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Would you rather have nocturnal emissions (wet dreams) or masturbate 6 years ago 186 votes 16 comments 0 likes
When you are high, what would you rather do first? eat food or listen to music 6 years ago 163 votes 23 comments 0 likes
If an unattractive guy/girl at your job always tries to flirt with you while you are working, would you rather smile and flirt back while still trying to be professional or put on a neutral facial expression and ignore her... just do your job 6 years ago 184 votes 1 comment 0 likes
Do you think you are ugly/unattractive? yes or no 6 years ago 205 votes 12 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be trained to be a skilled assassin from birth and forced to do atleast 120 jobs before retirement or in brazilian jiujutsu from birth and forced to win 85 dangerous underground fights before retirement (cannot compete in UFC or other fighting spotlights) 6 years ago 171 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Do you think America is justified in their attacks on the Middle East in the last decade? yep or nope 6 years ago 157 votes 9 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be able to change into any animal you want or have an extremely high IQ (above 175) 6 years ago 257 votes 19 comments 0 likes
If you were a serial killer, would you rather kill (the majority of your victims) males or females 6 years ago 170 votes 14 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be able to seduce anyone who wears glasses or contacts or anyone who plays/used to play sports in high school or college 6 years ago 256 votes 6 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be able to have sex with anyone you work with or have sex with anyone you go to school with 6 years ago 209 votes 12 comments 0 likes
Would you rather have the ability to stretch any part of your body or the ability to dematerialize 6 years ago 198 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Would you rather only eat sushi for a month (you won't die/suffer from any malnutrition) or pork for 1 1/2 months (read A's parentheses) 6 years ago 186 votes 13 comments 0 likes
You are home alone and you hear someone in your kitchen. You get your .44 Magnum (6 shots) and you come out of your room to find a 6'5/240 lb with a mask scavenging around the living room (about 45 feet away from you). He seems to have no weapon but he is staring you with malicious intent. Would you rather Start firing your weapon with the intent of neutralizing him/her (shoot to kill) or Intimidate him/her by firing a warning shot (avoid killing unless he/she attacks you, 90% of not getting harmed... 10% of something bad happened to you) 6 years ago 170 votes 13 comments 0 likes
What would you rather have a personal defense weapon? semi-automatic pistol or pump action shotgun 6 years ago 176 votes 6 comments 0 likes
Who would win in a war (without chemical or nuclear warfare) ? United Kingdom and France or Germany and Italy 6 years ago 166 votes 12 comments 0 likes
Who would win in a war (without chemical or nuclear warfare) ? United States of America and Japan or China and North Korea 6 years ago 171 votes 10 comments 0 likes
Would you rather find out the truth about God's existence and if He/She does exist, find out everything to know about Him/Her or 100 million USD and you will not suffer or die until after 90. 6 years ago 174 votes 6 comments 0 likes
Would you rather have the skill and physique of a legend in any 3 different sports of your choice.(in this case, a legend would be anyone who has led a team to win a world championship atleast once... my definition of course) or the skill and physique of the best soldiers, assassins and secret agents. (so you would be able to fly planes/helicopters as well as kill people from miles away with rifles and of course nice diversity of martial arts) 6 years ago 139 votes 4 comments 0 likes
Without consequence, would you rather be able to grab/lick/kiss/caress (for 10 minutes a day) any girl/guy's body parts that are below the waist or any girl/guy's body parts above the waist 6 years ago 223 votes 17 comments 0 likes
Would you rather marry a 9/10 virgin or 8.5/10 experience partner 6 years ago 231 votes 4 comments 0 likes
What fight was more important to the Shippuden Series? Naruto vs Pein or Sasuke vs Itachi 6 years ago 126 votes 6 comments 0 likes
Would you rather get your youtube comment liked a million times on a 500+ million viewed video. (top comment forever and you can edit whenever you want) or get your Facebook or instagram post liked/favorited 100,000 times and is also liked/favorited by 10 celebrities of your choice 6 years ago 207 votes 3 comments 0 likes
What's the better band? Slipknot or Mudvayne 6 years ago 103 votes 5 comments 0 likes
If energy cannot be created nor destroyed in a chemical reaction within an isolated system (first law of thermodynamics) then does that mean in order for Big Bang Theory to be considered a scientific fact, it's energy has always existed? Yes, the energy from the Big Bang is the same energy we see today using the Hubble telescope and the COBE map. or well no, not necessarily. the Laws of Thermodynamics only relate to our present Universe. During the Pre-Big Bang period, the laws might have been different 6 years ago 163 votes 13 comments 0 likes
Would you rather walk in naked to a busy restaurant (you won't get arrested and must stay in there for three minutes in plain sight) or skydive w/o partner (it is your first time and above 15,000 ft) 6 years ago 204 votes 12 comments 0 likes
A sadistic serial killer traps you and the top 50 active rrrather users alone on an island. You cannot get help and the nearest piece of land is a 1000 mile swim... The only way to get off the island is to be the last 10 surviving rrrather users by the end of a 7-day period or by building a boat that will hopefully be durable enough . If there are anymore than 10 people, the serial killer will exterminate you using his helicopter armed with missiles. Do you Team up with some people and start killing the others. The serial killer will let you go if you kill the 40 rrrather users but your success on the island is unpredictable or Run and hide from your attackers... Gather food/water, weapons, build a boat and set sail. Unpredictable success on island and building boat but 53% chance of you making it to another piece of land 6 years ago 175 votes 29 comments 0 likes
