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    Mass cannot be created or destroyed. Therefore if you have nothing, then you can make nothing from the nothing. So if nothing could be made, the big bang couldn't have happened. The only way you could have anything there would be if there was if it was created. The only logical explanation would be God. God would have to have existed forever. The mass could not have always been there, because then if there is a bunch of evidence for the big bang, why did it not explode anytime before? Why at the moment it did? So there is your answer, God is real, and created the universe.  
    Mass cannot be created or destroyed. Therefore if you have nothing, then you can make nothing from the nothing. So if nothing could be made, the big bang couldn't have happened. The only way you could have anything there would be if there was if it was created. The only logical explanation would be God. God would have to have existed forever. The mass could not have always been there, because then if there is a bunch of evidence for the big bang, why did it not explode anytime before? Why at the moment it did? So there is your answer, God is real, and created the universe.  
    *sigh* must I post this again? Mass cannot be created or destroyed. Therefore if you have nothing, then you can make nothing from the nothing. So if nothing could be made, the big bang couldn't have happened. The only way you could have anything there would be if there was if it was created. The only logical explanation would be God. God would have to have existed forever. The mass could not have always been there, because then if there is a bunch of evidence for the big bang, why did it not explode anytime before? Why at the moment it did? So there is your answer, God is real, and created the universe. Now GIVE ME A DANG ARGUMENT you stalling atheist. +3
    And everything popping out of nowhere and exploding is realistic? Ignorant! +3
    then why did it not explode any time before it did? +1
    Hey everyone, how many times do I have to say this to you? GOD ALWAYS EXISTED, HE WAS NOT CREATED. Do you get it yet? +3
    God always existed. And please give me an argument against it this time :) +4
    adoption? +1
    No, he always existed. +1
    I get the "popping out of nothing" from many people that explain the big bang theory as that, so that argument was for those people. The thing is with the mass existing forever before, is that if it is in a hypercondensed form, then it would immediately explode into the big bang, but it would always be there. It is impossible for the mass to always be there then. However God can place the mass there when ever he wants, it is just a matter of when he wants to. +2
    He could create it because he is all powerful. +1
    he is stupid +4
    yeah, he is EPIC FAIL +1
    Read my comment just above Ettelex's. Now the proof? +1
    Read my comment that is just above Ettelex's. +1
    *he is half black  
    *half black +2
    The whole book of genesis explains creationism, nothing about evolution. +1
    Read my comment about 3 comments down. +2
    By making everything worse?  
    Or instead of killing it, you just give it up for adoption.  
    da dude with a brain!!! +3
    Well then you could have easily explained that to him or just given an argument. +2
    There are many christian scientists today dude, and the big bang does not disprove God, he could have made the universe any way he wanted. +3
    How would you know if they were meant to take literally or not?  
    Well technically from our christian beliefs, you will whether we hate you (I don't know why some do, that is against our law) or not. I think people get the inhuman part from all the atheist rulers that slaughtered millions like stalin, mao, and pol pot. +1
    what created the bacteria? +1
    Why not? +1
    uh, conservatives are for small government, so they can't really be grouped with authoritarians.  
    Not true, we still know famous people from back then.  
    God always existed, look at my comment below. You can not see evolution today, we have not witnessed a single organism evolve into a new organism. We witness mutations, but not evolution. Would we be able to see a god anyways? What do you think one would look like? Can you see the core of the earth? Well, no, but we know it's there. You call us ignorant, and yet at the same time you do not personally know every single one of us, so you are being ignorant yourself. You are misinterpreting what that guy said, because he screwed up with his grammar. He is saying that the big bang couldn't have just magically appeared and exploded, not that God was there magically. Put that in your atheist pipe and smoke it. +4
    Obama is better than him?!?!?  
    How does increasing the amount of oil in the market raise the price? The more there is the cheaper the price. +3
    Says the one who believes there is no heaven after death.  
    Hitler enjoyed massacring people, is it bad to stop him from doing that if it makes him happy?  
    My point being that if you are christian, than you should be against gay marriage.  
    Eating "unclean" meat was jewish law and before jesus died on the cross, that was an acceptable one. But now after he died on the cross, things are different. Btw, you shouldn't be having sex before marriage anyways, it's a very stupid thing to do.  
    Exactly, they have socialism, and they are all going broke.  
    Ok, name one country more successful.  
    Where does it say anything about evolution in the bible again? +1
    This argument has been going on for millennia, I'm not sure it's going to stop anytime soon. +1
    It says in the question "death cannot be avoided by acting upon this knowledge"  
    It says in the question "death cannot be avoided by acting upon this knowledge" +1
    Go anywhere else in the world and see how it is there you unthankful moron. +4
    An economic system where everybody is paid on their needs and abilities, not on how hard they work, like in capitalism, so there is very little incentive to work at all.  
    Well yeah, but it was wobbling a lot and slowing down, so of course it was about to stop.  
