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Piss off.

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I had to come back to inform you of the news. Guess what today is. AARON PAUL'S BIRTHDAY or AARON PAUL'S BIRTHDAY!!!!! 5 years ago 110 votes 29 comments 0 likes
Today is Kevin Bacon's birthday Who even gives a shit? or K 5 years ago 180 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Can you handle mom's spaghetti? Yhez! or Nu 5 years ago 147 votes 12 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Disagree with loganp or Be a phaggot 5 years ago 108 votes 9 comments 0 likes
This question is dedicated to MickyD, would you rather Eat this or Own this 5 years ago 140 votes 14 comments 0 likes
Isn't Aaron Paul's hair better longer? Yes or Of course man! 5 years ago 115 votes 12 comments 0 likes
Aaron Paul has the most perfect teeth, right? YES or lolyus 5 years ago 136 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Would you rather eat Mom's spaghetti or Mum's spaghetti 5 years ago 106 votes 11 comments 0 likes
What do you think looks more like Tiansa? ... or ... 5 years ago 105 votes 4 comments 1 like
What do you think looks more like Tiansa? This or this kid 5 years ago 126 votes 9 comments 1 like
What do you think looks more like Tiansa? This kid or This guy 5 years ago 132 votes 12 comments 1 like
What do you think looks more like Tiansa? This or This 5 years ago 140 votes 24 comments 1 like
Would you rather go around your town yelling "YO YO YO 148 3 TO THE 3 TO THE 6 TO THE 9. REPRESENTING THE ABQ. WHAT UP, BIATCH?" or "YEAH BITCH, MAGNETS. OHHH" 5 years ago 130 votes 8 comments 1 like
Aaron Paul Is sexy *-* or Is super sexy 5 years ago 97 votes 37 comments 1 like
Do you think there's too many conjoined twin questions lately? yes... or nah, I don't mind shitty questions 5 years ago 141 votes 18 comments 1 like
I got extra sparkley things with my stickers I'm jelly... or Lol, I don't give a f*ck 5 years ago 115 votes 18 comments 1 like
As a child, did you want a job that was realistic or a bit far fetched 5 years ago 123 votes 15 comments 1 like
Are you actually obsessed with a celebrity? Yes or Lolno 5 years ago 157 votes 27 comments 1 like
Would you rather dance with your friends in public to Cant Touch This or Fergalicious 5 years ago 149 votes 6 comments 1 like
Would you rather dance with your friends in public to the Dougie dance thing or Crank Dat 5 years ago 115 votes 1 comment 0 likes
Would you rather dance with your friends in public to the Cupid Shuffle or the Cha Cha slide 5 years ago 107 votes 9 comments 0 likes
Do you ever like/share rrrather questions on your facebook? Yes or Nope 5 years ago 294 votes 16 comments 1 like
Wanna play the birthday scenario game? sure or nah 5 years ago 113 votes 32 comments 0 likes
Who remembers the rrrather birthday scenario game? I dooo or lolno, I don't 5 years ago 315 votes 13 comments 0 likes
Would you rather keep the site changes (the ones from today) or not keep them 5 years ago 107 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Would you rather meet Aaron Paul or Michael Jackson 6 years ago 118 votes 18 comments 0 likes
Would you rather have Specter un-banned or 7R0LL unbanned 6 years ago 89 votes 42 comments 0 likes
In chat would you rather only be able to speak about the math teacher USING ALL CAPS or always be a loner 6 years ago 109 votes 25 comments 0 likes
Would you rather meet Peter and Lloyd or Miles and Tyler 6 years ago 104 votes 5 comments 0 likes
What should tristeng be for halloween? THE GREAT PUMPKIN or nothing 6 years ago 182 votes 6 comments 0 likes
Would you rather have to be involved in 2 random school activities or 5 hand selected school activities 6 years ago 154 votes 14 comments 0 likes
Would you rather take me down to the paradise city, where the grass is green and the girls are pretty :3 or not... 6 years ago 121 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Would you rather watch Miles Jai or Tyler Oakley 6 years ago 96 votes 13 comments 0 likes
Would you rather have an account on nnnever or pppeeves 6 years ago 94 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Would you rather hang out with Jesse *-* or Walter 6 years ago 100 votes 11 comments 0 likes
