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I'm obsessed with pigs!!

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Which do you like better? Pigs or Parakeets 2 months ago 62 votes 23 comments 0 likes

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Bacon :D 1 week ago  
They both seem really scary, but Skycoaster much less 1 week ago  
You don't have to have $10M to be rich 1 week ago  
That would be pretty annoying 1 week ago  
I mean, there's bacon and pork... 1 week ago  
*cough cough* Infinity War and Endgame 1 week ago +1
"Reality can be whatever I want." I can have the first option and more! lmao 1 week ago  
Please don't hate me for this, but I kind of hate cartoons lmao 1 week ago  
Oh, absolutely disgusting. 1 week ago  
I don't kill it, because I wait for someone else to kill it for me LOL 2 months ago +1
I've never used a playstation 2 months ago  
Already did 2 months ago  
Then I can spend the rest of the weekend doing other stuff :D 2 months ago +1
I guess I would be open to that 2 months ago  
Feels more satisfying 2 months ago +1
There's no reason to disown an entire city 2 months ago  
What is that? 2 months ago  
Aren't they the same? 2 months ago  
With Option B, I would just be dreading it or something and it might ruin my life 2 months ago +1
It would be so much more funny to illustrate all of my failures lol 2 months ago +1
Scary memes 2 months ago  
Looks hotter in this drawing 2 months ago +1
Cooler, smarter 2 months ago +2
What kind of question is this? 2 months ago  
Cooler 2 months ago +1
I don't know; didn't watch it 2 months ago  
Wot 2 months ago  
I guess it would depend 2 months ago  
Freddie Mercury was part of the Queen band, right? 2 months ago  
Who are they? 2 months ago +1
Less cringy 2 months ago  
At least then there's no super bad stuff...? 2 months ago  
What's this supposed to be about? 2 months ago  
This took me a long time to comprehend. 2 months ago +1
At least then you know you're safe 2 months ago  
Ge a new house 2 months ago  
What is it? 2 months ago  
Having OCD would be a lot less bad 2 months ago  
Probably gets more money 2 months ago  
What's eeyore? 2 months ago  
That's why some people commit suicide. 2 months ago  
Oh well, who cares? 2 months ago  
I always do this 2 months ago  
Depends 2 months ago  
At least then I can pay my bills 2 months ago +2
No 2 months ago  
Looks nicer 2 months ago +1
Paid more 2 months ago  
Isn't he the guy who played Dumbledore? 2 months ago  
Who are they? 2 months ago  
What's the Chum Bucket? 2 months ago +1
Hotter 2 months ago +1
Cool 2 months ago +1
Just more my type 2 months ago +1
Aww yea food 2 months ago  
yea 2 months ago  
That would be horrible to wipe with. 2 months ago +1
Who are they? 2 months ago +1
Well, some people are younger and might be a bit offended by bad language, so yea. 2 months ago +1
Dump that creep 2 months ago  
What's yondere? 2 months ago  
Better than everyone else dead 2 months ago  
Who's Alex Huebel? 2 months ago  
What's smash? 2 months ago  
So cute!! 2 months ago  
I don't want to be forever alone. 2 months ago  
Well, if my true love IS family... 2 months ago  
Aww yea that food 2 months ago  
I guess...I have good luck days and bad luck days... 2 months ago +1
It'd be lonely in space 2 months ago  
I'd just ask for a medium-sized cup 2 months ago  
What's Power Girl? 2 months ago +1
I don't drink 2 months ago  
Wrong grammar 2 months ago  
At least I know my mom tho 2 months ago  
Well, yes, of course. Just saying that doge is a dog not bread 2 months ago  
Bush Republican 2 months ago  
Just be lazy yea 2 months ago  
Disgusting! 2 months ago  
What is that? 2 months ago  
For 13 minutes yea... 2 months ago  
Blurry 2 months ago  
Also, why Doge? Doge is a dog, not bread! 2 months ago  
More entertaining - I'd rather have the stupider one because it would be so entertaining! Like Siri 2 months ago  
At least Dora is human being 2 months ago  
Nice bra 2 months ago  
Seems better 2 months ago  
Kind of 2 months ago +1
lol 2 months ago +1
It's accepted not excepted 2 months ago +2
I don't really like anime 2 months ago  
Seems cooler 2 months ago  
For some reason, I'm completely obsessed with them. 2 months ago +1
That's very sad. And also, I'm liking your comment 'cause you chose pigs :) 2 months ago +1
I personally feel like all women look better with a bra on than topless 2 months ago  
