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If the hypercondensed matter was always there, then why did it not "rapidly expand" before? +2
Your body may rot, but your soul will not. +3
Your bodies may rot, however the soul can not.  
then why didn't it explode any time before it did? +1
The difference is that we clearly observe the computers. +3
God, nuff said.  
Ok, since no one seemed to give me an argument for my previous comment I will post it again to see if anyone can, or I just get some thumbs up without replies again. Mass cannot be created or destroyed. Therefore if you have nothing, then you can make nothing from the nothing. So if nothing could be made, the big bang couldn't have happened. The only way you could have anything there would be if there was if it was created. The only logical explanation would be God. God would have to have existed forever. The mass could not have always been there, because then if there is a bunch of evidence for the big bang, why did it not explode anytime before? Why at the moment it did? So there is your answer, God is real, and created the universe. +2
So everything just popped out of nowhere? +2
He always existed. +2
God always existed. Problem solved. +2
God wasn't created, he was always there. +2
God, nuff said +2
If conservatives are only 1% of the population, then how do we ever win elections?  
For the idiot above me: There is something called "replying" and condoms work most of the time though. +2
but your in florida... +5
too expensive in New York. +5
It's funny how you say for them to decide but at the same time you say to not let them decide if they die or not in their mother's womb. +2
holocaust because it killed more people. +8
and the grass is green captain obvious? +4
you don't even need to wish for money, just wish for everything to be free for you +5
*religion v. pseudoscience +3
obama is like stupid, his teleprompter fed him all of his speeches +5
exactly, so why did you then vote 9/11? +4
florida definetly  
Many millions of dollars a year. Nice try though.  
Seriously, what is with all these racists?!? It doesn't matter that the majority of who died in the holocaust were jews, MORE DIED IN THE HOLOCAUST!!! DO YOU NOT CARE ABOUT HUMAN LIFE?!?!? +6
im no racist +4
easiest choice of my life omg  
But we have different beliefs and practices, just as the jews believe in the same God, but are not classified in christianity. +2
I think he made a typo and meant "how did the hypercondensed form form (as in come into existance)?" +4
His purpose of sending his son was so he would live a perfect life, and die on the cross. +3
How many times do I have to say this to you people. Think about it, GOD! +3
although I agree with you here, if you say anything like that in the military, you're dead. +1
God, obviously. +3
no it hasn't +3
Well we already pay taxes for people's entire lives with their unemployment bonuses. It is more expensive to provide for them than inmates as well. +1
technically, if you are not for something, you are against it. +1
No, probably a 6 year old, or someone that doesn't read the bible much at all. +2
No, atheists just need to put their face in a pile of dead fetuses, it's the only way they will have a hope of getting brain cells in their bodies. +2
typical ignorant liberal +6
not eating meat is by no means healthier than eating meat +1
And Satan means the father of lies, so...  
Because you have never loved. +87
That's why you guys don't see the gaping holes in it, you don't question it at all. +3
33% have no taste +3
Er, no. With more people, there would be more creativity, and more inventions. And it was WW2 that made the US a world power, not the holocaust. We didn't know it was happening until the end of the war. +1
You LIKE the holocaust?!?!? You sick freak! +1
both +1
sorry racist person im HUMAN  
Racists suck +2
Chuck Norris DID both. +1
What's wrong with the jews you racist? And they weren't only jews, there were also many christians in there too. +1
Remind me how much foreign aid Australia gives again? +4
and that somehow makes obama good? +2
where the heck would you get that? Scientifically speaking the zygote it was first made of is alive!  
well sure, CAPABLE, but they won't necessarily do it.  
No one in those times did something just because "it was something to do". Life was hard, and it was difficult to survive. You just don't do something because it's something to do. +3
No one in those times did something just because "it was something to do"  
Well, 1): God exists. 2): There isn't a hell. 3): There probably was no big bang (I say probably because there is no evidence for it, but I believe God could have created the world however he wanted). +3
And the big bang is by no means a fact. +3
I would rather have old than stupid. +4
Not if she gives it up for adoption. +4
And yet you believe it created many more things MUCH more complicated than a sandwich.  
Do you have any idea how far behind he is in delegate count? +1
LOL, where would you get that? +1
er, that's not right. God the father sent God the son to die for OUR sins AGAINST HIM. God did not design us sinful, and in fact perfect, in the garden of eden. He gave one rule to them, and that was not to eat of the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. All was perfect, until they were deceived by satan to eat the fruit, and they were kicked out of the garden, and now here we are. +4
And I can assume that CNN or MSNBC is yours. +1
at being the worst +6
He means as in fit perfectly together, like a puzzle.  