During an awkward silence would you rather just wait for the other person (or people) to say something or you say something 6 years ago 166 votes 8 comments 2 likes
Do you think you're going to stick around rrrather for a while? yeah or nah 6 years ago 185 votes 20 comments 0 likes
Are you close to your parents? Yes, I love my family! or Nah, we're pretty distant/ other 6 years ago 236 votes 23 comments 0 likes
Would you rather spend a day... in the dinosaur era or ice age? 7 years ago 337 votes 5 comments 1 like
Would you rather wear... converse or vans 7 years ago 380 votes 15 comments 0 likes

Pinksparkles has posted the following comments:

Great example. This made me chuckle. 3 weeks ago  
Whenever I fly, my ears are always popped for hours after landing -_- 8 months ago  
Mm for sure 1 year ago  
Idk man most bus drivers I've encountered are huge cunts 1 year ago  
Seems more fun 1 year ago  
I'd rather shoot myself. 3 years ago +3
Dj Khaled is garbage. 3 years ago  
They'd probably find out eventually anyways. Honesty can go a long way, maybe it'd lead to a threesome. 3 years ago  
What a babe. 3 years ago  
I'm guessing more people voted 'A' out of popularity. 4 years ago +1
I kinda miss that fat, ginger f*ck. 4 years ago +1
A would smell so bad I'd probably be puking the whole time. 4 years ago  
His name is Aaron. That's pretty close to Aaron Paul. 4 years ago +1
Kill yourself. 5 years ago +5
Russian accents are sexy as hell. 5 years ago +3
Hopefully I would get some money out of it. But in the off chance that I wouldn't, I could just bring him back up and push him off. 5 years ago +3
F*cking Footloose... 5 years ago +1
Pie is disgusting. Literally, it makes me gag. Nothing is appetizing about it. 5 years ago +6
If you don't like mom's spaghetti you should be thrown into a volcano. 5 years ago +2
The Beatles is literally the most overrated band that has ever existed. 5 years ago +3
Well, considering you can't "loose" a person... 5 years ago +9
You guys prefer this flower sh*t over mom's spaghetti. You're all crazy. 5 years ago +4
This question is more like "Where do you live?" 5 years ago +1
No, that's a faggot that you're thinking of. 5 years ago +4
AARON PAUL 5 years ago +3
Omg b*tch nu. If you don't share I'll just steal it. 5 years ago +4
It's funny when people get upset over A. 5 years ago +2
Lol, I think it was clear enough. That spaghetti looks so appetizing! Omg, share some "u cheeky cunt" 5 years ago +5
... Why the caps? 5 years ago +2
Clemintine is younger 5 years ago +1
Gtfo 5 years ago +1
I don't think anyone did 5 years ago +2
No, I asked about his teeth. Lol 5 years ago +1
Lol, I don't want him to have babies with anyone but me cx 5 years ago +1
Well damn... 5 years ago +1
:D 5 years ago +1
Shit be whack... 5 years ago +1
There needs to be more of this. Haha 5 years ago +1
All of my yes. Haha, that author's comment 5 years ago +1
Da hell is this sh*t? 5 years ago +2
lolwhat 5 years ago +2
I just can't even... 5 years ago +1 5 years ago +2
cx 5 years ago +3
Lol, Mumbai 5 Star Hotels. 14, 29, 7, 10 5 years ago +1
This isn't even a question to me. 5 years ago +3
In like the third episode, he choked that guy out though. 5 years ago  
Keep like 1/4 then sell the rest of it. 5 years ago +1
Dragah just spams stupid series and tournaments for all of his questions. 5 years ago +16
I like his random questions that have nothing to do with anything and both options are completely different. 5 years ago +7
Because Walt never killed anyone in the series... 5 years ago +2
Why do you stalk my comments? Lol 5 years ago  
Time to cook some meth with a hot guy and become the best crystal cook in America! 5 years ago +1
Longer hair makes him look younger. Aaron Paul looks a lot better younger, but he's still attractive either way. 5 years ago  
Lol, Chicago isn't depressing. I've been there like a million times. 5 years ago  
Homepage quality! 5 years ago +5
Whoever doesn't get this question should just go die. 5 years ago +2
"I'm drunk so Satan take the f*cking wheel, I'm asleep in the front seat." lol 5 years ago +2
Lol, I see what you did there cx 5 years ago +2
That can't be him, it's not fat enough. 5 years ago +2
lol, what kind of person would pick B? 5 years ago +2
Wut kind of question is this? 5 years ago +2
Kill yourself. 5 years ago +5
