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    Atleast its broken, the thief will have to deal with a computer that doesnt work anymore.  
    With one arm how do i draw, paint and craft?  
    I already use MY DAD's computer.  
    Im a (look at my place) so idk  
    Do not brag pls  
    Me too  
    Would you quit wars then? -_-  
    Option a is basically about knowing history, while option b means rest and laziness +1
    Use the lightsaber to slice a loaf of bread  
    Same here  
    Usually my mac and cheese are like just 2 inches or 3  
    Cool, a fellow Filipino to choose a long-living species' over endangered species  
    Because humans will exist for a long time while other animals are endangered, and dogs are usually getting hurt these days  
    Ha look at my vote screw the Internet  
    ¢0n d0m  
    Option A requires confidence while you dont need to speak in Option B  
    Check the name, its a girl  
    If he needs a haircut then i would want an unvote button on rrrather get insulted more as a man and: you have tons of enemies, men usually go into more accidents  
    Im shy too  
    Thumbs up up if you really, really hate S3×  
    Early means a few hours/minutes more for play time +1
    You stay longer dead than alive soo....  
    Option A voters probably live in cars...  
    My b-day : 5-8 gifts - Christmas : 8-12 gifts  
    Real question : Waste of time (fly) or Knowledge about one's info (read mind)  
    Real question: Face your claustrophobia or face your acrophobia  
    what if you mix the two?  
    im 8 but i answered wtf  
    neither im acrophobic  
    when you're wearing really high heels when you're going to a place where you need to walk on stairs with no railing to hold on...  
    Atleast their place is where beer comes from, well, i dunno anything +1
    i use a dipper thing to bathe  
    then the question is "would you rather be friends with.."  
    Bieber is stupid  
    Same here  
    16 inch of hair  
    Im young and children dont have ( ( so..  
    [email protected]#$ people like you  
    Im young  
    I wish i could change vote, they might think im racist  
    I dont like both but still..  
    Eat the food then kick your date out of the house. Im 8  
    Same with u.. No idea what that is.  
    Me 2  
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