1. Well that's prejudice isn't it? 2. Well of course you don't have to believe in God to make things happen. 3. Where is your proof there is no God besides mountains of insults? 4. Because atheists have no moral code, and feel they can do what ever they want and there aren't really consequences. Not saying that makes all atheists bad, just that is the reason many are. 5. How can you say you are kind, and then cuss at him in the same sentence and insult his beliefs? 6. Being a christian itself doesn't make you better, no, but exercising the beliefs of it does, as we follow a moral code and believe there are punishments for bad actions. 7. Well then I guess those aren't christians then, even if they profess to be. 8. What's in it for us is that we go to heaven and be happy forever when we die, and people who don't believe (like you) go to hell and suffer eternal torture. Even if he is not real, it never hurts to be a better person. +5
1. Oh idk, because he loves us? 2. 50,000,0000 isn't a number 3. How can there be multiple universes in a galaxy?!?!? 4. Well no crap there are more galaxies, are you in third grade? 5. God watches after us, like I have stated before, because he loves us. +5
nothing, he always existed. Think about it, GOD. +3
probably around 40 cents PER GALLON, not overall. That's much more savings. More profitable, plus more jobs. Win-win. +1
So either reach your lifetime dream and gain character and skill in life, or be lazy with bad character as you never work. Even though that would mean early retirement, I would rather guarantee my dream being completed. +1
Chuck Norris did both  
It's funny how you don't realize that 600 people said that already... +5
And yet there is public outrage for the cutting down of trees.  
*Abe Lincoln  
Then why didn't the majority of Romans in that time? +1
so kill yourself then? +4
I like how the person you replied to keeps getting thumbs up but no one still is replying to you  
Why should Atheism be the right thing to believe and not say, Buddhism?  
So it turns into a baby just when it exits the womb into the world? +1
Why are you arguing with me? I am already for gun rights. +2
The crusades were fought by catholics enraged by the arab capture of Israel. +3
If there was no jesus, then how did christianity spread so rapidly in such a short period of time? +2
I believe he is calling you guys racist +2
uh, and there is physical proof of the big bang? lol +2
Do you know when the bible was written? Around 2,000 years ago, and was compiled together years after. Note, Judaism originated long before that. And back then you do not make very much money if at all from writing religious texts. And about the bringing back intelligence thing, we would be FAR behind in intelligence if there was no christianity (if the world existed). How was America founded and by who? On christian principles and by mainly christians. Without the majority of the founding fathers, America would just be part of Britain. And without the encouragement to invent and innovate as we do in our free country today, we would not have invented and innovated. So there you go. +2
we actually have no idea what God looks like. But do you really think the universe just popped up out of nowhere? +3
Think about it. He is GOD. How many times do I have to say this to you people? +2
I was just replying to a stupid comment with a stupid answer. simple as that +2
very true, that can be quite fun +2
all that would do, if it did make at first bacteria, would be incredibly complex bacteria that could survive under the most harsh conditions, not entirely new creatures. +1
fahk u racizt +1
I am answering a stupid statement with a stupid answer, although not necessarily meaning it. I would think you would remember that.  
I beg to differ. Of course, if you believe in evolutionism, religion would come very late in human evolution. But since we are talking about christianity, let's assume creationism was how it happened. With this, there was religion since the formation of man. On to the second question. That is exactly the reason we are called and go around the world teaching christianity, so less people go to hell. Simple. +2
I beg to differ. Of course, if you believe in evolutionism, religion would come very late in human evolution. But since we are talking about christianity, let's assume creationism was how it happened. With this, there was religion since the formation of man. On to the second question. That is exactly the point we are called and go around the world teaching christianity, so less people go to hell. Simple.  
