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    Most ignorant comment of all time  
    Its kinda a big deal to people ‚ including myself.  
    everybody but you obviously  
    dude heat's defense is #1 in the league. I'm sure the spurs can get past it 2 or maybe 3 times but not 4. they'll need their defense on point as well  
    how is this a top question  
    if the heat plays heat basketball which is really a form of shutdown defense and drive/kick to ray/mike/shane/chalmers for the 3, they will win. we saw this in game 7. the problem is the spurs offense is really good. the miami heat needs norris cole to stop tony parker from running the offense well  
    miami heat is way too stacked for them not to win  
    again, bad example.  
    When studies are made they usually tell us a little bit of who, what, where, when and how they did it. None of that is shown in the article you provided  
    I am not fully caught up on Eastern religions but what I do know is Jesus talked about Moses actions in the Torah and described them as God's work. I have not read the Quran whatsoever but I have heard they talk about Jesus and Moses respectively  
    The white house and the bush adminstration gave evidence that they will find wmds in Iraq yet we found nothing. it was a bad example but still valid  
    if there were things that they did to make the results more fair then they would state in the article, so I'm not going to look for something that is not there.  
    I am really talking to someone who doesn't understand the relationship between the 3 major religions... judaism, islam and christianity all have the same God but different prophets  
    I counter your argument by saying that the prerequisites of the study falsify the results and this ideal suddenly disrupts my argument completely. You seem like a smart guy yet you have not answered my argument directly in anyway whatsoever. I just want to know how they did the study, in depth so I can fully understand how they approached the survey, that's all.  
    if you are talking about direct translations from the Bible, then I can't answer accurately simply because translations were written centuries ago.  
    there is a difference between people who say they are christians and the people who actually put in the work by reading the Bible's every page.  
    Yet You seeked him for 10 years lol and I'm not assuming s**t. you are putting words in my mouth that I didn't speak. The Bible is evidence of God and I also happen to have dreams at night on days that I don't even think about God. Coincidence? I think not.  
    i respect your opinion  
    you are avoiding my question once again. whatever, i spend way too much time on this site as it is  
    nice conversation  
    Whats ridiculous is that you think the Bible is just a huge troll book written by trolls. yeah people who were smart enough to write the Bible somehow decided to dedicate their whole lives to trolling everyone. trolls, trolls and more trolls. com'on this argument is too easy  
    yea and you gave up on Him because you weren't mentally tough. why do you think you are always seeking Him? duh  
    it can be reviewed by f'ing aliens for all i care, it doesn't mean its 100% factual. i'm not denying that all of atheists are not caught up on the Bible but I doubt the real Christians who go to church and read the Bible like they are supposed aren't more knowledgable on the Bible than atheists, I mean think about.... does that even make sense?  
    again, no counterargument lol. tell me how did they did the survey, in detail then maybe we can talk +1
    you don't want to believe in God because you don't want to put in the work, plain and simple.  
    The white house is a somewhat credible source and look how badly America is messed up now. +1
    lol no counterargument. +1
    wow hmm idk maybe the Bible and other historical texts that provide evidence of Jesus' existence. I'm supposed to believe Jesus was one huge troll like the rest of you on this site lol, not happening  
    because I am not as gullible as retards like yourself. I'm not trying to be ignorant but all people see is a credible source then we think it is truth. kind of contradicting yourself, if you ask me since you do the complete opposite when it comes to the evidence in the Bible +1
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