Aaron Paul... I dare you to have sex with me! 5 years ago +9
I pretty much like everyone on 'B' and dislike most of the people on 'A' 5 years ago +1
AARON PAUL 5 years ago +3
"Do you rather go to the drive-in to see a movie? OR go to the cinema's to see a movie?" ... seems like legit wording there. 5 years ago +2
Family Guy isn't even funny 5 years ago +2
lol, not many people know. I don't even know who hates me really. 5 years ago +1
Hah, like I can't recognize Jeffrey Dahmer... I did a report on him one year and used the exact same picture. 5 years ago +2
Shaniqua, Laquisha, La'Tanya, Rohandra, Toprameneesha, La'Quishraniqua, Watermelondrea, Koolaidria, Alejandrisha, Sha'Nay Nay, Mo'Nique, La'Quaysha, V'Lanta'la'mana'ma'nisha, Courtney, Grapedrankisha, Qua'Lifriaqui'Sha'Niquia, Guuuuuurrrrrrllllll, La'Trice, Deltrese... 5 years ago +4
This reminds me of the time that me and Meg got into that 'fight' on chat with like 20 other users. They were pissed off because we didn't like Chronic. It was hilarious as f*ck though 5 years ago  
*Daniel 5 years ago  
Obviously me 5 years ago +2
lolno 5 years ago +1
I'd push them off their sleds 5 years ago +1
Seems legit. 5 years ago +3
Nobody...? 5 years ago  
Lol how don't you have an idea? You should know all about your feelings about her. 5 years ago  
Of course it is. xp 5 years ago  
he's Joshua Milton Blahyi 5 years ago +1
are you no longer obsessed with Ciuf? 5 years ago  
Yeah, because that's something to be proud of. 5 years ago  
wtf your profile picture 5 years ago +3
You do know that game consoles are kinda locked in a shelf thing, right? 5 years ago  
No. I totally bought a broken ps4 from the store. 5 years ago  
Hah, no. I got a ps4. 5 years ago  
This sh*t should be on the homepage. 5 years ago +2
I hate these questions. 5 years ago +3
I don't hate every question. But I'm only here for some users. 5 years ago +1
I hate these questions. 5 years ago +4
I hate these questions. 5 years ago +5
I hate these questions. 5 years ago +5
I hate these questions. 5 years ago +5
Kotex = sh*t 5 years ago +4
Omg, I love all of these songs crayon. They're my favorite Christmas songs 5 years ago +3
Dude, my laptop is my everything... #NoLifeOutsideOfHome 5 years ago +1
I swear, I've never seen a question somewhat like this at all 5 years ago +1
What the hell... 5 years ago +1
Carson, I hate you. 5 years ago +1
Of course it did. 5 years ago  
this question = ? 5 years ago  
It does matter because it's not interesting anymore. It may have been like two years ago though... 5 years ago +1
you make the best questions ever, like none of them have ever been asked before. 5 years ago +3
Don't most people know of shady url? :P 5 years ago  
That gift sucked 5 years ago  
// or // 5 years ago +1
Send snapchats with dmj312. luls 5 years ago  
Lol, I'm just gonna make macaroni because I'll be home all day playing my ps4 :3 5 years ago  
most of the time kids live together though... 5 years ago  
This is really still going? :P 5 years ago +2
Why's her IP from California while yours is from Colorado? 5 years ago +1
Lost is the worst show ever 5 years ago  
NO 5 years ago  
Lol, I know. 5 years ago  
Dat grammar mistake... 5 years ago +1
lies 5 years ago +1
Sun! Lots of it too. It'd be about 80 degrees. 5 years ago  
I stub my toe like every few days and I never really get paper cuts 5 years ago  
I got everything I wanted today... 5 years ago  
Ugh, too much Christmas stuff... 5 years ago  
A santa hat on one letter isn't very festive 5 years ago +2
I never said that I hated you...? Directly to you anyways. 5 years ago  
because -God- is my main cunt. 5 years ago  
I don't even... 5 years ago +1
Chocolate is just so disgusting... 5 years ago +5
Tberr. That's it. 5 years ago  
me and anon67 get to go Christmas caroling drunk 5 years ago  
You're boring. 5 years ago +2
Haha what the hell are these questions 5 years ago +1
lool 5 years ago  
lolwhat 5 years ago  
no life at all > boring life 5 years ago +1
SWEG & WEED WZRDS 4 LYFE 5 years ago  
Tyler Oakley 5 years ago +2
Hey look, she's banned again! :D 5 years ago +1
A fifth grader who makes the WORST questions and purposely uses sh*tty grammar isn't cool. 5 years ago  
true 5 years ago  
Bring the LSD... ❤ Hahah 5 years ago +1