Well we believe that is the reason he is going there. All this breaks down to what you believe. +2
So would you not consider gravity a fact? +2
he means we believe God created our souls. +1
Ok, where are the odds for God existing again? With evolution's odds being higher than winning every lottery in your lifetime, that is essentially ruled out. And even if you did have the odds for God's existence being low, what would you convert to (if you realize the odds for evolution)? +2
You are missing the point. +1
Well with odds that low, evolution can easily be ruled out as an option for creation happening. +2
If you are referring to diversity, it is basic genetics and mutations, not evolution, which is the transformation of one organism into a new one. +2
Except evolution isn't the only option and winning the lottery 30,000x in a row is more likely than evolution happening. +2
Yet when the odds of evolution are many times lower than guessing the number that will come out correctly, evolution can easily be ruled out as an option for creation. +2
If you are referring to diversity between people, that is basic genetics and mutations, not evolution, which is the changing of one species into another. +2
except evolution isn't the only option and it's more likely to win the auction 30,000x in a row than evolution happening. +2
To everyone saying we have blind faith, after reading about the odds of evolution ever happening, who has the blind faith now? htt p://w ww. scrib d.com /doc/448517/Evolution-What-Are-the-Odds +4
Without God, 1. we wouldn't exist. 2. Even if we did and things went as they did in history, America wouldn't be here because almost all founding fathers were christian, and America was founded on judeo-christian principles. 3. So really we would be 100x less advanced than we are now. +2
Anyone who actually believes in a "big bang" is retarded to say the least. +2
He's saying that he feels sad that you are all going to hell, as you do not believe. Please use logic. +2
And it's sad that you forgot that we believe he will go to hell as he doesn't believe. +2
We don't believe he literally created our bodies, but our souls. +2
Logic fail +2
Dear all Atheists: RIP +2
1. Atheists make up a minority of people. 2. Many christians believe in the big bang. +2
because of my political views? what is with you people +2
sure it's hard to clean it up, but it gets a heck of a lot harder when you make the mess bigger than it ever was in history. +3
sucks sucks sucks sucks!!!!!!!!!!! +6
Obama: I take away from you, and give it to people who refuse to work, and throw your money into failed government programs and blame bush myself. +3
actually, that is something we really need right now. We need to change our president. +4
Wait, we're not in hell already with obama? +1
Have you ever seen pictures of the developing child inside a mother's womb? Looks like a baby to me. +1
no, but I don't want the baby to die +1
What about murder? That's wrong right? Some people think it is alright to murder and do so. How about let's just let them do what they believe is right. That's what you could say with you logic. +1
artificial abortions are intentional killing +1
because? +2
you are one to say +7
what he probably means is that his sister was trying to make him mad on purpose, and he is probably young. +1
at least we have a detailed book about it that explains christianity to it's fullest that's been there for thousands of years +3
he said there were many possibilities, so any more? +1
Redneck democrat!  
lol wtf ,pro life. +2
We really don't need Barrack Hussein Osama, oh wait, it's Obama. Eh, what's the difference? +3
such as... +1
No reason to really vote for big bang +3
actually we believe in science. We just don't believe in pseudosciences like evolution and the big bang. +5
really? nothing creating everything is more logical than a god creating everything? +5
but he sucks +6
how would there be a funeral if there's no one there? +2
exactly +2
You voted for Obama. Most people who approve of him hate bush and everything he did. +3
Why would you want a neither button?!?!? There should be a both button! +5
"Under my plan, energy prices will necessarily skyrocket." - Barack H. Obama, 2008 +6
no, however forcing them to have it is. Are you blind? The economy is much worse! The debt has soared, unemployment has soared (look up the u6 number for the real unemployment), oil prices have more than doubled and are still rising, obama's "green" energy programs have failed (like solyndra), it's not that hard to see. +2
we wasted money on a war that didn't effect us, and armed terrorists, so yes, that outweighs that. And if libya was good, wouldn't that mean it was good to go into iraq? +2
and yet obama is still much worse than bush x100  
Who in the world would ever rape someone disabled? +2
Do you know how germany's economy was like after WW2? +1
the person I replied to  
Yes, however most do. Most christians don't believe in the big bang, but she made the assumption that all christians believed in creationism. +5
you people are the reason I have little faith in democrats.  
if you didn't know about the bible, then why do you criticize it?  