What's sexier? Guys/Girls with professional clothes on or Guys/Girls with casual clothing on 6 years ago 287 votes 11 comments 0 likes
What is more exciting to participate in? activities that require little to no physical effort like playing video games, browsing the internet, watching a movie or activities that require heart rate increase like working out, playing sports, partying, dancing (excluding having sex) 6 years ago 243 votes 17 comments 0 likes
When you see a hot guy/girl, are you more likely to fantasize about having sex with her or just simply enjoy the sight of a beautiful guy/girl with a nice body and face 6 years ago 258 votes 11 comments 0 likes
Do you think you are more prone to bad thoughts and actions when you are bored? Yes, when I'm bored I think of the things I usually wouldn't do or No, I know how to control myself 6 years ago 234 votes 7 comments 0 likes
What is sexier? when a hot guy(girl) bites/licks her lips or when a hot guy(girl) twirls his/her hair 6 years ago 221 votes 9 comments 0 likes
Who would win in a fight? Third Hokage or Kakashi 6 years ago 164 votes 11 comments 0 likes
Who's hotter? Ten-Ten or Hinata 6 years ago 260 votes 13 comments 0 likes
Who's hotter? Sakura or Ino 6 years ago 226 votes 16 comments 0 likes
Do you think you are smarter than atleast half of the users on this site? Yes. Hell, half of these kids on this site are mere retards or Probably not. I mean I think I can be a critical thinker at times but generally I'm not a good learner 6 years ago 228 votes 26 comments 0 likes
You are exhausted from school but unfortunately you have a test in two days and some homework due tomorrow. Would you rather just do the homework and go to sleep. do some cram studying tomorrow and hope for the best or do the homework and atleast 2 hours of studying plus some extra studying tomorrow as well 6 years ago 203 votes 10 comments 0 likes
Does quickatrigga make the best sex-related questions? Yes or No 6 years ago 170 votes 11 comments 0 likes
Would you rather have sex with a hot college girl/guy or a hot mom/dad 6 years ago 243 votes 14 comments 0 likes
Would you rather have sex with the next 10 hot men/women you see (cannot use internet or any other social media, just don't loophole) or have sex with 4 men/women of your choosing 6 years ago 346 votes 27 comments 0 likes
Would you rather drink three coconut four lokos or 7 bootleggers 6 years ago 155 votes 6 comments 0 likes
Would you rather consume milk or chocolate milk 6 years ago 255 votes 12 comments 0 likes
Would you rather die now or live miserably with no happy moments whatsoever 6 years ago 204 votes 10 comments 0 likes
Would you rather have huge muscles or breasts/butt with a 7.5/10 face or just a little bit above average muscle or breasts/butt size with a 9/10 face 6 years ago 243 votes 20 comments 0 likes
Would you rather have sex with a guy/girl who is more than 23 yrs old or with a guy/girl who is 23 years old or younger 6 years ago 223 votes 22 comments 0 likes
What do you prefer? guy/girl with blonde or brown hair or guy/girl with red or black hair 6 years ago 241 votes 23 comments 0 likes
Would you rather drink Red Bull or Amp 6 years ago 171 votes 10 comments 0 likes
What's better Youtube or rrrather 6 years ago 304 votes 13 comments 0 likes
Would you rather lick and kiss (nothing else) any part of your crush's body for five minutes or have sex with a random, somewhat attractive guy/girl at a party. 6 years ago 221 votes 6 comments 0 likes
What's Naruto's stronger form? Four-Tail transformation or Sage Mode 6 years ago 297 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Would you rather never leave your house for 5 years then gain 10 million USD or be homeless (can't live by yourself or anyone you know) then gain 12 million USD 6 years ago 216 votes 11 comments 0 likes
Would you rather have every girl (or guy) of your choice on rrrather come to your house and make love to you as much you want or 120,000 USD 6 years ago 228 votes 21 comments 0 likes
Would you rather have red eyes or purple eyes 6 years ago 247 votes 9 comments 0 likes
Do you think people judge more based off appearance or personality 6 years ago 236 votes 10 comments 0 likes
Would you rather have the skill of Kobe Bryant or Lebron James 6 years ago 171 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be in the world of Pokemon or world of Naruto 6 years ago 201 votes 11 comments 0 likes
Would you rather have the ability to make any individual fall in love with you or 100 million USD 6 years ago 237 votes 12 comments 0 likes
Would you rather kill someone using a metal baseball bat or a chainsaw 6 years ago 217 votes 18 comments 0 likes
On the first day of a zombie apocalypse, Would you rather have an assault rifle with twelve 30-round magazines or a semi-auto shotgun with twelve magazines and 7 shells within each 6 years ago 204 votes 6 comments 0 likes
In general, what do you think of people's mettle in their true nature? Good; For the most part, we are loving, kind animals who usually do the right thing. Yes we can mess up at times but nobody is perfect. In arduous situations people can become stressed but we won't become unscrupulous, savage beings or Evil; dude... when s**t hits the fan, people will backstab you just to make sure things go their way. yeah when the money is flowing and the sex is good... sure, people can be decent but in reality our nature is kill or be killed. 6 years ago 137 votes 8 comments 0 likes
What do you think of quickatrigga's questions? They are pretty good... or They are pretty bad... 6 years ago 143 votes 17 comments 0 likes
You are being tortured by two men and they will definitely kill you next time they interrogate you. You find a way to untie yourself while they aren't in the same room. Would you rather try to find an escape route (55% chance) or find a weapon (50% chance) 6 years ago 210 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Would you rather smoke an ounce of weed within 1 1/2 months.(blunts and bongs only) or smoke 200 cigarettes within a month. (regular size) 6 years ago 183 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Do you hate yourself? Yes, I hate most things about myself. or No, I love myself. 6 years ago 219 votes 17 comments 0 likes
If you were going to kill yourself, Would you rather Stab yourself in the heart or suicide by cop 6 years ago 212 votes 15 comments 0 likes