Messi's that World Cup soccer guy, right? 2 months ago +1
Either way you suffer, but you suffer more with Option B 2 months ago  
Actually, now that I'm thinking of it, offline is better because you don't need WiFi. 2 months ago  
It is restricted 2 months ago  
School is fun! 2 months ago  
The Despacito guy 2 months ago  
Justin Timberlake is a pretty good singer - better than Eminem 2 months ago  
Isn't Dwayne Johnson the actor guy or something? 2 months ago  
Both are super annoying tho 2 months ago  
Yea 2 months ago  
Like if you doing this in 2020. Also like if you like pigs! 2 months ago  
Yep, at least twice, I think EDIT: I know, I'm so clueless about those actors 2 months ago  
Thanks! 2 months ago  
Rain makes everything muddy - snow is fun 2 months ago +1
At least it's not as scary 2 months ago  
No - the website 2 months ago  
Hotter than Satan tho 2 months ago  
Who are they? 2 months ago  
When you keep clicking the wrong option... 2 months ago  
Good point 2 months ago +2
Yea 2 months ago  
I think that's alcohol - I'm 12 2 months ago  
Only 2 colors, less chaotic 2 months ago  
wot 2 months ago  
I'm using a MacBook Air right now 2 months ago  
I misclicked again... 2 months ago  
I gotta use dat for my school essays 2 months ago  
Nooo.....I misclicked...I'm USING Apple right now 2 months ago  
I already have a Mac, and I'm not the kind of person who likes the kind of big games that you have to have a pc to get 2 months ago  
Yea...how ur doing with...?;) 2 months ago +1
At least there's no guilt 2 months ago  
At least, in a war, you also have people to protect u 2 months ago  
At least the pay's high! 2 months ago  
Who's Joe Jonas? Don't worry, I know who Justin Bieber is 2 months ago  
At least then I'm not guilty of anything 2 months ago  
I would hate to be immortal 2 months ago  
More cool looking 2 months ago  
Seems tastier 2 months ago  
I just do math stuff so much that I just think of a right angle, because that's where I hear "right" almost all the time 2 months ago  
I'm a fan of pigs!!!! 2 months ago  
Larger 2 months ago  
Sprite here we come! 2 months ago  
Feels fresher 2 months ago  
More comfy 2 months ago  
More my type 2 months ago  
Blue and Green are so kind 2 u, but u so mean 2 them! 2 months ago  
See, La Loo? 2 months ago  
La Loo 2 months ago  
Duh (lol) I knew it was you bc of ur username 2 months ago  
Yea that's you LaLu 2 months ago  
Is dat you LaLu? 2 months ago +1
I'm fine with either, but only if he/she were happy with it. 2 months ago  
No matter how much I hate them, I might go as far as embarrassing them in public, but even that would make me feel guilty. 2 months ago  
I would HATE being famous 2 months ago  
I'm a girl 2 months ago  
I want a good reputation 2 months ago  
That would be so cool! 2 months ago +1
Levitation isn't really possible, but B seems like something that would be invented in the distant future, and that would be very dangerous 2 months ago  
Yea dat hair 2 months ago +1
Better than prehistoric 2 months ago  
The sun is definitely hotter than 1000º 2 months ago  
Well yaws 2 months ago  
Yea I like near-white hair 2 months ago  
Then I can do magic yay 2 months ago  
Well duh. 2 months ago  
Looks really cool 2 months ago  
Isn't James Charles the makeup YouTube guy? 2 months ago  
White hair and black hair look the best, I think. Also, this girl looks nicer 2 months ago +1
Not really. 2 months ago  
She's pretty, but I'm a girl 2 months ago  
I don't really get this. 2 months ago +1
My goodness, the chicken! Well, it WOULD eventually end up in KFC... 2 months ago  
That's racist 2 months ago  
No thanks 2 months ago  
Darker hair 2 months ago  
Da Lilly pads 2 months ago  
Well, Hell's gotta be tons worse 2 months ago  
Aww yea, Minecraft and Geometry Dash. I love those 2 months ago  
I keep clicking the wrong one - Swimming in the sewers isn't too bad, I guess 2 months ago  
I accidentally clicked the wrong one, but Fortnite is horrible anyway 2 months ago  
More interesting. Besides, I feel like that's better than actually manual playing 2 months ago  
I picked the wrong one again!!! And as for tamer, I'd like to have pigs!! oink 2 months ago  
I think I already have this. 2 months ago  
The dog throwing up - you have to clean it up as soon as possible, so that would be so annoying! But one of your parents giving you reminders - you can sleep through it. 2 months ago  