lol, dat love 5 years ago +2
I guess lure's somewhat legit. I just really don't like that guest... 5 years ago +1
Aaron Paul gifs 5 years ago  
cx 5 years ago +2
ugh 5 years ago  
NO! 5 years ago +1
No. 5 years ago +2
Get the f*** out. 5 years ago  
AARON F*CKING PAUL! 5 years ago +2
Mikel and Lure seem like they would make terrible brothers... 5 years ago +1
B*tch please 5 years ago +1
AARON PAUL!!!! 5 years ago  
No...? 5 years ago +7
Hah, no. It's an extra small. Those are the only ones that'll fit on you without just falling right off. 5 years ago +11
people are gonna vote anyways even if you say that they only can if they've read the sh*tty book 5 years ago +2
while I'm there I might as well visit 322 16th Street Southwest in Albuquerque 5 years ago  
shrimp is gross though... 5 years ago  
I cannot express how much I would hate to do A 5 years ago +1
AARON PAUL 5 years ago  
I'm not a big fan of junk food. It's funny 'cause I'm American. 5 years ago  
I guess if they don't hurt me... I'd just freak out a little bit... or a lot. That's still better than jumping off a skyscraper though 5 years ago  
How did you see that comment within 2 minutes of me commenting it...? 5 years ago  
WhiteChocolate sucks 5 years ago +1
IT'S JESSE, not Jessie 5 years ago  
*Grammar 5 years ago +3
all anime is overrated 5 years ago +2
I wouldn't want it anyways 5 years ago  
As if that doesn't happen anyways... 5 years ago +5
You shouldn't even waste your time with this. 5 years ago  
These aren't funny because they've been around for like ever 5 years ago  
Have sex with Aussie. Haha wow 5 years ago  
That sh*t looks impossible. I can only imagine trying to sight read that. 5 years ago +2
Lol, the micky mouse creepypasta thing would constantly be creeping me out 5 years ago 5 years ago  
Get the f*ck out Lure... 5 years ago +5
You just said why in chat 5 years ago  
I can't answer this. Maybe I could if there was a 'both' button. 5 years ago  
I CAN'T EVEN... OH MY GOD TIANSA! 5 years ago +3
Eww, anime... 5 years ago  
Lol, arguments with either of them are kinda boring 5 years ago +5
just for the week off of school instead of two days for Easter 5 years ago +3
Dat originality 5 years ago  
You can't have an adult puppy. A puppy is a baby dog... 5 years ago +5
Aaron Paul is a lot more attractive than this thing. 5 years ago  
the walking dead isn't a good show 5 years ago +3
thx bby ❤ 5 years ago +1
Anime isn't awesome 5 years ago +10
Anime isn't awesome. It sucks 5 years ago +8
"Lets say your working for 6 hours" ... I thought you knew the difference... 5 years ago +2
I remember this time when I wasn't so weird. I was a lot more mature before I got internet than I am now... ahaha 5 years ago +2
Finally get to meet my Josh bby. 5 years ago +5
meh 5 years ago  
Keep calm and stop making these sh*tty questions 5 years ago  
flat stomach > abs. Simply because abs are repulsive. Like, they're muscles that just poke out... They're weird. 5 years ago +4
No. 5 years ago  
No. 5 years ago  
No. 5 years ago  
No. 5 years ago  
No. 5 years ago  
No. 5 years ago  
No. 5 years ago  
F*CKING STOP 5 years ago  
A better question would be "What wouldn't you do to him?" 5 years ago  
Nah. His client Jesse is pretty hot though 5 years ago +1
AARON PAUL!! 5 years ago  
Tiansa's NY questions > these Keep "Clam" questions 5 years ago  
these questions are pretty sh*tty 5 years ago +1
"Clam" ... 5 years ago +5
Because this definitely hasn't been asked before... 5 years ago +5
Lol. Of course he picked Lindsey. He's obsessed with her 5 years ago 5 years ago +8
*shrugs* I guess I'll just get banned either way 5 years ago  
Well sh*t, I couldn't do B at all 5 years ago  
*continues to do atheist things* 5 years ago +3
nothing > Daniel Tosh 5 years ago  
wow, I wonder what greyg would pick 5 years ago  
I don't care if I annoy someone... they should at least know the difference between "you're" and "your" 5 years ago  
Lauren Parsekian 5 years ago +1
so many of these questions... I haven't even played the game :P 5 years ago  
I'm too lazy to comment, either that or I'm always hung up in a PM 5 years ago +10
I never liked either of them, I just really hated the little mermaid... 5 years ago  
Okay, how am I being a b*tch by correcting your grammar? 5 years ago  
