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    WHAT BUG?! 3 years ago  
    12% of you are going to hell 3 years ago +1
    his train 3 years ago  
    have you tried it? 3 years ago  
    why not both? 3 years ago  
    at least it'd be interesting 3 years ago  
    why not both? 3 years ago  
    killing myself would be horrifying 3 years ago  
    rather more than once 3 years ago  
    ehh... 3 years ago  
    i'd only have to do it once. (but i'm gay so it doesnt really matter 3 years ago  
    i love whores 3 years ago  
    f*ck strippers they have dicks and STDs 3 years ago  
    again im gay so both 3 years ago  
    34% said no. smh 3 years ago  
    that doesn't mean you dont have a vagina 3 years ago  
    why wouldnt i? 3 years ago  
    I'm gay so both? 3 years ago +1
    94% 3 years ago  
    at least this is porn 3 years ago  
    wincest 3 years ago  
    yeah but its more effort 3 years ago  
    OBJECTION 3 years ago  
    Lawyers save people's lives too 3 years ago  
    no 3 years ago  
    then you'd be under the age of 12 3 years ago  
    at least with ronald i wouldnt be sore 3 years ago  
    I NEED AN ADULT 3 years ago  
    oh nvm you know it goes both ways 3 years ago  
    who would want to be immortal? Living forever is a horrible notion 3 years ago  
    I'm a christian. It goes both ways dipsh*t. 3 years ago  
    *facepalm* you idiots 3 years ago  
    i dont understand the question. so 3 years ago  
    if i had more time then i'd be happy forever 3 years ago  
    neither 3 years ago  
    51%? YOU ALREADY FVCKING SURF THE NET 3 years ago  
    why would you want to know when you die? you'd have a time limit 3 years ago  
    If I read the mind of a bird i could learn to fly 3 years ago  
    it does 3 years ago  
    f*ck money 3 years ago  
    really? think about it. you can spend 5 days punching hitler 3 years ago  
    gee I wonder 3 years ago  
    no sh*t 3 years ago  
    shut up with your pretentious bullsh*t 3 years ago  
    dude you can come back 3 years ago  
    I don't want to see how my future great grandchildren are screwing everything up. 3 years ago +1
    who the heck cares about wedding 3 years ago  
    lactose intollerant 3 years ago  
    SMS allows you to connect to the internet dumbass. 3 years ago  
    I wanna become a pirate 3 years ago  
    f*ck star wars 3 years ago  

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