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    I don't like them  
    not a book person, sorryy  
    if you say that money can't buy happiness, then you clearly don't know where to go shopping  
    I like being a girl, except the fact that periods suck  
    i'm a female and it would be uncomfortable to have a male doctor  
    i'm allergic to cats so..  
    ugh minecraft is boring af  
    I wouldn't have to love her back lol  
    y'all dissing bieber are so immature lol  
    I wouldn't have to pay for anything, my celebrity crush would be the same age as me and we would be together forever lol and idk :D  
    you just gotta marry the right person or then don't marry anyone  
    I would have no problem with listening to baby for an hour B)  
    baby monkeys are so cute ♥  
    it would be so cool, cause most of the time I can't remember the things that happened in my dreams  
    I just would not have sex then :D  
    I could buy nice things  
    I wouldn't have to spend money to travel around  
    I could still hear with my other ear  
    if it would be a 5-star prison then there would be everything nice, so why not  
    idgaf what others think  
    If you males would be a girl for a day, I hope you'd have periods :))))  
    It would be interesting to be a guy for a day  
    no, just no.  
    I could always take billion dollars and give some of them to African families  
    I just could not be a doctor, too much blood  
    I could go back and live all of the amazing moments of my life  
    eww, just eww, no.  
    i'll probably never get a partner so then I would have nothing at all  
    it would be horrible to find out the date tbh  
    too lazy to walk lol  
    Who wouldn't want to date a hot celebrity?  
    Not a fan of Harry Potter  
    hell no, i'd never take hitler as my last name +1
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