lolol cx oh crayon... 5 years ago  
I stopped reading the question when I saw the incorrect use of the word "you're" as "your" 5 years ago +1
I'd rather call him Mr. White. That'd feel more natural. Anyways, he'd tell me all about JESSE F*CKING PINKMAN!! 5 years ago +3
*your 5 years ago +1
#098? wat 5 years ago +1
You're super hot 5 years ago +1
lololol, dat inspiration 5 years ago +1
Isn't 48 a little much? Like what the f*** 5 years ago  
Haha, how do you even know about it? 5 years ago  
Lure, I hate you. Kill yourself. 5 years ago +1
it's not like people can't figure that out themselves... 5 years ago  
actually December 25th originated as a Pagan holiday, the winter solstice, which was reformed by ancient Rome as Saturnalia. It was a holiday of lawlessness where people can be happy, drunk, and merry. They sung naked in the streets, had fights, and raped people, all in the consent of the Empire. This holiday was the celebration of the birth of the sun god in Northern parts of Europe where it was called Yule, and in Rome the rebirth of the sun as the god of Saturn. In 350 AD the pope integrated this holiday as "Christmas" and declared Jesus' birthday on December 25h. In actual fact, following history, Jesus would have been born sometime in September, some even say February. The christmas tree was from a pagan ritual of Yule, that was also integrated. It was to give hope that after winter, harvest will begin again. The tree was decorated and put comfortably in their homes as a reminder. The gift giving was originated for the most despised people of the Roman empire to give tribute to the emperor, which then became localized to every family. Saint Nicholas was a bishop that was born in Turkey and became a small cult sect by the celtics, Germanians and later the Dutch, which then became popularized a few novelists and illustrators from 1822 to 1886, and then finally put in everyone's mind as a coca cola campaign in 1920 with his iconic red and white coat and hat 5 years ago +1
Ariana Grande < sh*t 5 years ago +3
christmas songs are the worst 5 years ago +1
0/10 is the lowest possible score... wut 5 years ago +1
This series gets a rating of 0/10... 5 years ago +7
anything but 1D 5 years ago  
I wonder what Ivanskof would pick... 5 years ago  
dat movie 5 years ago  
What ever happened to tristen quitting? 5 years ago  
*you're 5 years ago  
MICHAEL F*CKING JACKSON!! 5 years ago +3
JIMI F*CKING HENDRIX!! 5 years ago +3
I'm not "hung up on that"... I'm just replying to your previous comment, obviously. 5 years ago  
Woah b*tch.. What the f*ck? I'm supposed to be the one to make the "AARON F*CKING PAUL!!" comment... 5 years ago  
I only look for PMs 5 years ago  
Do you not know me? I didn't hurt Tiansa's feelings. hahah 5 years ago  
People shouldn't be that idiotic to use "dose" in place of "does" 5 years ago  
Did I miss something funny here? 5 years ago  
This is the internet, nobody gives a f*ck. Anyways you still don't know the difference between the words "dose" and "does" dose dōs/Submit noun 1. a quantity of a medicine or drug taken or recommended to be taken at a particular time. "he took a dose of cough medicine" synonyms: measure, measurement, portion, dosage, shot; More an amount of ionizing radiation received or absorbed at one time or over a specified period. "a dose of radiation exceeding safety limits" informal a venereal infection. informal a quantity of something regarded as analogous to medicine in being necessary but unpleasant. "I wanted to give you a dose of the hell you put me through" verb ~ verb: dose; 3rd person present: doses; past tense: dosed; past participle: dosed; gerund or present participle: dosing 1. administer a dose to (a person or animal). does dəz/Submit 1. third person singular present of do1. 5 years ago  
I'm not the first person to ask a question about Tiansa like that 5 years ago  
lol, no I wasn't 5 years ago  
Lalaloopsy? Are you a 5 year old girl? 5 years ago +4
No. 5 years ago +7
This question wasn't asking you whether or not you like the person, it asked you who do you think is more obsessed with a certain person... (Lol you iz just mad because I found all of the images you said were "you" on google) 5 years ago  