Are you jealous of happy people? Yes... or No... 6 years ago 231 votes 14 comments 0 likes
Do you think gay couples should be allowed to raise children? Yes, even if the child's sexuality is affected which it probably won't be... there is nothing wrong with being gay in the first place or No, the child won't have a fair chance of becoming straight like he/she should be... 6 years ago 267 votes 25 comments 0 likes
Do you envy people that are more attractive than you? Yes, I want to be attractive so badly. I would basically be able to get any guy/girl I set my mind too. or No, attraction isn't that big of a deal. I can manage my own selection of partners through the greatness of my personality 6 years ago 272 votes 21 comments 0 likes
Do you hate school/work the majority of the time? Yes; I hate people and the system set in place for school/work. or No; I would be bored without school/work and there are many things to like about the system and the people 6 years ago 260 votes 11 comments 0 likes
Do you think the U.S government had something to do with some of the massacres and bombings in the past couple of decades such as 9/11 and Sandy Hook tragedy? Yes; Sometimes the country needs these type of events to happen to make sure things go according to plan. or No; Come on... the government wouldn't kill thousands of people just for something to go there way. 6 years ago 229 votes 17 comments 0 likes
Would you rather have sex with a police officer or an athlete 6 years ago 251 votes 10 comments 0 likes
Would you rather instantly raise your IQ by 20 or instantly have the body of your dreams 6 years ago 286 votes 26 comments 0 likes
Would you rather cuddle for an hour or makeout for three minutes 6 years ago 249 votes 14 comments 0 likes
If you had to kill someone, would it be a ranged kill (gun, gas explosive, kidnap and starve them) or melee kill (knife, poison, chloroform then suffocate, etc.) 6 years ago 238 votes 13 comments 0 likes
If you had to kill someone, how would you do it? (discuss in comments) sadistic, gory way or a normal way 6 years ago 234 votes 17 comments 0 likes
Do you want to kill someone? Yes, definitely. or No, wtf. 6 years ago 266 votes 28 comments 0 likes
Who will win the ECF? Miami Heat or Indiana Pacers 6 years ago 156 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Would you rather listen to This is War- 30 Seconds to Mars or This is War- Dangerous Summer 6 years ago 116 votes 4 comments 0 likes
What do you think would be worse for your situation? You die and God exists then you go to Hell or You die and God doesn't exists, therefore there is absolutely nothing 6 years ago 209 votes 39 comments 0 likes
What's more important offense or defense 6 years ago 189 votes 10 comments 0 likes
If you were trying to kill two lions who are chasing you and there is nobody to help, would you rather use a Glock 17 with 6 bullets (semi-automatic) or a compound bow with 12 arrows 6 years ago 190 votes 17 comments 0 likes
Would you rather have a fight with 30 yr old Kimbo Slice to the death (only blunt/sharp melee weapons can be used) or jump off a 7 story building from the top of it. (no equipment can be used including parachute) 6 years ago 147 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Would you rather have Genjutsu abilities only (mental attacks) or Ninjutsu abilities only (elemental and nature orientated attacks) 6 years ago 150 votes 4 comments 0 likes
If you were a little bit tired, would you rather do something constructive to fully exhaust yourself then go to sleep or just doze off 6 years ago 185 votes 1 comment 0 likes
Would you rather be Flash or Green Arrow 6 years ago 209 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be an aircraft engineer for the Airforce or a computer hacker for the CIA. 6 years ago 184 votes 0 comments 0 likes
You are in a dogfight in World War III. Two enemy planes are on your tail and enemy/friendly infantry are on the ground fighting each other so your allies are too busy to help you. The flow of the battle on the ground is unknown and unpredictable. Would you rather take my chances in the sky (there are no jets or AA nearby to help you) or Eject and parachute randomly onto the battlefield (you might end up behind or near enemy lines) 6 years ago 149 votes 2 comments 0 likes
Would you rather hug someone or kiss someone on the forehead 6 years ago 229 votes 9 comments 0 likes
Would you rather live in a world where humans don't die until the end of Earth's existence but they still age (in scale). Everything else is the same. or that is like ours 6 years ago 196 votes 9 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be able to make-out with any guy/girl of your choice (up to two minutes). or caress, spank or feel any part of a guy/girl (up to 5 minutes)... with your hands only ! 6 years ago 212 votes 9 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be able to control air in all of its forms or control water in all of its forms 6 years ago 203 votes 14 comments 0 likes
Would you rather date a really sexy guy/girl from school/work who seems to be somewhat into you or go to a party with a 100% chance of a one night stand but he/she isn't extremely sexy and is really drunk 6 years ago 1,078 votes 16 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be really fast (run up to 22 mph) or be great at painting and drawing 6 years ago 220 votes 3 comments 0 likes
Would you rather apply for a job online or apply in person 6 years ago 192 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be a top MMA fighter or 2nd string point guard for the Memphis Grizzlies 6 years ago 142 votes 21 comments 0 likes
Would you rather go on a run for a hour outside on a nice day or lift weights for thirty minutes after consuming pre-workout energy supplement 6 years ago 170 votes 3 comments 0 likes
Would you rather kill someone you happen to be really angry at and get away with it easily or do nothing 6 years ago 178 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Your assistant manager is training you at your new job. This job takes a critical amount of physical effort so the managers have to make sure you work arduously. You also happen to be an African American and most of the workers there are white. While the manager is training you on the first day, he says "yeah, work nigger". Would you rather Ignore it... I don't want to risk getting fired because I need the money. or tell him to stop in the most calm but serious way possible. 6 years ago 174 votes 16 comments 0 likes
