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then i would finally lose my virginity 5 years ago  
i am 14 hell yeah 5 years ago  
i don't have past relationships so yeah 5 years ago  
hey syria i have news for you... 5 years ago  
can already do b 5 years ago +1
exactly 7 times a week 5 years ago +2
i am probably the most politically aware person in my grade 5 years ago +2
i get low and then i yell 5 years ago  
i'm pretty fit (2 10k every week) so... 5 years ago +1
and neither are we despite what our government says 5 years ago  
maybe 5 years ago  
having more than one spouse at the same time (cheating,basically) 5 years ago  
hmm what's worse, natural disasters or religion. hmm on one hand, god, buddha and stuff and on the other, tsunamis, earthquakes and volcanoes. i wonder which one i'll choose NOT! 5 years ago  
australia is pretty f*cked up 5 years ago +1
no you don't and anyone who does is an idiot themselves 5 years ago  
you realise pewdiepie has the most subscribers of anyone and makes millions every year from it? 5 years ago  
up to a certain point, yes 5 years ago  
they would realise that telling people about me would be a very, very big mistake... 5 years ago  
germany would have won without hitler so 5 years ago  
switzerland... 5 years ago +1
i don't know how to whistle and i got like 3 chicks after me so... 5 years ago  
getting stung by a bee at 2 5 years ago  
i want to do a lance armstrong... WITHOUT THE DRUGS!!!! 5 years ago +2
can i watch? and laugh? 5 years ago +3
i am a very tall midget 5 years ago  
is that supposed to be a massive earthquake on the san andreas fault in california? 5 years ago  
world war 3 happened, it was cold war, vietnam, korea, el salvador, guatemala, cambodia, and all those central african nations 5 years ago +3
i own 3 tiny siamese... 5 years ago +1
i slept through a party once... i was pissed 5 years ago +1
that would be fun 5 years ago +1
no, open your damn eyes and realise that he means progress!!!! 5 years ago  
good question, with no answer 5 years ago  
because that ambition can become something very, very bad... 5 years ago  
you have never been to australia f*ckwit 5 years ago  
funny, coz you haven't watched planet earth where you would have realised that piranhas only attack when there's blood and actually hide when they see you coming 5 years ago  
if i ate my least favourite, i would be vegan 5 years ago  
wrong one :( 5 years ago  
only coz they sponsored a pro cycling team that had andy schleck 5 years ago  
i am australian and i like being australian. american is nice as well, but australia ftw! 5 years ago  
i don't think so! 5 years ago  
i would become a god 5 years ago  
you guys may not have noticed, but ww3 happened in the 60's and 70's with all the thirdworld countries fighting and receiving backing from the US and soviet russia 5 years ago  
a general trend on this site seems to be that the guests are less intelligent than the people who have an account. not every guest, but many of them... 5 years ago +1
i would say "that turned you on, didn't it?" 5 years ago  
i would have so much fun freaking people out! 5 years ago +2
it would just start exploding out of the card. and i could use the money to bring world peace 5 years ago +2
can i scan people? 5 years ago  
id be the best army dude the world has ever seen! 5 years ago  
too darn right! 5 years ago  
i run 10km more than twice a week. a mile would be almost a sprint for me 5 years ago  
i run a lot so... 5 years ago  
yes you f*cking should 5 years ago  
so let's see, small chance of survival, or no chance. robots were made to not make mistakes so i think i will go with the zombies 5 years ago  
i can still talk to them on the phone or through texting 5 years ago  
er, it was supposed to say and then be ripped apart so i think they rip you apart 5 years ago +1
so long as its strawberry and cream!!! 5 years ago  
i've had a broken arm and it wasn't that bad 5 years ago  
caracals are the best!!! 5 years ago  
that's going to be a lot of candy... 5 years ago  
not all of them are! 5 years ago  
idc if i don't believe in god, if he really exists (which i doubt) he will give my 20 awesome years 5 years ago +2
i think the people who voted for light meth user don't know what meth does to you... 5 years ago  
i got bullied 4 times, twice each by two of my 'best friends' and i still think that being the bully is worse 5 years ago +1
no, you are the dumbass who can't see that we are screwing everything in this world including us and that if we don't stop it this planet is going to turn into frigging Venus 5 years ago  
for those of you who don't know what acid is, it is lsm, a drug that makes you hallucinate 5 years ago  
because evolution takes a long time to work (like, millions of years). how could you be that dumb? also, not all monkeys are going to evolve into humans coz they are perfectly suited to their life right now they have no reason to change 5 years ago  
excellent question... with no answer 5 years ago  
anime sucks 5 years ago  
you know blind people aren't actually that bad at driving... 5 years ago  
so are lions stupid 5 years ago  
i can only see bones not private parts or anything 5 years ago  
some jellyfish don't sting! Stupid! 5 years ago  
yes it does 5 years ago  
kittens are the cutest animals on earth 5 years ago +1
so so so so so so so easy 5 years ago +2
i'd be in a room with nobody 5 years ago  
who needs wifi when you have a house like that? 5 years ago  
my thoughts exactly 5 years ago  
weeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!! 5 years ago  
