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    what if you are the one kicking the dude 2 years ago +2
    just go trans 2 years ago  
    lol Wisconsin person 2 years ago  
    florida guy that is racist 2 years ago  
    1 she is hot and2 girls pay more attention so if i had metal in my brain it would not get lodged in even more 2 years ago  
    nobody would make noise 2 years ago  
    sick bastard 2 years ago  
    she is too pale:( 2 years ago  
    f beaver cock 2 years ago  
    sexist comment lil' f tart 2 years ago  
    friends can save ur life 2 years ago  
    kill your enemy f*** ur crush 2 years ago  
    dogs are lifesavers 2 years ago  
    forget the 4 just kill them unless they are really hot girls 2 years ago  

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