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Would you rather Never feel pain or Never feel embarrassed 2 years ago 128 votes 17 comments 0 likes

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Being hung will hurt think about it. Gas:you'll cough a few times and then blank 2 years ago  
I have no enemy,I AM MY ENEMY 2 years ago  
Climb on there and relax while a wave drifts you to heaven 2 years ago +1
Omg I get a free giant pillow 2 years ago  
Vests I don't like bras 2 years ago  
Fire extinguishers, people,phones what do you guys think these are for 2 years ago  
No one will find you underwater its scary too on a mountain its more likely a tourist will walk past and call the police/ambulance 2 years ago  
I have none 2 years ago  
Yes the tin is cake 2 years ago  
OoVoo is basically skype 2 years ago  
Gosh the trains are all over the place 2 years ago  
I'm Rapunzel *hits man with a pan* 2 years ago  
I'm laughing so hard at the right picture 2 years ago  
I like broooocoli 2 years ago  
Glass hurts but you can get it out 2 years ago  
Ive already had dinner with the president 2 years ago +1
My grand ma is dead 2 years ago  
I pressed the wrong thing drowning no one will find you on Mount Everest a random tourist will find you anyway 2 years ago  
Id rather see the world than bump into every lamppost I'm near 2 years ago  
I'm a girl sooooo 2 years ago  
I'm a girl sooooo 2 years ago  
People should marry whom ever they like what is wrong with the world racism sexism 2 years ago  
If you ruled there would be problems for you because people will keep on asking 2 years ago  
This is a social question 2 years ago  
I have second life 2 years ago +1
Titanic........... 2 years ago  
We, are the crystal gems, we'll al 2 years ago  
All I can say is brush your teeth 2 years ago  
Disaster movie looks funny, in one scene Kim kardashian got squashed by a meteor 2 years ago  
Wash yourself 2 years ago  
OK OK if people went mountain climbing, one slip equals death 2 years ago  
I want to see the world with my own eyes I don't want to bumb into every Lampost I walk past 2 years ago  
I used to watch there show.......memories 2 years ago  
To me they look pretty 2 years ago  
my...grandmothers dead :( 2 years ago  
i find the man cute as heck :3 2 years ago  

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