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    I would never want to live foreer  
    they would kno what a jerk he is  
    I know its been a year. but I think you should tell your ex to back off. Tell him you arnt together anymore and that's that. If you love 'righty' then you'll tell ur ex that. If you love 'righty' tell him how you feel :) I'm probably too late but. I tried :D.  
    umm no  
    at least its not poop!  
    ummmm....zombies....ww3.... ww3  
    I would be sick with myself. I would know hes lieing  
    this is why the world is how it is rn  
    I'm only 83 pounds rn. SOOO I could work it off anyway  
    immortlality. I couldn't haddel it and there would be NO escape. this might sound odd but, I dont wanna live forever.  
    I would be in a new gernoration, everyone I know will be dead. and in the least bad way possible, theres really nothing to do at 200  
    I would live my life to its fullest intil that tragic day. knowing how wouldn't help me.  
    oh ya? what if that was the cause of your death. and it says 'cannot be avoided by acting upon this knowledge' soooo stop being cocky *_*  
    that's why I picked it! I miss my bff so much. :C  
    there would be no problems. everything is my choice.  
    ther is god  
    I hate you  
    I hate you  
    SHE not he SHE  
    I'm 9 and on my tablet right now  
    I'm so sorry  
    I know right  
    people are dying and all of you are saying you want to keep it all to yourselfs  
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