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    lol just shave duh??:p 7 years ago +1
    MONEY lol 7 years ago +3
    lol wtf hahaha 7 years ago  
    elvis!!! 7 years ago  
    lol i dont want to be the cheater 7 years ago +1
    agreed haha 7 years ago +2
    you are too young to find a guy :P study first 7 years ago +4
    you are just 15... when you grow older just go and find basketball players :D 7 years ago  
    slave is worse than prison 7 years ago +2
    who cares about being smart if you are rich :P 7 years ago +1
    lol i dont really get it 7 years ago  
    lol at least the pretty baby can work as a model or something. it doesnt need brain much haha 7 years ago +1
    christmas is the time for giving gifts.. and business too. :p 7 years ago  
    fly and go anywhere without having problems with gas haha 7 years ago +1
    lol hahaha 7 years ago  
    narnia is creepy!!! 7 years ago  
    duh? :p hahaha 7 years ago +4
    love fam guy!! :D 7 years ago  
    haha sexy vampire :p 7 years ago  
    jap rocks :D 7 years ago  
    lol ronald is creepy 7 years ago  
    of course true love! 7 years ago  
    pizza!!! :D 7 years ago  
    lol at least i know who am i hahaha :p 7 years ago  
    lindsay is more talented 7 years ago +1

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