    Everybody listen. This debate has been going on for millennia and this argument is likely to put a stop to it. Mass cannot be created or destroyed. Therefore if you have nothing, then you can make nothing from the nothing. So if nothing could be made, the big bang couldn't have happened. The only way you could have anything there would be if there was if it was created. The only logical explanation would be God. God would have to have existed forever. The mass could not have always been there, because then if there is a bunch of evidence for the big bang, why did it not explode anytime before? Why at the moment it did? So there is your answer, God is real, and created the universe. +4
    1. It's millennia. 2. He can influence us to do whatever he wants, ie. softening the pharough's heart in exodus to let the Israelites free. 3. God can not sin, and did not lie. +4
    Says the one that cannot prove evolution. +1
    I don't need to provide proof against evolution since you do not have any proof for evolution. +2
    You have obviously not looked at many of these comments if you think nobody thought of the concept of infinity. +2
    Only to scientologists science is fact. Science is an attempt of understanding the natural world. And he is saying YOU believe it magically came together, not that God is magic, retard. +2
    very good point +2
    Albert Einstein was a jew, jews believe God created the world. +2
    Yes, just like the original commenter made. +2
    That is a great argument. Insulting people is DEFINITELY the way to convince them you are right, especially when you don't give an actual argument with it. +2
    Do you believe the Romans had emperors? Well that came from ancient writings as well. Btw please show me your ancient writing that says the many people involved in writing the bible over thousands of years were all wrong. Exactly +2
    It's a typo idiot. It's sad that you can't even give a good argument against him.  
    I thought you guys were pro-gay.  
    has a snowball's chance in hell of getting the nomination. +1
    What I was saying was a mistake was electing him. Obama made very many "mistakes", if you really think he is trying to help the country.  
    dang... +8
    Oh sure, it says to love everyone. However it also says that homosexuality is wrong.  
    Anti-life would spread to other securities...  
    well then you get no deal if he's not real +12
    Evolution isn't real. +4
    God always existed. +1
    Think about it. Matter cannot just create itself. The only logical explanation is that he always existed. +1
    no it hasn't... +1
    nope, gravity is a law +1
    ...you don't have it. +2
    So you are calling Albert Einstein stupid? +2
    So you are calling Albert Einstein stupid as well?  
    Do you really think it would be better for them to have nukes??? Do you know what we do with our great military? We kill the terrorists and keep them out of the US. What do you think would happen if we didn't kill terrorists or have a large military? Ultimate chaos. We are a republic, not a democracy, and we are not imperialists either, because once we liberate people, like in world war 2, we don't keep the land, like Russia did.  
    One Big A** Mistake America! +2
    You can use another social media site besides that particular overrated site. +4
    no, just wish for the rule to be removed, and wish for infinite money. +2
    protesters? +1
    Enjoy your pain, and I'll enjoy giving you my toilet paper 100's. +1
    He said people like him, and if he is saying **** the jews, then I can easily conclude that people like him are racists. And you should know that it says in the quoran, being from Saudi Arabia, that if you die killing people in a holy war, then you go to the highest level of heaven. Oh and btw, thanks for all your help stopping the terrorists, it's not like we have to stop them ourselves at all. +1
    What does that have to do with not wanting to get obl?  
    Everywhere, God is omnipresent. +2
    In heaven.  
    No one, God always existed. +2
    science created everything from nothing in an explosion? +2
    No one, God always existed. +2
    You can kill someone in their sleep, so just because the victim didn't know, does it make it not murder?  
    They call it pro-choice because if they called it what it really was, pro-death, no one would identify as that. In the 1800's, people were fighting over whether or not to have slaves. Those for having slaves were pro-slavery, and those against were abolitionists. If you use your reasoning, those for slavery were "pro-choice", for the choice to have a slave, I mean, it is a free country right?  
    Hey moron, did you read the comment below this? Or see that he is a guest? Of course he is talking to the guest from texas idiot.  
    Don't you mean racist terrorist people like you get the worldwide attention you deserve? +1
    *half black +3
    Obama is by no means keeping the situation the same, and has made it much worse than bush ever could have done. Have you checked the debt lately? How about unemployment? Gas prices? Inflation? We actually did not have a surplus before bush. Get your facts straight dude.  
    well democrats had a supermajority to do whatever they want so thank you very much ^_^  
    How does al gore have anything to do with liking obama over bush?  
    *half black +3
    Those are private schools that teach religion along with other subjects. What I was talking about was just about everywhere else. +1
    ht tp://ww w.AllAboutPhilosophy.org/does-god -exist-c.h tm +3
    as the article says, that can also point to numerous other less popular theories, such as the earth is the center of the universe.  