I know you just love me, Phen. I have to be your favorite user. 5 years ago  
A Haunted House vs. something I don't remember 5 years ago  
Omg Dei, you know me so well 5 years ago +1
Katy Perry should go f*cking die 5 years ago  
Everyone knows by now 5 years ago +1
lol cx I'd rather not have him do that to his "mum" ... I'd rather have him do that to me :D 5 years ago +1
You've seen his tv? Damn dude! What is it? A 50 inch plasma? 5 years ago  
Don't lie to yourself. 5 years ago  
Aaron Paul looks more attractive 5 years ago +1
Most of the girls here suck... plus most of the community is guys anyways 5 years ago +9
I wouldn't care 5 years ago +6
who the "fcvk" created 'God'? 5 years ago  
Wolfman, gtfo 5 years ago  
I couldn't do B. I could do A in a week. 5 years ago  
:o how dare you... I thought you were different Tiansa... 5 years ago  
AARON PAUL 5 years ago  
the smurfs < sh*t 5 years ago +7
I don't want an Aaron Paul shaped pillow, I want the real thing. 5 years ago  
I don't find them comfortable at all... 5 years ago  
I hate body pillows 5 years ago  
I think that I don't care. 5 years ago  
umadbro? 5 years ago +11
lol, why? 5 years ago +4
"I uh… I eat a lot of frozen stuff… It’s usually pretty bad, I mean the pictures are always so awesome, you know? It’s like “hell yeah, I’m starved for this lasagna!” and then you nuke it and the cheese gets all scabby on top and it’s like… it’s like you’re eating a scab… I mean, seriously, what’s that about? It’s like “Yo! What ever happened to truth in advertising?” You know?" - Jesse Pinkman 5 years ago +2
"gatorade me, b*tch!” 5 years ago  
"What happens now? I’ll tell you what happens now. Your scumbag brother-in-law is finished. Done. You understand? I will own him when this is over. Every cent he earns, every cent his wife earns is mine. Any place he goes, anywhere he turns, I’m gonna be there grabbing my share. He’ll be scrubbing toilets in Tijuana for pennies and I’ll be standing over him to get my cut. He’ll see me when he wakes up in the morning and when he crawls to sleep in whatever rat hole is left for him after I shred his house down. I will haunt his crusty ass forever until the day he sticks a gun up his mouth and pulls the trigger just to get me out of his head. That’s what happens next." - Jesse Pinkman 5 years ago  
"What if this is like math, or algebra? And you add a plus douchebag to a minus douchebag, and you get, like, zero douchebags?" - Jesse Bruce Pinkman 5 years ago +1
"Like I came to you, begging to cook meth. ‘Oh, hey, nerdiest old dude I know, you wanna come cook crystal?’ Please. I’d ask my diaper-wearing granny, but her wheelchair wouldn’t fit in the RV." - Jesse Pinkman 5 years ago  
Aaron Paul Sturtevant was born and raised in Idaho. His father is a retired Christian Baptist minister so, whilst growing up, he took part in church programs and performed in plays.He attended Centennial High School in Boise, Idaho. It was here, in eighth grade, that Aaron decided he wanted to become an actor. He joined the theater department and got obsessed with the idea of acting for a living. After finishing school, Aaron moved to Los Angeles. During the late 90s, he worked as an usher at the Universal Studios Movie Theatre in Hollywood. His television debut was in an episode of Beverly Hills, 90210 (1990), which was followed by an appearance in another Aaron Spelling series, Melrose Place (1992). On the big screen, Aaron played the estranged son of Jeff Bridges in K-PAX (2001), and Tom Cruise' brother-in-law in Mission: Impossible III (2006). After appearing in several roles on American television, his breakthrough role came as "Jesse Pinkman" in the AMC series, Breaking Bad (2008). The character was only supposed to last for one season but series creator Vince Gilligan changed his mind, due to Aaron's chemistry with Bryan Cranston. He has won two Emmy Awards for "Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series" for this role (2010, 2012). 5 years ago +2