Would you rather seek advice from people off the Internet or random pedestrian 6 years ago 186 votes 6 comments 0 likes
Would you rather go to Heaven (best place imaginable with lots of love, happiness with others and praising of higher being forever. There are no earthly activities like having sex and making money) or Hell (basically just like Earth but all of the love, happiness and other stuff is completely gone. You can have sex and make money though, for eternity.) 6 years ago 189 votes 11 comments 0 likes
Would you rather play Evony: Age II or Grepolis 6 years ago 101 votes 2 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be able to copy any person's skills or abilities (cognitive or physical) but only 10 different people or fly (up to 200 mph) and run (up to 150 mph) 6 years ago 213 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Would you rather play Battlefield 4 or Grand Theft Auto V 6 years ago 180 votes 5 comments 0 likes
What do you think quickatrigga looks like? caucasian, medium-build, 5'11 and 160 lbs w/ blonde hair and blue eyes or african-american, lanky build, 6'9 250 lbs w/ black hair and green eyes 6 years ago 161 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be able to use: Shadow Clones or All types of fire release techniques 6 years ago 218 votes 11 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be able to use: Amaterasu or Tsukuyomi 6 years ago 111 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be able to use: rasengan or chidori 6 years ago 126 votes 11 comments 0 likes
For a straight 64 hours in one sitting, would you rather play non-stop Starcraft II: Heart of the Swarm competitive 1v1 laddering or World of Warcraft: Cataclysm competitive 3v3 laddering 6 years ago 111 votes 5 comments 0 likes
[MEN]: Would you rather marry a loving, respectful, faithful, loyal, supporting, housewife type of girl (pretty 8/10). or attention-seeking, playful, controlling, outgoing, histrionic, sensitive, industrious type of girl (really pretty 9/10). 6 years ago 205 votes 6 comments 0 likes
Would you rather have the same personality or change it into someone else's personality that you know 6 years ago 165 votes 1 comment 0 likes
Would you rather Be the most hideous, ugly human imaginable or Kill yourself 6 years ago 307 votes 16 comments 0 likes
Would you rather make out with megan fox/(GIRLS: Paul Walker) for 1 hour. both of you are naked* or free dinner (4-10 p.m) at Olive Garden for two months. all you can eat* 6 years ago 10,304 votes 35 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be able to have sex with as many different (men or women) of your choosing (two times) but you can have an unlimited amount of sex with ONE girl. or only fifteen (men or women) of your choosing but you can have an unlimited amount of sex with all of them 6 years ago 223 votes 6 comments 0 likes

Quickatrigga has posted the following comments:

pretty much 5 years ago  
i can't ejaculate awake. 5 years ago  
so basically i would ejaculate everytime I ate... 5 years ago +2
what the f*ck. 5 years ago +1
i'm b 5 years ago  
google? 5 years ago  
why would you put sasuke as your profile picture? he's the one who made you commit sucide... ya know? 5 years ago  
A looks heavy though 5 years ago +1
although burning would be faster and it pretty much takes out your nerves within 10 seconds at most depending how much fire is on you 5 years ago  
yea some airlines do 5 years ago  
do i get paid lol? 5 years ago +1
spiders creep me out 5 years ago  
prude 6 years ago +2
no one ever accused you of being stupid and smoking weed once won't destroy your happiness 6 years ago +2
you should try 6 years ago +1
is that alex 6 years ago  
that's great to hear 6 years ago +3
that's true for me 2 just as long as i'm hotboxing 6 years ago  
thats great to hear 6 years ago  
Moving cost money drobvious lol 6 years ago +1
What can one say? Art is an explosion I guess 6 years ago  
obviously written by an atheist lol 6 years ago +3
great point 6 years ago  
are you an assassin? 6 years ago  
its called a M320 40mm Buck shotgun 6 years ago  
wouldn't you just die in B cuz it would just keep on going backwards 6 years ago +1
naruta 6 years ago  
100% lol 6 years ago +3
people don't hate people, people hate life itself and that is the devil at work 6 years ago  
there were only 4 members of devgru on the assassination mission, the rest of the squad was delta force 6 years ago  
it was annoying, too fast paced for me 6 years ago  
I couldn't even watch a whole episode... it was terrible 6 years ago  
whatever airs on cartoon network 6 years ago  
yes.. didn't like it 6 years ago  
I would just shoot him 6 years ago  
how can people not like canteloupe. it is very sweet and has lots of fiber 6 years ago +2
so true 6 years ago  
definitely A. they'll just overrun us 6 years ago +1
I don't watch any other anime besides Naruto and 1 Piece... 1 pi3ce got boring though 6 years ago  
Sasuke after his encounter with Itachi 6 years ago  
Mr. Krabs wasn't cheap when he was trying to impress Ms. Puffs 6 years ago +1
pizza itself is already high in calories 6 years ago +1
start with me 6 years ago  
i'm tryna work on my bodee 6 years ago  
even though she's blind, i can't stand black girls... 6 years ago +1
chicken salad 6 years ago  
ed edd n eddy 6 years ago +4
five guys is god-like food 6 years ago +1
have you ever smoked pot loll... 6 years ago  
thats such a fat way to say it haha 6 years ago +2
damn lol... i thought i was the only one lmao, im so f***ing hiigh 6 years ago  
A would definitely kill you. the guy on jackass did it and he was hurting. they were at a distance and not really hit in the face 6 years ago +1
hes allowed to make any type of questions he wants. take it or leave it 6 years ago +1
come on man get those demons out of your head. 6 years ago +6
stfu 6 years ago  
marijuana... my brother has some experience in flipping pounds so i should be fine... or just smoke it all lol 6 years ago  
you could hurt someone with (2). although you may think that you could control yourself... 6 years ago  
and you know this for sure?? 6 years ago  
ok fine... pickup a huge board and make it fly with you on it like the Green Goblin! 6 years ago  
because that's impossible 6 years ago  
no 6 years ago +2
