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Anybody wanna buy me a chocolate milkshake? From the Planet of Uranus I like long walks on the beach...

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    everyone (mostly), no matter what religion, believes in God. religion is what defines HOW we show our beliefs and practices. i just don't agree with any practices or religious beliefs.  
    Alone in a perfect world doesn't sound too bad  
    i lost on the last round so im just gonna go ahead and take the million instead  
    only so everybody will be forced to smell my breath  
    i'd go in with intent on losing so that if i do lose it wouldnt suck so bad  
    who's mccain?  
    So i can know what the POTUS does on his spare time  
    I care more about my family than myself so i'm willing to deal with the BS  
    I would make a great conducter  
    free money...times are hard lol..but of course i would feel bad after  
    I know I raised him better than that.  
    i dont wanna know what people are thinking.  
    no one wants to live forever in this sh*ty world  
    already living this kind of life  
    im 5, way im having my wife b taller than me  
    poor dog. i would adopt it and give it a nice shower.  
    never heard of it so i will see what its like  
    cause they have great pizza and i want pizza right now  
    sup bros its pewewrdwdiirrwrdwpiieieiee  
    at least i get money. plus im not a great enough singer  
    i like the taste of the green one better.  
    yes you can catch and kill it for me.  
    cause banana  
    The first ones already happening.  
    i don't even know..whet?  
    um....I'm a guy.  
    I'd rather have a degree.  
    I don't wanna know what the fat lady across me is thinking.  
    I don't believe in religion. But I do believe there is a God.  
    I don't get it..  
    I have no friends :)  
    Cancer sucks!  
    Only cause Duct Tape Man looks petrified.  
    Literally just answered this a second ago.  
    Taste better.  
    Can't imagine the gore.  
    Hard choice but gotta go with Bats. +2
    Always wanted a BMW  
    Allergic to peanuts.  
    I already found true love. +1
    People want fame mostly for the wealth but it comes with a price. So why not just get the wealth alone instead of all the bs that comes with fame?  
    You mean..would i rather never speak again or be Kanye West?  
    I wanna be remembered as a great leader.  
    I have no idea who is who and what they do. :(  
    Already doing that.  
    Girls go through a lot. I don't think I would wanna deal with periods.  
    I'm just imagining all the pest and mosquitoes...  
    Yahoo reading this like.."is google hiring by any chance martha"  
    OP had a few drinks before posting this.  
    Depends where im falling from..are we talking 2 stories, 4 stories?  
    allergic to peanuts..1-like=1 prayer +1
    All DC has that poses an actual threat is Superman and Batman. Marvel has a Hulk.  
    i watched spongebob in middle im 23 and still in middle school so guess who still watches spongebob?  
    an ugly house with a nice car? you mean someone on foodstamps? +1
    gave up tv several years ago..  
    i love music but just imagine a world where you dont have to listen to your wifes b*tchy mouth anymore!!  
    seems like the grolar bear already lost so..i guess im gonna be going in for a free kill.  
    I'd become the worlds greatest detective. 48 hours to solve a crime, HA! More like 2 minutes.  
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