Aaron Paul Sturtevant was born and raised in Idaho. His father is a retired Christian Baptist minister so, whilst growing up, he took part in church programs and performed in plays.He attended Centennial High School in Boise, Idaho. It was here, in eighth grade, that Aaron decided he wanted to become an actor. He joined the theater department and got obsessed with the idea of acting for a living. After finishing school, Aaron moved to Los Angeles. During the late 90s, he worked as an usher at the Universal Studios Movie Theatre in Hollywood. His television debut was in an episode of Beverly Hills, 90210 (1990), which was followed by an appearance in another Aaron Spelling series, Melrose Place (1992). On the big screen, Aaron played the estranged son of Jeff Bridges in K-PAX (2001), and Tom Cruise' brother-in-law in Mission: Impossible III (2006). After appearing in several roles on American television, his breakthrough role came as "Jesse Pinkman" in the AMC series, Breaking Bad (2008). The character was only supposed to last for one season but series creator Vince Gilligan changed his mind, due to Aaron's chemistry with Bryan Cranston. He has won two Emmy Awards for "Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series" for this role (2010, 2012). 5 years ago +1
Lol, mimi will probably make some stupid comment like "Oh my smurf! No!" It'll be kinda funny though. 5 years ago  
at least she's real... 5 years ago  
That sounds awkward, embarrassing, and awful... 5 years ago  
Aaron... Paul... STOP INFLUENCING MY VOTES TIANSA 5 years ago +4
18 year olds can date whoever they want 5 years ago +5
AARON F*CKING PAUL! 5 years ago  
anime < sh*t 5 years ago +16
anime < sh*t 5 years ago +6
AARON PAUL! 5 years ago  
Aaron Paul 5 years ago  
anime < sh*t 5 years ago +1
Aaron Paul! 5 years ago  
That was my favorite movie ever when I was little. I wonder if it'd even be good to me now that I'm older... 5 years ago +4
I heard it was mildly funny. 5 years ago  
I saw Raven... Automatically clicked A 5 years ago +2
I listen to music way more often than I watch movies. I haven't seen a movie in like months 5 years ago +5
they'd be the perfect siblings 5 years ago +5
Well, he was 95. He was old enough. 5 years ago +1
I haven't heard a 'your face' joke since elementary school. 5 years ago +1
pie is disgusting 5 years ago  
candle obsession < Aaron Paul obsession 5 years ago +2
The Wizard of Oz is one of my least favorite movies 5 years ago  
I don't want to even be near you... 5 years ago +11
alex changes rrrather too often... 5 years ago  
everyone thinks I do this anyways... 5 years ago  
Lol, I could use this irl with this one person I know who died in a car crash. It'll be funny... 5 years ago +2
why do you always use the word "dose" in place of "does"? Do you really not know the difference? 5 years ago  
the other spelling sucks... 5 years ago +2
I hope for your sake that you're under 13 because if you're not then 1) you're pretty damn late on learning sexual stuff and 2) that was a super lame 'comeback' 5 years ago  
I didn't think it was that obvious. 5 years ago +1
my middle name is just awful 5 years ago  
lolno 5 years ago  
*thinks of MickyD* 5 years ago +5 5 years ago  
this is just so original 5 years ago  
you're so original, likeomg 5 years ago  
I watched two seasons of Doctor Who. 5 years ago  
Doctor Who is probably the most overrated show that has ever been on tv. 5 years ago +1
I wasn't a big fan of Chixo 5 years ago +1
no 5 years ago +3
I'd rather not care 5 years ago  
Um, girls getting a blowjob is just getting eaten out. If you don't know that then you shouldn't be here 5 years ago +2
Dat nostalgia 5 years ago +1
ROBIN IS THE BEST 5 years ago +1
^.^ 5 years ago  
now it's Aaron Paul :D 5 years ago 5 years ago  
I absolutely hate the smell of coconuts 5 years ago  
I wonder what you'd choose Becca... 5 years ago  
eos is overrated 5 years ago +2
because this series hasn't been done to death 5 years ago +2
GOOD 5 years ago  
hahah cx everyone knows what I do 5 years ago +2
Like Omar Borkan Al Gala 5 years ago  
Gladly. 5 years ago +1
Yeah, he'd look so much better with me there right? Right?!? :D 5 years ago  
HELL NO 5 years ago  
OMG SO AWESOME 5 years ago  
Do you live under a rock? 5 years ago +1
I think you're blind, you should get that checked out. 5 years ago +2
Aaron Paul 5 years ago  
*tristeng's 5 years ago  
*tristeng's 5 years ago  
take it from the person who has voted the most on this site... most people aren't fond of series that have been over done 5 years ago +2
everything 5 years ago  