I know Lure Reign myself. hes a serial killer 6 years ago +1
id rather do A but ive done B before and much worse 6 years ago  
a* 6 years ago +3
are you rich? 6 years ago  
what? 45 ft is only 15 yards...football fields are 110 yards or something like that 6 years ago  
nba finals... i hate the cHeat 6 years ago  
actually, neither... they would both nuke each other 6 years ago  
well that was easy 6 years ago  
thats what you want it to be like lol 6 years ago  
like her beauty comes from the way she smiles or her eyes kinda like emma 6 years ago  
Honor your father and mother. 6 years ago  
hmm... 6 years ago  
don't most of these planets have dangerous hurricanes and volcanoes 6 years ago  
well then you're really going to hate hell 6 years ago  
I wonder if Becca is attractive 6 years ago  
plz explain 6 years ago  
i love girls 6 years ago  
depends 6 years ago  
nope 6 years ago  
haven't u posted that same exact comment haha 6 years ago  
both 6 years ago  
Bobo-bo-bobobo 6 years ago  
i swear i thought it said touching your private parts... you should ask that one lol 6 years ago +4
anyone who voted A is retarded 6 years ago +1
grilled chicken sandwich on a toasted whole wheat bun 6 years ago  
f*ck it.. 6 years ago  
i bet you won't say stuff like that to anyone's face in real life bro, i know i'd beat your face in. lol stupid people behind their stupid screens, no respect. 6 years ago  
i'm like a 7.5/10 once i get my body back in shape. i've been told by attractive women that i have a very cute face :) 6 years ago  
never seen him 6 years ago  
women. 6 years ago  
by far. 6 years ago  
thats the point! 6 years ago  
ive done both. meth is bad for you and math is only bad for you if done for more than 4 hours straight 6 years ago  
lol funny picture for B 6 years ago  
its not a big deal 6 years ago  
life is depressing 6 years ago +1
loser haha 6 years ago  
hot tea without sugar can still be good 6 years ago +2
i'm on a diet starting now 6 years ago  
4th commandment 6 years ago  
Extremely painful doesn't mean it has to be a long death 6 years ago  
Katy Perry has something about her, kinda like emma watson 6 years ago +1
i'm pretty sure death isn't an illness or a disease of some sort. its just an event that ends your life 6 years ago +1
A would be torture 6 years ago +3
yes 6 years ago  
neither, if they didn't have weapons I would fight them so my girl could get away. 6 years ago  
it can be different girls 6 years ago  
just a social taboo 6 years ago +1
big tits are nice though... 6 years ago +1
others opinions decide who i become 6 years ago  
gears of war is one of the greatest series out there. can't believe its losing 6 years ago  
chill bro 6 years ago  
to hide my chicken legs lol 6 years ago +1
The real answer is No one knows besides them' 6 years ago  
hot sauce is good 6 years ago +4
they are weirdos but very talented 6 years ago  
I mean that would just be very rude. just breakup with him in private 6 years ago +1
too bad 6 years ago  
too bad 6 years ago  
weren't they both in pulp fiction? 6 years ago  
Ak47 doesn't jam. 6 years ago  
no 6 years ago +2
good quesiton 6 years ago +2
milfs 6 years ago +1
thats not gray bro. its beige. 6 years ago  
put it on camera for u tube and some views 6 years ago  
not impossible for me 6 years ago  
agreed... 6 years ago +1
good question 6 years ago +1
obviously made by an atheist, an atheist troll. 6 years ago +2
thats sweet 6 years ago +2
lol 6 years ago +1
i'm not sure to be honest. I really prefer neither but tomboys are more rare i guess 6 years ago +1
Agreed 6 years ago  
Most ignorant comment of all time 6 years ago  
kill yourself. 6 years ago  
i would f her, if thats what you are asking 6 years ago +1
na man battlefield is different. its not a bunch of 12 year old kids with high voices. 6 years ago  
then just die 6 years ago +3
what 6 years ago  
fun fact: wolverines claws and whole body are the same as capt. america shield 6 years ago  
yes, he can. cut his head off. he can heal, not reattach 6 years ago +3
The Battlefield series is like Gears of War graphics and Rainbow Six 3: Black Arrow gameplay combined 6 years ago  
Its kinda a big deal to people ‚ including myself. 6 years ago  
technically you won't really see me do anything 6 years ago +1
You think you want that to happen but in reality, seeing people die and raped isn't what you think it is going to be 6 years ago +7
not the right place to discuss death. 6 years ago +1
funny picture of that cat 6 years ago  
or you could just rent houses lol. 6 years ago  
the one with straw hat ate 6 years ago  
you would still have to study which is 6/7 of what college is 6 years ago  
this is correct. i just didn't know how to say it. i think the correct term is scientific fact 6 years ago  
good point, i used the wrong word. more like i just don't fk with things that are about to happen unless it affects me 6 years ago  
just don't mess with fate 6 years ago +2
can't wait when all of these atheists find themselves looking at God himself 6 years ago +1
I have my own money 6 years ago +4
niether really 6 years ago  
ok alex you reject my question a couple of days ago but it is not nearly as bad as B 6 years ago +1
Art is an Explosion! 6 years ago  
everybody but you obviously 6 years ago  
b is just brighter 6 years ago  
B looks like its close to the beach 6 years ago +1
dude that's f'ed up lol 6 years ago +6
no i wouldn't. 6 years ago  
naruto :) 6 years ago  
give me some intense pain killers and if you do it right... then i won't die. just a really f'ed a hole 6 years ago  
obviously you don't appreciate life 6 years ago +5
i have nocturnal emissions 6 years ago  
You will die in A unless theres like 2 6 years ago  
just put a fence or something in the open areas can't do that in B, safely of course 6 years ago  
would the be from a FIRE team in the CIA? or would the members be picked at random. what would the scenario be and what is their loadouts? alot of variations would decide the battle 6 years ago +1
nope 6 years ago  
those are babies, not kids. 6 years ago +2
if you moved a star to try to make a shape, it's light wouldn't reach you for light years. 6 years ago +2
i don't have a gf 6 years ago +2
-_- 6 years ago  
Yes but choosing A, doesn't mean you won't die. and what about the 3 million people you killed... they will have friends and those friends will probably go and kill everyone you love. Most likely, you have to kill innocent women and children. When I face God after all that I 'forced' upon those people, I will have nothing but the acceptance of burning in eternal fire. 6 years ago  