IT'S SO CUTE!!!!!! 2 months ago  
I don't even care about wigs; I just want my hair 2 months ago  
Niagara Falls! 2 months ago  
Never heard of those; just picked cooler-looking one. 2 months ago  
I do have a crush so... 2 months ago  
Whoever invented the first meme definitely wasn't famous or earned much money. 2 months ago  
I have like 4 friends and 2 of them are kind of like best friends 2 months ago  
I don't like mixing my food together, for some reason 2 months ago  
1. I don't live in a cave. 2. Yes, I do have WiFi; I just don't know what those are. 2 months ago  
This is actually my current computer 2 months ago  
Never even heard of it 2 months ago  
Take them by surprise 2 months ago  
Why'd the company spell blocks wrong? 2 months ago  
I feel like guys would definitely pick "yes" because it's always the guy that proposes to the girlfriend, so if everyone says "yes" to you, then yea. 2 months ago  
Lot bigger chance of living 2 months ago  
I'd just hate the ability to fold and unfold myself because it seems odd... 2 months ago  
Because there's that occasional troll 3 months ago  
I LOVE GARLIC BREAD!!!!! 3 months ago  
YouTube!!!! 3 months ago  
Aww yea Netflix. What is Now TW anyway? 3 months ago  
I'm innocent - Piggies are innocent!!!!! 3 months ago  
I only have like 3 or 4 real friends, 1 or 2 from each friend group (2 friend groups) - but I guess I do have 1 best friend from both 3 months ago  
Nope 3 months ago  
Yep, don't wanna be ugly 3 months ago  
I wouldn't even touch ANYONE'S butthole, much less lick it 3 months ago  
I'm only 12 3 months ago  
Facebook is a bit old, no offense 3 months ago  
You can hide 2 extra arms, but it's hard to hide a third leg 3 months ago  
Yea 3 months ago  
Duh 3 months ago  
Older is hotter 3 months ago  
IDK what those are 3 months ago  
I would NEVER eat a scorpion, especially live ones 3 months ago  
I can be so young! 3 months ago  
Yeah 3 months ago  
It would be interesting 3 months ago  
I've never had sex and I don't have a boyfriend 3 months ago  
I'd love to have 2 kids - no more and no less 3 months ago  
Fetish? 3 months ago  
I don't understand celebrity crushes 3 months ago  
Definitely, I wanna get into Harvard 3 months ago  
Um I'm 12 3 months ago  
Better 3 months ago  
Duh 3 months ago  
Yea definitely 3 months ago  
Well duh 3 months ago  
So cruel 3 months ago  
Ohhh, swearing, ooh la la 3 months ago  
At least it's pretty and you have plenty of water 3 months ago  
This happens all the time anyway 3 months ago  
Medium rare!!!! 3 months ago  
I'm not even a guy but I would appreciate it more if it was in person 3 months ago  
At least I went to Harvard 3 months ago  
Sometimes messy hair can be pretty 3 months ago  
Like if you're doing this in 2019 3 months ago +4
Never heard of dailymotion anyway 3 months ago  
So cute!!!!!!! Just like a pig 3 months ago  
I accidentally picked the wrong one - I would hate getting fired, that's kind of like getting expelled. 3 months ago  
Don't have sex 3 months ago  
Only have 4 real friends now anyway 3 months ago  
It's clean 3 months ago  
I don't pay attention to actors that much 3 months ago  
I just like Norse mythology movies better 3 months ago  
What are those? 3 months ago +1
Ayyy, it's money 3 months ago  
Who are they? 3 months ago  
It's about reputation 3 months ago +1
It would be lonely for B 3 months ago  
Humor, yes 3 months ago  
I picked the wrong one...I just don't like Kirby because someone I know licks his stuffed Kirby thing and I guess I don't like Kirby because of dat 3 months ago  
Very edgy 3 months ago  
I don't really care about looks 3 months ago  
People are a lot more educated, like for people with HIV or AIDS - treatment of those people have improved 3 months ago  
Looks cooler 3 months ago  
What?! 3 months ago  
At least it isn't as shameful 3 months ago  
I don't really watch FIFA 3 months ago  
I'd be too tired 3 months ago  
Makes more sense 3 months ago  
I feel more special 3 months ago  
That's just mean 3 months ago  
The government is good 3 months ago  
I would take a picture then eat it 3 months ago  
OMG yes 3 months ago  
Less derpy 3 months ago  
I just like B better because it looks less derpy 3 months ago  
Nope 3 months ago  
This is just less dirty 3 months ago  
Most people are nice, so they would assume so 3 months ago  
More modern 3 months ago  
Don't think so 3 months ago  
