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Forget the past, live in the present, and live for the future. Stay positive and never give up on whatever is important to you.

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    If i was in a race, i could teleport to the finish line and be like.... I'm just that fast.  
    That really won't hurt.  
    Nasty vagina  
    Imma girl. XD  
    Imma girl so i cant get a blow job  
    I'm flyingggggg!!!  
    Racist asf  
    I would have dinner with Trump so i could cuss him out and throw food at his face.  
    Ummmm... Sharks???  
    Early retirement  
    Get caught by my parents being awesome.  
    I don't have a lot of secrets.  
    As long as their loaded potatoes.  
    16 Inches of fingernails???  
    I can watch tv on my computer  
    Burn in hell asshole  
    And skip  
    I'm scared of heights and tight spaces so.........  
    Just cuz the hot tub looks uglier in the picture.  
    Cowboys +1
    At least my breath would smell good.  
    Just cut that hair!!!!!!!!!  
    Um.... Restraining order for Lefty  
    Getting married can wait until I have my degrees and what not.  
    Just to see what it is like.  
    They wouldn't be disappointed when I break bread with them.  
    I currently have 37 computer viruses yet here I am.  
    It's just gonna rinse right of. Peeing after a shower defeats the purpose of taking a shower.  
    Why are lions called "King of the Jungle"  
    My grandmother says I need street smarts cuz I have plenty of book smarts. I guess.  
    I am wierd  
    I already am the smartest person in school.  
    My arch enemy has turned me into a bitter person.  
    My friends would comfort me and beat him up.  
    I'm scared of being in dark places by myself.  
    My significant other is my friend.  
    Like I said earlier. When you realize you are dreaming you can control your dreams. It's called lucid dreaming.  
    He would go to jail immediately and then I wouldn't have to give him a dime.  
    Go to those people in the Instagram comments that change $40 into $400.  
    I would be FAMOUS!!!  
    My soul mate is my best friend.  
    Perfume, baby powder, and deodorant.  
    If I save myself and not my sibling, then I would live the rest of my life with that.  
    I like driving.\  
    I already live in a society with liberty with no justice.]  
    You can control your dreams. It's called lucid dreaming. When you realize your dreaming, you have the power to change what happens.  
    Justin Bieber is actually starting to make good music. Friday is the most terrible song I have ever heard in the world.  
    Minecraft rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
    True... true\  
    I see scary things that aren't there anyway. That's what happens when you watch scary movies.  
    Sorry but I'm claustrophobic and I'm pretty sure I spelled that wrong. +1
    I was thinking the same thing.  
    It's only a 10% chance of instant death. That means a 90% chance of SURVIVAL!!!  
    Actually you'll stay young but you would be able to get smarter and wiser. If you chose mentally never age then you would be 30 with the mentality of a 3 year old.  
    I did the same and nobody knew who Biggie Smalls was.  
    Amazon has everything for wayyyy cheaper than in stores.  
    Only about 10,000 people died in 9-11. An estimated 6,000,000-8,000,000 people died in the holocaust.  
    I don't lie a lot so I wouldn't need the power to get away with lying.  
    I already wear my hair like they did in the 80's>  
    This is a hard one. Can I have both? LOL!  
    Yayyyyy!!!!! I never thought of it that way.  
    I'm confused. So..... would I rather no worries, or you only live once???  
    Zombies will eat your brains and then turn you into zombies.  
    I feel bad but I want the lightsaber!!!!!  
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