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Dumbledore... Thou shall not PASSSSS!!! 6 years ago  
well that one was easy :P 6 years ago  
I agree.. +1 for MoNoXide! :) 6 years ago  
hehehe, well technically you are leaving a perfect life without your memory lol 6 years ago  
FTW 6 years ago  
sex without condoms! 6 years ago +6
only meth? :P 6 years ago  
Cocaine FTW (and some weed to chill after) :P 6 years ago  
I can tell you... it's heaven...for 3 full weeks of the month..... :P 6 years ago +1
Had to skip.. just...can't....choose.... brain.....overload... both...too.....good.... 6 years ago  
Hahahaha 50 of the 51% are just liars! you would keep it all hahaha 6 years ago  
Short girls can be very sexy! (my gf was 1.48 cm and half Indonesian, very sexy!) 6 years ago  
Look at that retarded smile and the face of a muppet! (no offence to muppets)... 6 years ago  
The basejumping is better in swiss! 6 years ago  
How can anybody say no to a lightsaber?! :P 6 years ago +2
Vending machine on wheels... awesome! 6 years ago +1
I maybe did nazi what jew did there, but i have a feeling it's waaaay out off meinkampfert zone 6 years ago  
How old are you? 12.... people don't die of weed... people die because of people! 6 years ago  
How old is he.... 13 ? :P 6 years ago  
Lame! all girls wanna bang megan fox (or just be her) :P 6 years ago  
Never do! 6 years ago  
Easier to lose weight than to gain it... 6 years ago  
I do have a parachute... right ? 6 years ago  
Yeah just keep drinking alcohol....... Idiot! 6 years ago  
Skip.. i would rather kill myself with fire! 6 years ago  
Ha! i wanna see the 60% going on vacation over seas... 6 years ago  
gay either way, so then preferably some ' tender lovin' with the drugs :P 6 years ago  
so 1 night with 1 girl.... or 2 nights with 3 girls... hmmm, that's a tough one.. :P 6 years ago +1
You never know... Just try and try and try... 6 years ago  
live over death (almost) always! 6 years ago  
you're partner doesn't mind :) 6 years ago +1
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