Getting along means respecting. for example, most black folks as compared to white folks grow up in a household with less income and everyone knows it is hard for the people in the lower class to get along with people in the higher class. So when a black guy sees another white guy in a better car/house or vice versa, they will become jealous. its only in our nature 6 years ago  
You would have to live with the guilt of killing 3 million 6 years ago  
yes 6 years ago  
yea Parker had a good fourth quarter. it seems the spurs offense can outweigh the heat's defense 6 years ago  
kill yourself 6 years ago +6
the question's pictures before this one makes up for it 6 years ago  
its not? 6 years ago  
I would do horrible things with A 6 years ago +6
yea some girls look good with them 6 years ago  
you can just smoke wax 6 years ago  
he's in a helicopter. 6 years ago  
never said they couldn't video tape you, post it on the internet :) 6 years ago  
haha thats awesome 6 years ago  
in public? 6 years ago +3
on that note... is that a baby in your profile picture? 6 years ago  
thats kinda what i aiming for 6 years ago +1
dude heat's defense is #1 in the league. I'm sure the spurs can get past it 2 or maybe 3 times but not 4. they'll need their defense on point as well 6 years ago  
how is this a top question 6 years ago  
if the heat plays heat basketball which is really a form of shutdown defense and drive/kick to ray/mike/shane/chalmers for the 3, they will win. we saw this in game 7. the problem is the spurs offense is really good. the miami heat needs norris cole to stop tony parker from running the offense well 6 years ago  
can't* 6 years ago  
that's awesome phag 6 years ago  
miami heat is way too stacked for them not to win 6 years ago  
lol A happened to me today. My parents just called me lazy even though i just started my busser job 6 years ago  
I thought we could be friends but now..... 6 years ago  
who knows? but it sure as hell sounds good 6 years ago  
I used to be A then my family became broke 6 years ago  
dmj, are you a ps4 fan? 6 years ago  
hmm whatever works 6 years ago  
how often do you go? 6 years ago  
airplane 6 years ago  
no comment 6 years ago +3
Anyone who picks A is retarded 6 years ago +2
it was good 6 years ago +2
lol anyone who picks B has alot of money 6 years ago +4
Where then? 6 years ago  
yum 6 years ago  
as compared to who? 6 years ago  
ye 6 years ago  
ok 6 years ago  
thats for high apm games like starcraft and WoW 6 years ago  
lulz 6 years ago  
y did u pick A 6 years ago  
hehe 6 years ago  
he wasn't necessarily killed by naruto. more like suicide because of his revival jutsu he used on the konoha's people 6 years ago  
that would be obito's sharingan 6 years ago  
I don't think Kakashi could hold his own against Orochimaru especially with that Reanimation jutsu 6 years ago  
yes it was and really funny 6 years ago  
it is 6 years ago +1
isn't it sexy? 6 years ago +7
ikr 6 years ago  
asshole 6 years ago +1
what... 6 years ago  
-_- 6 years ago +1
I sense some jealousy :) 6 years ago  
y don't you just masturbate? 6 years ago  
wrong one 6 years ago  
why lie? 6 years ago +1
just put your guard up. curl up if you have to 6 years ago  
HOTS for the win 6 years ago  
are you actually psycho? 6 years ago  
Clayton 6 years ago  
Goku would wreck Batman's sh*t unless Batman had time to prepare 6 years ago  
good question 6 years ago +1
Snakes, skorpions and spiders really creep me out 6 years ago  
controlling life would be boring. controlling time has all the benefits of controlling life except unpredictability 6 years ago  
lesbian chicks turn me on 6 years ago  
well i'm 6'9... so 3'9 wouldn't be that bad 6 years ago  
this explains me at my new job.... 6 years ago  
better chance of happening 6 years ago  
depends 6 years ago  
Shawn is funny as hell but Gus can b really funny sometimes 2 6 years ago  
18 6 years ago  
they already have that at some amc theatres 6 years ago  
grrrr 6 years ago  
yea ur straight man. you just need some confidence 6 years ago +3
i hated her role on Drake and Josh... thank god i don't have a sis 6 years ago  
I couldn't hurt Chronic :) 6 years ago +4
that was my d**k talking lol 6 years ago  
true -_- 6 years ago  
I wish i could f a 13 yr old and I'm 18. nothing wrong 6 years ago  
sex is sex. 6 years ago  
then you are just retarded lol 6 years ago  
why choose 6 years ago +1
that was mean 6 years ago +2
good question 6 years ago +2
everyone is 6 years ago  
what? 6 years ago  
Lakers for life 6 years ago  
End of All things 6 years ago  
I'm so sorry 6 years ago  
marijuana ftw 6 years ago +2
are you? 6 years ago +1
Idk what you can say but what I can say is that is really f**king gross 6 years ago +1
na man i don't want to start no fights 6 years ago  
not a good comparison lol 6 years ago  
hate you dogs 6 years ago +1
present 6 years ago  
yep, couldn't read it 6 years ago  
I don't get it 6 years ago  
ye 6 years ago  
sh*t 6 years ago  
unless you use them as pillows while you sleep :0 6 years ago  
that would be too ez 6 years ago  
so true 6 years ago +1
wow the 5 years in the first dependent clause carries 6 years ago  
hehe 6 years ago  
ok.. sorry to grind your gears hunny bunny :) 6 years ago +3
damn 6 years ago  
bad grades, new job, b*tchy mom and no money. 6 years ago  
thats just like assuming I'm gay because I ask questions about gay affiliations 6 years ago  
ok I guess I should respect that. Thank you 6 years ago +1
You don't even know me... y would you care? 6 years ago  
worried about what? 6 years ago  
thats your opinion. 6 years ago  
good thinking :) 6 years ago  
There is nothing wrong with wanting to leave this unforgiving, evil place 6 years ago  
same 6 years ago  
Did you get that from Cpt. Price? 6 years ago  
I wish I could be happy... oh well 6 years ago +2
I mean it has 8G Ram which is impressive. I mean my macbook pro has 5... and it can run world of warcraft on medium with a sh*tty graphics card 6 years ago  
I can't ejaculate. It's called anorgasmic anejaculation syndrome. very rare and it sucks. i have ejaculated in my dreams before via nocturnal emission and that feels f'ing amazing 6 years ago +1
I have too... I grew up on Microsoft products. 6 years ago  