girls with girls = less free girls +9
as great as your spelling +5
And it's being taken away slowly but surely by the democrats. +8
Fox news is truthful, not of course if you watch the mainstream media. You probably haven't watched fox once. +1
When you have more of something, the lower the price. You know why gold is so expensive? BECAUSE THERE IS NOT THAT MUCH OF IT. +2
It's not going to pollute, they changed the intended route so it wouldn't harm anything. +1
that's like saying, "A building a house would allow someone to live there...yes...but what about after its built? All the hired construction people would be completely screwed making it harder for them!" The way it makes jobs it having people work on the pipeline after it's built, and anyways, aren't they screwed now anyways? If you were unemployed, wouldn't you want to get a job, even if temporary? +2
Obama opposes the pipeline, retard. Why do you think he rejected it? +1
you realize that if more oil is produced, your gas prices go down too right? +2
Canada's side is to drill, and what ecological effects? They changed their intended route so it wouldn't harm the environment at all. +2
You mean like you? The problem is extremely low jobs and soaring fuel prices. +2
sorry, but there is no energy more efficient than oil. You can keep hoping all you want. +1
We have about 250 years of oil in the ground. I think we should drill for it. +1
ok, why did you vote for him then? +8
ikr +7
paul +6
It's only the most well known genocide on the planet. +1
not saying that it was all muslims' fault, but all the hijackers were muslim extremists. +2
the bible condemns homosexuality +3
ik, I said HE said, not the theory +1
He gets it from how many people voted big bang +3
I just realized how many evolutionist freaks are on the internet +6
Hey, didn't you say you terminated your account? +4
obviously gradually go blind is better, all who voted differently are idiots. +2
fun fact: Bones grow stronger and are less likely to break again after they recover. +2
lol, u don't have to ask it this many times.  
Yah, I become a guest when I'm not able to go on my computer so I go on another one. And of course, I forgot my password, but my computer just remembers it. However this is off topic, can you answer the question now?  
That is not true really. We do not know whether all go to heaven or not, but we know some do and some don't. God knows how the baby would have lived if it did. So when you kill a baby, you are gambling on sending it to eternal torture, or a straight path to heaven. You just shouldn't do it anyways.  
Because the bible says so  
You could be sending the soul to hell then, would you really sentence a baby to eternal torture?  
Yah, PETS, not strays in the streets. That number, is entirely different.  
depending on when and where the person is raised. It's not that difficult for a dog to become a stray, and start killing.  
or the next einstein...  
except humans have souls  
they're not my dogs +3
Threw us in Libya. Armed terrorists that were fighting Gaddafi, who are now fighting us. Used Bush's plan to find and get OBL. Added more debt than any president in history (inflation added). Spread birth control to more people. Passed obamacare. Put us incredibly deeper into the recession. Took away 2 million possible jobs so the unemployment rate went up slightly (even though there were less jobs, look up the u6 number). Apologizes for America, is not confident in it. Extremely limited out oil production. Won't allow keystone oil pipeline. Refuses to drill. Increased dependance on foreign oil. Doubled oil prices (which are still going up). Blames Bush when things go wrong. +6
exactly, the democrats just stop them, essentially stoping us from doing anything. +1
btw, u gonna say anything about the obama quote? +1
you can thank obama for that. +1
Your missing the point, obama spent more than any president in history. +1
Well then wouldn't you say if that's the case, then clinton was the source of all bush's problems, and that you shouldn't have pounded him during his terms? +1
don't worry, paul has a snow ball's chance in hell of getting the nomination. +1
1. We can't do anything, because the democrats have the majority of the government, and whenever the house tries to pass a good bill, you just kill it. It's funny how you still are pulling the bush card, when a lot of the bad things during his terms were due to the Clinton administration, yet you guys still hammered him. 2. That further proves that point, he has done virtually nothing to help this country. 3. A good president would be able to do things to help, and when you look at obama, all he has done works to hurt us. At least bush tried to help. 4. I find it evermore easy to argue with liberals like you, because now obama has such a bad record, and you guys now are mainly focusing on offensive tactics. +1
the only logical reason you feel that way is that you are a racist. Many people (like me) don't give a living crap what their color is, it's the character that counts. +2
only if it's raised in horrific places and surroundings and is badly raised. +1
it estimates percentages, it doesn't go into decimals. +3
Why would I pick obama? he thinks huge spending and liberty restricting government programs will work lol +12
Fun Fact: Most abortion supporters are men. You know why? Because if abortion was illegal, women would think twice before going to bed with a guy. +5
Well then she can raise the child. Did you consider that many people commit suicide from depression because they aborted a baby? Some women aren't mentally and physically fit for that you know. +2
I'm sorry if you are upset that I prove you wrong and have free speech. And how is killing a defenseless child right? +3
what about adoption...? +3
He sent the seals to get obl, but besides that, nothing +3
pepsi has a bad aftertaste.  