i dont even have keys so... 5 years ago  
whoah dude everyone's entitled to their own opinion! 5 years ago  
i could jump off the mountain! 5 years ago  
takes away from individuality 5 years ago  
that would be so fun! 5 years ago  
already am talented at music 5 years ago +1
very stereotypical for an american in terms of what you think of aus. mate, if there were giant death spiders around every corner, i wouldn't be alive right now, would i? and just to let you know, you have to be pretty stupid to get bitten by a spider in aus 5 years ago  
i love riding bikes 5 years ago  
and u live on another world 5 years ago  
they spelt stalin wrong idiot 5 years ago  
halo ftw 5 years ago +1
switzerland is a beautiful place im going to move there when i grow up 5 years ago  
the image you picked was an image of a spiral galaxy. 5 years ago  
erasable pens *win* 5 years ago  
i don't wanna stop loving somebody 5 years ago  
i own both and i prefer my xbox 5 years ago  
my crush is 13 so it was pretty easy 5 years ago  
the same stuff lands on the moon as lands in antarctica. the van allen belt is not bad enough to kill someone with short exposure. the landing module weighs 17 tonnes on EARTH and about as much as a car on the moon, and the american flag can be moved by other things. i think you stand corrected 5 years ago  
if you balance it right, communism is awesome 5 years ago  
i am already pretty damn smart so... 5 years ago  
no, you're not. 5 years ago  
not when you have a lifeproof case. ive dropped my phone at least 50 times and everything is still perfectly fine 5 years ago  
ooooh conspiracy theorist. you have no idea that hunger games was written by a normal person not under government influence and also pop music is written by normal musicians under no government influence. 5 years ago  
i was actually expecting avatar to be thrashing so it was a pleasant surprise 5 years ago  
i enjoy being gossiped about 5 years ago  
read the bloody author's comment 5 years ago  
because you didn't read the question properly 5 years ago  
more relevant for where i live... 5 years ago  
bring date to party *win* 5 years ago  
i bet you failed history from grades 3-12 5 years ago  
ok mr exploitation 5 years ago  
how the hell do you not know who bill gates is? 5 years ago  
i really liked the books and then loved the movies 5 years ago  
how can u think that they are always going to develop feelings for each other? that is silly. 5 years ago  
don't have keys *win* 5 years ago  
doesn't say that your husband/wife is not going to be hot or nice! 5 years ago  
alaska is fun! 5 years ago  
google is the best 5 years ago  
australia has a 9 year old as prime minister. 5 years ago  
why people would vote gaddafi boggles my mind he was a bloody dictator 5 years ago  
like a husband or a wife 5 years ago  
i lose $100 every time i purchase an itunes voucher 5 years ago  
i was super popular in school when i was 10 so yeah! 5 years ago  
finally, someone who actually agrees with me! 5 years ago  
don't have a sibling *win* 5 years ago  
i use torch 5 years ago  
i think that killing yourself instead of playing a frickin game is pretty stupid 5 years ago  
put one bullet in the bullet belt. spin it. put the pistol to your head and pull the trigger 5 years ago  
yep 5 years ago  
just because i'm smart doesn't mean i'm ugly. i could be freakin hot 5 years ago  
koenigsegg anyday 5 years ago  
and yet beyond this comment i srsly believe you have no knowledge of space... 5 years ago  
we get to see the aurora 5 years ago  
i was the most popular guy in school when i was 10 so... 5 years ago  
so u think being gay is choice? srsly? 5 years ago  
YOU SHALL NOT PASS!!!!!!! 5 years ago  
only child.jokes on you author 5 years ago  
1. awesome powers 2. be able to read minds 3. my crush gets with me and we stay together our whole lives. do you want me to say any more? 5 years ago  
i think the ninja looks like Grant Imahara 5 years ago  
just because you don't use chrome... 5 years ago  
i know right! 5 years ago  
what if my home is a restaurant 5 years ago  
no study!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 5 years ago  
i could figure out how to be popular 5 years ago  
ok, do you want the right to be sick and have civil war? 5 years ago  
you hardly know anything about space, therefore you can't appreciate its awesomeness 5 years ago  
some dogs are nice, but almost all cats i have ever met are nice and, as a bonus, they are very cute especially when they're playing 5 years ago  
jokes on you emmo, i'm an only child 5 years ago  
riding my bike faster than cars drive is fun 5 years ago  
have to skip a tile every time i walk on a tiled surface, and cannot step on the cracks 5 years ago  
i want to be better at cycling up mountains 5 years ago  
YOU SHALL NOT PASS!!!!!!!!!!!!! 5 years ago  
wheres the none button when you need it? 5 years ago  
i totally agree 5 years ago  
raise them up until they feel awesome 5 years ago  
i would help them survive, then beat whoever did it. 5 years ago  
i don't mind either 5 years ago  
omg the comments! SOMEONE DOESN'T BELIEVE IN THE FRICKING BIG BANG!!!!!!!!!! 5 years ago +1
syria and north korea need to be spied upon. 5 years ago +1
omfg that comment is so blind! 5 years ago +3
i still have my 14 year old original xbox that runs without a hitch. 5 years ago +2
anybody who could think that killing trayvon was justified needs to leave the earth. these are the kind of people that start wars. 5 years ago +2

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