I respect how people have a different religion than me so that wouldn't be a problem 3 months ago  
Just more my type 3 months ago  
Thanks! 3 months ago  
Seems more interesting 3 months ago  
Well, it depends 3 months ago +1
I don't know what Vine is, and I don't really like TikTok, from what I've heard 3 months ago  
I can't stand killing anything 3 months ago  
Not if I'm sleeping during that time 3 months ago  
This one just seemed more interesting 3 months ago  
Yay first voter - happiness 3 months ago  
No, I live under a roof. 3 months ago  
Excuse me? 3 months ago  
What kind of question?? 3 months ago  
Ugly hair is something that can be fixed more easily 3 months ago  
Duh 3 months ago  
What kind of question is this? 3 months ago  
BaconTits?! Oink oink!! 3 months ago  
What's ActualFrisk? 3 months ago  
I LOVE staying in my hometown! Also, is that Emma Watson? 3 months ago  
If I could fly, I would get so much attention, and I absolutely HATE being the center of attention! But if I could read minds, no one would know unless I told them, AND I could learn so much! Like, on a test, and the teacher was checking someone's test that had finished before me, I could read their mind and find out the answers! Okay, maybe I won't do that, but it would be so cool. EDIT: Pigs can fly!!! 3 months ago  
Eh, there's more than just chocolate 3 months ago  
I'm 12. I've never really understood having a crush on a celebrity or a good-looking guy because those kinds of people aren't my type. I've had at least 5 crushes in the past, and they were all my closest friends. 3 months ago  
I don't have a cell phone anyway 3 months ago  
Just think of the amazing grades you'll get in history class! 3 months ago  
Thanks! 3 months ago  
If you ignore the bully, then they'll get bored and stop. If you punch them, you'll probably get in trouble too 3 months ago  
I like snow 3 months ago  
Aww yea, pizza!!! 3 months ago +1
Who are they? 3 months ago  
I don't know who these people are; I just chose the guy on the right 'cause he looks more badass 3 months ago  
Um, who know who either of those people are? 3 months ago  
Who's Dwayne Johnson? I've heard of him but I don't know who he is 3 months ago  
I've never heard of Macklemore, so yea... 3 months ago  
I've never heard of Peter Dinklage, but Elvis Presley I know as a really good singer, so yea... 3 months ago  
I've heard Despacito but I've never really known who sang it, thnx 3 months ago +1
I don't even know who Luis Fonsi is! Justin Timberlake's a really good singer tho 3 months ago  
I don't really know much about Leonardo DiCaprio, but Shawn Mendes is a really good singer, so yea. 3 months ago  
Definitely faster tho 3 months ago  
A mint bruh? What's that? 3 months ago +1
This is disgusting 3 months ago  
What does that mean? 3 months ago  
Who would kill their own mom?! 3 months ago  
I don't know what they are 3 months ago  
I've never had sex, and I'm still at the stage where I think that sex is extremely disgusting 3 months ago  
I'd just drink the soup, no crickets 3 months ago  
Um, what does this mean? I'm guessing it doesn't mean giving yourself compliments 3 months ago  
Who even thought of this?! 3 months ago  
What are genitals? 3 months ago  
I have no idea what these are, I'm 12 3 months ago  
It doesn't say how much like a fart, it just says like one 3 months ago  
I'm a girl, so yea... 3 months ago  
I hate periods, especially when they're unexpected, so... 3 months ago  
I have no idea, I'm a girl 3 months ago  
I mean, I'm a girl, so I guess I can do myself 3 months ago  
A walrus can't be that bad, right....? 3 months ago  
I've never seen either 3 months ago  
At least liquid, right...? 3 months ago  
I don't know what sperm is, so I'll stick with that 3 months ago  
I don't know who wrote this, but I don't like the options. At least don't join in, 64% of you 3 months ago  
The tampon was just used, it doesn't say while the period was actually happening 3 months ago  
It can be a random 9 year old that you just met or something, then run off before they realize what it really was. 3 months ago  
So disgusting... 3 months ago  
Loophole : She could be halfway across the world right?? It doesn't say near you 3 months ago  
What does it mean, do anal? Also, what's a blowjob? 3 months ago  
I'm guessing this question is meant for guys, so from a guy's perspective... 3 months ago  