nooo 6 years ago  
I have 6 years ago +1
I like slipknot dead memories 6 years ago  
that was very hard 6 years ago +1
I do this all the time lol 6 years ago  
butthurt? 6 years ago  
what happened to your profile picture :( 6 years ago  
It's a damn shame. I will always be a die hard xbox fan but playstation does look alot better 6 years ago  
you've obviously never dealt with racism 6 years ago  
nope 6 years ago  
Je mapelle suck my f'ing kock 6 years ago  
hi troll 6 years ago +3
Cleveland before he left :( 6 years ago  
either way you die 6 years ago  
I remember that I talked to 350 amazing, hot women and I got all their numbers. Within the next week, I had sex with them all. 6 years ago  
thats where i go to school 6 years ago  
pick up sticks was the sh*t. I used to play them with my grandmother. 6 years ago +4
who cares if he's black 6 years ago  
I love you 6 years ago  
no... but 100% people here have someone who they think is more attractive then them 6 years ago  
maybe you guys should cuddle together and make some cuddling babies 6 years ago  
fighting is more of your awareness than anything. Actually putting some flex and strength in your guard... you become more comfortable with throwing jabs. 6 years ago  
so you agree with 'if you are ugly, you are ugly. its part of life'. you didn't really explain your position on what I said so I really couldn't follow you there :) 6 years ago  
nice one 6 years ago +1
too late :( 6 years ago  
if you are ugly, you are ugly. its part of life. 6 years ago  
who knows 6 years ago  
thats not lol'able. I live in the same state as you 6 years ago +3
fair enough 6 years ago  
far from the truth dawg 6 years ago  
do you have a felony? 6 years ago  
'do you want' that is the question. i don't think I could kill someone but thats a different question 6 years ago +4
just want people's opinions 6 years ago  
215 + 6 years ago  
when I'm in a fight, I want to have hands. my weight and height already give me an advantage in wrestling 6 years ago  
depressing... isn't it? 6 years ago +1
what 6 years ago  
Heaven exists in many more religions than Christianity and of course i'm referring to either Muslim, Jewish or Christian religions because that's what applicable to most folks 6 years ago  
exactly 6 years ago  
doesn't matter, had sleep 6 years ago +1
its all good 6 years ago +2
'God' doesn't only have to be Christian God. you shouldn't come to conclusions so quickly 6 years ago +1
I play Starcraft competitively so I know exactly what you mean but when Battlefield joins the MLG franchise I'm sticking with the control sticks I know best 6 years ago  
yea the old jordan's were nice but thats about it 6 years ago  
snapchat can b fun 6 years ago  
I'll never stop being an xbox fan simply because we have a more competitive gaming community. 6 years ago  
yes 6 years ago  
a little harsh, don't you think? 6 years ago  
have some self-confidence :) 6 years ago +3
I feel your pain 6 years ago  
yes 6 years ago  
yep, i'm a beginner -.- 6 years ago  
My instructor says I have enough muscle for some lethal blows but I lack stamina. He said to work some 1-2 combos with precision and control. he also said I have a 6'11 wing span, so i have good reach. There is alot more to fighting than I thought -_- 6 years ago  
its just like girls calling other girls b*tches... in the right context its not a big deal but if a man says it to a woman it is offensive... 6 years ago +2
Do you have a good jab? I forgot the name of the technique that I use but it requires extremely good jabs to be effective. any tips? 6 years ago  
either way you are getting practice in 6 years ago  
you're right 6 years ago  
yes... 6 years ago  
i guess 6 years ago  
agreed 6 years ago  
na I mean A is better because I really like kissing women. Just a personal preference. although I do like huge breasts and butt... but that's only if im having sex w/ the woman.. if that makes sense.. 6 years ago  
not that desperate. 6 years ago  
I want to work on my technique but I need a punching bag 6 years ago  
In North Carolina, there is "At Will" employment laws meaning that you can leave at anytime or you can be fired at anytime (for any reason). 6 years ago  
When all atheists burn in hell, it will be a good day. 6 years ago  
Yes and I still smoke it. 6 years ago  
titties 6 years ago  
just had honey chicken for lunch today :-) 6 years ago +2
nobody possesses it though. in the past, yes someone did have it but now they don't. 6 years ago +2
I heard it from a chain smoker i used to smoke with. idk the source but im sure he is correct. 6 years ago  
you shouldn't be judging other women anyways -_- 6 years ago  
are you a girl? 6 years ago  
I mean she's really cute but not to die for 6 years ago +1
both? 6 years ago +1
definitely both 6 years ago +1
it's usually white women but i've had crushes on black, hispanic and asian women none of whom I tried to get with anyways 6 years ago +2
what? 6 years ago  
you are f'ed up in the head bro 6 years ago +5
principal 6 years ago  
School isn't for me. 6 years ago +3
money solves 99% of problems in life. 6 years ago +7
hahaha 6 years ago  
There is no context to this question 6 years ago  
Ok for the people who don't like to smoke... it's simple, don't comment! 6 years ago +2
why is emma watson so hot? 6 years ago +1
you can change body but you can't change face :) 6 years ago  
If it was possible for them to have a female baby, it would be the end for humanity 6 years ago +1
a7x all day 6 years ago  
People who voted no have never witnessed racism 6 years ago  
getting a job... 6 years ago  
good question 6 years ago +1
you would make me use a conversion factor 6 years ago +1
in order to use amaterasu, you have to use mangekyo 6 years ago  
well we'll never know for sure hopefully. 6 years ago  
coffee :) 6 years ago +1
it is bad at first but at the right temperature it feels really good going down 6 years ago  
well that depends. some math tests will give 2 answers that are obviously not it then 2 answers that you know are it. 6 years ago +2
china would destroy us 6 years ago  
Wildo is a military term or atleast they say it in gears of war 6 years ago  
wildo 6 years ago  
Rape is sex. take it or leave it dummy :) 6 years ago  
makes getting high so much better 6 years ago +1
I sweat way too much during the summer but summer is still really awesome 6 years ago  