He sucked without Miley anyways 5 years ago +2
pls send me more hate mail rather 5 years ago  
this question suuuuucks 5 years ago +7
because this series hasn't been done to death yet 5 years ago +7
lost sucks 5 years ago +1
No 5 years ago +4
gingers are so unattractive 5 years ago +4
Harry Potter is the worst movie series ever 5 years ago  
Omg, 7's mine T_T 5 years ago +3
inb4 Peritwinkle... 5 years ago +1
Lol, did I miss something within the hour that I left? 5 years ago  
I wouldn't care 5 years ago  
I see giraffes so much more often 5 years ago  
:3 5 years ago +1
You must be 12... 5 years ago +5
AARON PAUL!!! 5 years ago +3
I don't think the celebrity I'd want to meet is obvious enough 5 years ago +2
Tiansa, your opinion doesn't matter 5 years ago +12
"I wonder what pink chose." 5 years ago +6
I'm obsessed with ties *-* 5 years ago  
you don't have friends 5 years ago +13
my mom's gonna try to force me to spend time with my family... 5 years ago  
I doubt he'd care 5 years ago +2
This question... 5 years ago +1
Never 5 years ago  
More like 100,000 5 years ago +1
I can't even vote on this 5 years ago +5
Lol, the way he said Ronald McDonald... 5 years ago +7
A would be too embarrassing. 5 years ago +3
*Walter 5 years ago  
HAHAH, red hair is super ugly 5 years ago  
I can't do anything on B 5 years ago  
I hate red hair... 5 years ago  
Hah, what? 5 years ago +1
oh my god, anything but 1D 5 years ago  
The Rap God *-* 5 years ago +6
Poems... take less talent 5 years ago  
k 5 years ago +1
Oh no... No... ;-; I don't want any trouble... *throws a hacky sack at you* 5 years ago  
Eww, anime 5 years ago +6
B*tch please, I have a lot better weapons than you. *pulls out a water gun and points it at your face* 5 years ago  
*stays there* What are you gonna do about it? Fite me irl fgt. I lift 5 years ago  
I'd rather have sweg 5 years ago  
You make the best questions 5 years ago +6
baseball is super boring 5 years ago :P 5 years ago  
baseball sucks 5 years ago +2 :D Aaron Paul wins! 5 years ago 5 years ago :3 5 years ago  
Omg so hot, pls let me have your babies 5 years ago  
hahah 5 years ago  
Lol whatever 5 years ago  
I'm too sexy for my shirt :P 5 years ago +5 5 years ago  
Excuse me little boi? You be dumbin' cause my gang is part of the world mafia. Oh yeah, that's right. We run the world. Now you better surrender or else you'll be buried under 200 feet of snow 5 years ago  
Woah woah woah. I'm taking your turf. My whole gang is kushin' and we gon' beat all your 12 year olds up to take your secret hang out and take over everything 5 years ago  
Lol, I'm not into making questions 5 years ago +1
I watched it yesterday when alex linked it in chat :P 5 years ago  
I can't believe alex asked that question 5 years ago +6
No... 5 years ago  
cx hahah. I do think that. And I just did it too, wha chu gon' do bout it fgt? 5 years ago  
Aaron Paul is the sexiest 5 years ago  
No... Aaron Paul looks hotter 5 years ago  
Ahahahaha, no 5 years ago  
Oh yeah, me and 7 are like besties. We go to the gym and beat up 12 year olds together 5 years ago +1
Aaron Paul looks better 5 years ago  
You know who looks way better than them? Aaron Paul 5 years ago  
I'd be afraid of some of the users... 5 years ago  
Oh god... B would be so horrible 5 years ago  
hahah cx 5 years ago  
I have like 2 drawers full of socks and I only wear like 10 pairs 5 years ago +1
"eat sh*t and die" 5 years ago +12
oh yeah, because this hasn't been done before 5 years ago  
*you're 5 years ago  
lol *here 5 years ago  
you know... most of the world doesn't work like that 5 years ago  
I'd just leave you there 5 years ago  
oh god... no... just no 5 years ago  
You're probably a scrawny 14 year old with acne all over your face 5 years ago +15
I made oatmeal 5 years ago  
You make the best questions, after CRAYON-BOX 5 years ago +2
It does nowadays. It used to be good though. 5 years ago  
You might be trying to trick me? Okay. I put no effort into answering this question 5 years ago +3
Google+ is the worst thing ever 5 years ago +4
iced tea is disgusting 5 years ago +2
I don't even like Family Guy anymore. I got bored of it a few years ago 5 years ago +2
I'll ask 7R0LL for help on it 5 years ago  
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