It doesn't specify the amount. Say, only a few molecules every time 3 months ago  
Having holes in your fingers would be disgusting 3 months ago  
What does it mean, "go down on"? 3 months ago  
I'm a girl, so I have practically no clue what sperm is, but period blood is gross. Not only is it blood, but it comes out through a private part and that's what makes it even more gross. 3 months ago  
If you don't realize what you're eating, and it tastes like chocolate pudding, then yea... 3 months ago  
It would take a long time for 400,000 gallons though 3 months ago  
I accidentally picked the wrong one... Also, I personally don't believe in God, but from the tiny bit that I heard about what people think about God, I wouldn't think that he would do something like this 3 months ago  
What's the point of a lightsaber? 3 months ago  
CATS ARE AMAZING!!! Also pigs 3 months ago  
A square circle?! 3 months ago  
You literally cannot survive not drinking anything for three days straight. 3 months ago  
I'm 12, never had sex, and I'm still at the stage where I believe it's disgusting, so yea. 3 months ago  
Personally, I HATE dirty toilet seats, which is why I despise public restrooms in places other than my school, which has very clean toilet seats 3 months ago  
I mean...the pet's innocent 3 months ago +3
Lego House is actually a song???? 3 months ago  
Um...aren't they both burns tho? 3 months ago  
I like historic books 3 months ago  
Facebook seems old to me, but I LOVE reading 3 months ago  
I LOVE Pink's songs 3 months ago  
Never even tasted Brussels sprouts 3 months ago  
Twerking is a bit awkward for me... 3 months ago  
I like listening to both, but I guess Miley Cyrus is better... 3 months ago  
Fanta is my favorite, so yea 3 months ago  
I mean...they taste good 3 months ago  
I'd just be happy...with PIGS!! 3 months ago  
The only one I've ever know is Google Plus 3 months ago  
Um...well, I would've chosen B, because I have a crush on one of my best friends, but he's a different sex, and that doesn't go with the question... 3 months ago  
I'm 12... 3 months ago  
I don't even have a cell phone in the first place 3 months ago  
PIGS!!! 3 months ago +1
What dog thing? 3 months ago  
3rd time I broke a 50-50 3 months ago  
Yay once again I broke a 50-50 sorted 3 months ago  
Isn't Chicago kind of dangerous or something? 3 months ago  
I love both, I just like Skittles more because it takes more time to eat 3 months ago  
Wow I went on the 50-50 sorted list, I was the 99th vote, and I broke the 50-50 vote XDDDDDDD 3 months ago  
What is Dailymotion anyway? 3 months ago  
What's wrong with rice?? 3 months ago  
Literally, what's the point of this question? 3 months ago  
I don't really have that many friends of the same sex as me, most of my friends are male lol 3 months ago  
I have no idea what those are but I still voted :D 3 months ago  
I'm really bad at doing Fortnite dances... 3 months ago  
I've never had honey mustard. Also I absolutely love hot sauce, so yea. Edit: I did my favorite...oops 3 months ago +1
This is more of a kind of question like, "Do you believe in God?" or something like that. Everyone has their own beliefs and people should respect that. 3 months ago  
I have no idea how to lucid dream so....PIGS!! 3 months ago +1
They're the same 3 months ago  
There is no start in a circle or never-ending loop 3 months ago  
There has to be other living things, even if they're small as bacteria. 3 months ago  
Religion makes the world so much more interesting 3 months ago  
I don't drink 3 months ago  
I don't drink I'm 12 lol 3 months ago  
I've never had a social life anyway #foreveralone 3 months ago  
I don't know much about either, I use a Mac 3 months ago  
Who's doing this in 2019? Like this if you are. 3 months ago  
I'd be lesbian either way 3 months ago  
I'm a girl 3 months ago  
I don't want to date either of them 3 months ago +1
I have no idea what those are 3 months ago  
Uh...I'm a girl, but in a guy's perspective... 3 months ago  
American football is football, and European football is soccer, and I like football over soccer, so yea... 3 months ago  
I'm really independent and hate working in groups, so yea.... 3 months ago  
I hate going on airplanes, so I'd go with the boat 3 months ago  
I never check someone out, so yeah.... 3 months ago  
I never watch TV :D 3 months ago  
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