wow. 6 years ago  
More to life than life. 6 years ago  
we are allowed to say it, we've suffered here for 250 years for christ sake 6 years ago  
true enough man' 6 years ago  
You're welcome. 6 years ago  
No. You can hate women and want to f them at the same time btw. 6 years ago  
Emma Watson? 6 years ago +1
ha 6 years ago  
Clam Chowder all day bruh 6 years ago  
get over yourself 6 years ago  
I would rape her 6 years ago +2
you just don't understand 6 years ago  
yes 6 years ago  
let it rip!!! 6 years ago +2
how do you make a profit off of that? -_- 6 years ago  
same 6 years ago  
of course naruto would win 6 years ago  
good luck with php programming, not to mention Java or C 6 years ago  
I don't care. 6 years ago  
Charizard for sure 6 years ago  
are you talking about.... 6 years ago  
Don't listen to any opinions on this site lol. ask a friend or another adult you know 6 years ago +3
BF2 was the sh*t 6 years ago  
thats your opinion 6 years ago  
nice 6 years ago  
neither 6 years ago  
awkward handshakes 6 years ago +3
Bacon isn't even that good 6 years ago +2
haha i remember that episode 6 years ago +3
A is true 6 years ago  
I hate women. 6 years ago  
you should play it. smoke some weed and turn off all the lights. also be alone and at night, and you'll literally just want to turn it off. 6 years ago  
I don't have an enemy really 6 years ago  
whatever 6 years ago  
i'm pathetic 6 years ago +3
nothing cowardly about suicide. 6 years ago +1
you obviously don't actually know the plot then 6 years ago +2
copy and paste..... 100 dollar bills. 6 years ago +14
oh right you got me there. well... i could just remove money from a bank with copious amounts of money to my house. 6 years ago  
Thats why you have Remember me checkbox. Well, and cookies 6 years ago  
With God, there is truth. Without God there is only the relevance of truth. 6 years ago  
sucks that you were raped but I don't think rapists are at the top of my hitlist. though it would suck to get ass raped by a guy 6 years ago  
real original. 6 years ago +5
Almost every dream lol 6 years ago  
Happened alot when i was like 12 but now, not as much 6 years ago  
Commando Pro was so OP 6 years ago  
yes it does. 6 years ago  
you are so f'ing sure of yourself aren't you? ignorant piece of f**k. leave us christians alone. 6 years ago +1
sames 6 years ago  
they're? 6 years ago +1
Gai Sensei! 6 years ago +3
i'm stubborn as heck 6 years ago +1
lol. 6 years ago  
yep 6 years ago  
again, bad example. 6 years ago  
When studies are made they usually tell us a little bit of who, what, where, when and how they did it. None of that is shown in the article you provided 6 years ago  
I am not fully caught up on Eastern religions but what I do know is Jesus talked about Moses actions in the Torah and described them as God's work. I have not read the Quran whatsoever but I have heard they talk about Jesus and Moses respectively 6 years ago  
The white house and the bush adminstration gave evidence that they will find wmds in Iraq yet we found nothing. it was a bad example but still valid 6 years ago  
if there were things that they did to make the results more fair then they would state in the article, so I'm not going to look for something that is not there. 6 years ago  
I am really talking to someone who doesn't understand the relationship between the 3 major religions... judaism, islam and christianity all have the same God but different prophets 6 years ago  
I counter your argument by saying that the prerequisites of the study falsify the results and this ideal suddenly disrupts my argument completely. You seem like a smart guy yet you have not answered my argument directly in anyway whatsoever. I just want to know how they did the study, in depth so I can fully understand how they approached the survey, that's all. 6 years ago  
if you are talking about direct translations from the Bible, then I can't answer accurately simply because translations were written centuries ago. 6 years ago  
there is a difference between people who say they are christians and the people who actually put in the work by reading the Bible's every page. 6 years ago  
Yet You seeked him for 10 years lol and I'm not assuming s**t. you are putting words in my mouth that I didn't speak. The Bible is evidence of God and I also happen to have dreams at night on days that I don't even think about God. Coincidence? I think not. 6 years ago  
i respect your opinion 6 years ago  
you are avoiding my question once again. whatever, i spend way too much time on this site as it is 6 years ago  
nice conversation 6 years ago  
Whats ridiculous is that you think the Bible is just a huge troll book written by trolls. yeah people who were smart enough to write the Bible somehow decided to dedicate their whole lives to trolling everyone. trolls, trolls and more trolls. com'on this argument is too easy 6 years ago  
yea and you gave up on Him because you weren't mentally tough. why do you think you are always seeking Him? duh 6 years ago  
it can be reviewed by f'ing aliens for all i care, it doesn't mean its 100% factual. i'm not denying that all of atheists are not caught up on the Bible but I doubt the real Christians who go to church and read the Bible like they are supposed aren't more knowledgable on the Bible than atheists, I mean think about.... does that even make sense? 6 years ago  
again, no counterargument lol. tell me how did they did the survey, in detail then maybe we can talk 6 years ago +1
en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Historicity_of_Jesus#Non-Christian_sources 6 years ago  
you don't want to believe in God because you don't want to put in the work, plain and simple. 6 years ago  
The white house is a somewhat credible source and look how badly America is messed up now. 6 years ago +1
lol no counterargument. 6 years ago +1
wow hmm idk maybe the Bible and other historical texts that provide evidence of Jesus' existence. I'm supposed to believe Jesus was one huge troll like the rest of you on this site lol, not happening 6 years ago  
because I am not as gullible as retards like yourself. I'm not trying to be ignorant but all people see is a credible source then we think it is truth. kind of contradicting yourself, if you ask me since you do the complete opposite when it comes to the evidence in the Bible 6 years ago +1
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