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    no as hard but  
    umm who said it would have it for the rest of my life  
    swiss armu knife 4 the win  
    don't be f***ing racist Australians are cool just as everyone else  
    I thin  
    taste like chicken  
    didn't say who for and what as  
    lifetime supply of gums  
    happy gas  
    I look like bruce willis  
    they didn't say how long the record was so take your time  
    the cia created aids look it on youtube and cancer is a bigger promblem  
    sell it for another car simple  
    ninja's are coller  
    who said I had a ak-47 by my side  
    4 fre  
    or do the leave the baby on the doorstep and run tirck  
    then you can kill that thing  
    new jersey sluts for the win  
    with the maze get a chainsaw and chop through it coz it said to go 'through' there  
    it can give you superpowers and or turn you into thor  
    I hate the biever  
    it didn't say if it was lesbian gay or gay gay  
    Russian for the win and at least Donald trump Is not in there  
    but also think of the winter people froze to death  
    you can travel back in time and bring ak-47s and f/18 hornets and all of that sh*t  
    pay people to not kill you  
    lol I thought thus would be a 90% win for the bum  
    can be chicken  
    afghanistans aren't black they a mocha carmel color  
    I cant believe people chose your mom unless she is a pornstar  
    so true fapping is important  
    I don't have friends  
    I thought you meant school rubbers not condoms +1
    do both at the same time  
    fruit is not healthy  
    I am a pilot bizh  
    choose your friend  
    it kind of looks like ghandi  
    blowjob height  
    f***ing bastard  
    f***ing vromm  
    American idol gay  
    it is pretty  
    to lazy  
    actually no Manchester united  
    I guess whale now coz you see toucans on fruit loops  
    pedo's hate night  
    coz it is me  
    you didn't say you could look in what case  
    she is hot  
    coz I never do  
    big banana  
    ISIS IS a problem which IS fighting over religion which IS not necessary lol I said is  
    coz it is gas  
    but....... billionaries would be immortal and someone like the sultan of brunei would be like f***ing god  
    non coz I am a guy suicideI would date suicide  
    no other one parties every night  
    hello kids I am your father barack Obama the xivvixxix  
    what game  
    no I cant lose my porn  
    cancer is bigger problem don't f*** monkeys its how you contract them and also somehow the cia created aids watch on youtube  
    but can duck tape fix homelessness, financial promblems and depression ?  
    I haven't even had gumballs  
    juicy fruit sound like a s3x toy or move  
    fast so choo choo, allboard the death train * cough cough* sorry train.  
    the amazing spider man sucks balls like your mum whoever reads this +2
    non mc united the best  
    bmw are faster  
    merica f*** yeh  
    how come not the .... evan almighty  
    merica f*** yeh  
    I am 15 and I have had both and Smirnoff gets me horny jokes but it is good  
    but what coke and what pepsi [not plain]  
    10,000,000 can buy you love  
    you get fame then wealth  
    I think I would get shanked if this happened  
    depends what you known for both ways  
    coz he is bald  
    depends what book and movie  
    it depends where you o camping  
    does a pornstar count  
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