on a celebrity or a good-looking guy because those kinds of people aren't my type. I've had at least 5 crushes in the past, and they were all my closest friends. 10 months ago  
    I don't have a cell phone anyway 10 months ago  
    Just think of the amazing grades you'll get in history class! 10 months ago  
    This is disgusting 10 months ago  
    What does that mean? 10 months ago  
    Who would kill their own mom?! 10 months ago  
    I've never had sex, and I'm still at the stage where I think that sex is extremely disgusting 10 months ago  
    I'd just drink the soup, no crickets 10 months ago  
    Um, what does this mean? I'm guessing it doesn't mean giving yourself compliments 10 months ago  
    I have no idea what these are, I'm 12 10 months ago  
    It doesn't say how much like a fart, it just says like one 10 months ago  
    I'm a girl, so yea... 10 months ago  
    I hate periods, especially when they're unexpected, so... 10 months ago  
    I have no idea, I'm a girl 10 months ago  
    A walrus can't be that bad, right....? 10 months ago  
    I've never seen either 10 months ago  
    At least liquid, right...? 10 months ago  
    I don't know what sperm is, so I'll stick with that 10 months ago  
    I don't know who wrote this, but I don't like the options. At least don't join in, 64% of you 10 months ago  
    The tampon was just used, it doesn't say while the period was actually happening 10 months ago  
    So disgusting... 10 months ago  
    Loophole : She could be halfway across the world right?? It doesn't say near you 10 months ago  
    What does it mean, do anal? Also, what's a blowjob? 10 months ago  
    Having holes in your fingers would be disgusting 10 months ago  
    What does it mean, "go down on"? 10 months ago  
    I'm a girl, so I have practically no clue what sperm is, but period blood is gross. Not only is it blood, but it comes out through a private part and that's what makes it even more gross. 10 months ago  
    If you don't realize what you're eating, and it tastes like chocolate pudding, then yea... 10 months ago  
    It would take a long time for 400,000 gallons though 10 months ago  
    What's the point of a lightsaber? 10 months ago  
    I don't even have a cell phone in the first place 10 months ago  
    This is more of a kind of question like, "Do you believe in God?" or something like that. Everyone has their own beliefs and people should respect that. 10 months ago +1
    I have no idea how to lucid dream so....PIGS!! 10 months ago +1
    There is no start in a circle or never-ending loop 10 months ago  
    There has to be other living things, even if they're small as bacteria. 10 months ago  
    Religion makes the world so much more interesting 10 months ago  
    I don't drink 10 months ago  
    I don't drink I'm 12 lol 10 months ago  
    I've never had a social life anyway #foreveralone 10 months ago  
    I don't know much about either, I use a Mac 10 months ago  
    I'd be lesbian either way 10 months ago  
    I'm a girl 10 months ago  
    I don't want to date either of them 10 months ago +1
    I have no idea what those are 10 months ago  
    Uh...I'm a girl, but in a guy's perspective... 10 months ago  
    American football is football, and European football is soccer, and I like football over soccer, so yea... 10 months ago  
    I'm really independent and hate working in groups, so yea.... 10 months ago  
    I hate going on airplanes, so I'd go with the boat 10 months ago  
    I never check someone out, so yeah.... 10 months ago  
    I never watch TV :D 10 months ago  
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