they literally don't LOL +3
obviously you have not been in a relationship. +7
it's a computer, not a controversial evil super power. +1
mainly because there are more of their race in their community, so they are used to it. There are few places with equal numbers of race.  
are you a left wing nut? I didn't realize liberals had such thin skin, all I'm doing is debating and arguing, what's wrong with that? Wait, does it make someone a right wing nut to want proper rights? Wow. +4
I like having rights :) +158
except this is a human being, not a pet. +4
again, adoption. you need to be more opened minded. +3
that's not bad stuff, it's necessary. +2
hahaha evolutionist b*tches r rong +6
I dare you to look at gas prices, employment rates, and the national debt in 2008 and today. You call that recovery? +3
god is real, evolution is for fools +4
even if it did, what evidence whatsoever is there? How would we know? +5
has judaism faded? has islam faded? has confucianism faded? has hinduism faded?  
oh really, then could you show me, or give me a link to statistics showing it went down? +1
It's kinda hard for a lot of people when the Obama administration keeps making laws that hurt job growth. +1
What's wrong with a good old debate? it's fun :) +1
so after adding more debt than all other presidents combined (even with inflation added as a factor), Obamacare, soaring gas prices and unemployment rates, government bailouts, and many failed policies, you wouldn't consider that bad?!?!? +3
Who/what created the multiverse? +5
nobody, he always was +5
judaism was there before greek mythology... +5
I know, that's why I said it came from judaism. +5
no, they weren't, obama added trillions to the debt, gas prices are now around $4 a gallon, the highest it's ever been in history in this time of year, and unemployment is skyrocketing. +4
there are so many liberals brainwashed by the mainstream media that obama helped. +2
I did not see this question, and it's a mix of both. I don't hate obama, I just think he's the worst president in US history, and that a 5 year old could do better than him. Literally. I am fond of Ron Paul, however I disagree with his foreign policy plans. That by no way means I would rather have obama. +1
no, it's going down the toilet, do you watch CNN or something? +1
you realize the debt falls on you when you grow up... +3
christianity came from judaism, which has been around longer than the roman empire. +5
no those have 2 horns +2
a crap president at that +5
you just did.. +4
except souls leave the body when the body dies +4
What's with all these people saying "well they're only jews"?!? SERIOUSLY, IT DOESN'T MATTER, THEY ARE HUMAN, SO WERE THE PEOPLE AT 9/11!!!!! racism these days... +5
so? +2
not necessarily. +4
Seriously? Obama over any republican whatsoever? +1
SUCKS!!! +7
we are changing everyday, not necessarily evolving. +2
It's possible because the great flood in Genesis made up the continents and as you can imagine, many stuff got buried under all the stuff the water was throwing up. We don't believe we evolved, you guys just found ancient creatures that somehow resemble us, like monkeys, and say we came from them. +2
You can say the same of atheism. People raise their children to blindly believe there is no god. Don't you guys see anything else as "ignorance" as well? Or did you convert from something else to become atheist? +2
so, what you're saying is, we are still inside a giant explosion? +2
What stops it is that you claim there was a big bang that STARTED the universe. +3
always was, and an event, are 2 different things. It was an event (if it happened), it would have caused expansion. That's like saying world war 2 is still going on because it still effects us today. +2
LOL +2
actually, there was a saint nick a long while ago, the people just mispronounced his name, hence santa claus. +4
What he means is that God always existed, exists, and will always exist. Get it now? +4
nobody, he always was. THEN WHO MADE BIG BANGG +3
what? God is a being, the big bang was (if it happened) an event. +5
yes +3
coming from someone from New York +3
because he didn't state it in a biased question. +5
you wish it was +3
the one that reason says. +3
with a parachute +2
but still, it would be impossible to tell where a hospitable planet would be, as the nearest planets outside our solar system are many light years away. By the time we get there, those planets might be gone too. +1
idk, bath? +2
actually, it would effect many more people, just think of all the people that would exist without the holocaust! +3
I agree on everything you said except for the very last part. I do not have a lack of tolerance to the other viewpoint. I simply like to argue, it is like "brain candy" to me. It's funny how you accuse me of being intolerant when you yourself have replied with "attacking arguments" just as much as I reply to other people. You might reply "well I'm just arguing what I believe," well that's precisely what I'm doing. +1
What's terrifying is being in a situation where you would normally die, and be in excruciating pain forever.  
that doesn't mean Obama would be any better +3
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