    And Obama's the reason we are still in a RECESSION, not depression. There's a difference. And you honestly call what obama is doing trying to help? He has not done one thing to help us, and rather has done many things to harm us.  
    obama is worsening the economic situation by the second +2
    you can thank our public education system  
    move to china and see how you like it there  
    well ya, but it is so freaking expensive  
    any part of a plant is a vegetable  
    same with movies, MODERN TECHNOLOGY FTW +29
    The bible says to love the creator, not the creation. And it also says in the bible that homosexuality is bad. +1
    nobody ever said I couldn't have other types of food along with the meat.  
    then all the better, you know to say goodbye to everybody and do whatever you want to do before you die. But only knowing the cause will make you get really scared any time you get in that situation, for example, dying in a plane crash, and you freak out every time you get on a plane. +2
    If abortions would be that dangerous, then people would just not do them. That is a simple concept. For your last part, that made absolutely no sense at all. I'm honest and education enough, what? to realize it is a reality whether we support it or not, apparently you are not as educated as you pride yourself to be then. And your last sentence is just an oxymoron. If you value life, then you would be pro-life, and you even said that you did not support abortion, and yet you are pro-choice and want it to be legal. People these days. +1
    evolution's not real atiests +1
    That's right, obama actually flew over to pakistan and killed all his guards and osama himself. Stop disrespecting our soldiers. Btw, obama was against the guantanamo bay interrogations that gave us the info to where obl was, and they had to convince obama to do the operation. If obama had his way osama would still be out there today. +6
    You say you want less spending, and yet you back the president who added more debt to the US in history. Gee, that makes sense. +2
    nope, evolution is being forced down people's throats in schools, not religion. +1
    No where does it say that God was created. FAIL  
    then show it  
    he lowered taxes  
    Why would you be embarrassed when you're dead? +1
    well people don't have to eat there then idiot  
    Ya right. America has good allies, and WAY better technology and training than anywhere in the world. America's enemies would be destroyed in a matter of months. Do research before commenting.  
    Sure, he did inherit a bad economy, but the thing is, HE MADE IT WORSE. True the president does have restrictions from congress, but he had a SUPERMAJORITY of democrats in the government, and could essentially pass any bill he wanted, and he did. Btw, I do not support ron paul, but he is much better than obama could ever be. And you call paul a blabbering idiot who can't keep his statements straight? Obama is a total hypocrite. He says he wants to lower gas prices, and denies the keystone oil pipe-line. In 2008 he says his religion says he needs to oppose gay marriage, now he says his religion says to support gay marriage.  
    But is he not still fighting a war in the middle east?  
    Oh sure, sure, and people also can be ethical in an anarchy. However this is not very common in anarchy.  
    Who is to say that bush didn't try? +2
    No, a black man could have become president before, and it was no revolution. Btw, obama is only half-black.  
    Ok obama supporters, name one thing that has improved since 2008 under obama, just one. Exactly. +2
    exactly, and canada is full of democrats  
    No, your in Australia... +12
    We blame obama because all these bad things are happening when Obama is in office and the democrats had a supermajority in the government. What did they do with the supermajority? They made the situation worse. Racist. +3
    You say Bush cheated his way into power? Obama got all of the other candidates in the democratic primaries off the ballot so he would be the only person democrats could vote for to go to the general election. +3
    except all the things I have mentioned are at the highest it's ever been during this presidency.  
    You're so ignorant it's not even funny. You think the big bang just coming out of nowhere is just like us saying God was always there. He will come back, if you have read the bible AT ALL you would know that. God is not an organism, but a spirit, and he is living. I can understand how this concept would be too complicated for people like you to understand. And you accuse of us thinking something that's not living gives way to life, and yet that is exactly what evolution says happened. +4
    lol, by doing that, you are taking away most of your support! That's right, most pro-choicers are actually men!  
    You selfish moron, millions more people died in the holocaust. +7
    Because of his political views? What is with you people?  
    no they don't +4
    Wow, that is such a cop-out. Godwin's law isn't even a law, it is someone's frustrated opinion upset with people putting hitler into subjects. If you can not even come up with an argument besides your phony "law" than you might as well change sides. +1
    I have looked into christianity, and questioned it. So far no holes. A glance at atheism is like looking at swiss cheese. +1
    so by that logic, if I don't believe in electricity, there is no electricity? +1
    How many times do I have to say this to you guys, it's GOD, think about it! He was always there! +2
    Not only does it get you to heaven (I don't see why you assume everyone thinks there isn't one), but you also follow a better life style with morals and ethics and you will live a better life if you follow what the bible says. What do you get for being an atheist? Well you don't have rules, but then would you say that anarchy would be the way to go then? +3
    filling everyone with self-pity will not help anything  
    Rapes are much more common than women killing guys they hate. And with more accessibility to guns, it is more likely that the guy would have a gun, and would rightfully defend themselves. Problem solved.  
    That's good, if they try to, they deserve to be killed. It's called self-defence  
    With more restrictions on guns, criminals still get guns through the black market, and those who need them can't defend themselves. The more people with guns, the less the crime is, because who in their right mind would rob a store or bank if everyone had a gun in there? Most criminals aren't that stupid.  
    yes, the liberals are pushing their biased lies so they can control them +4
    LOL, Most debt in history, terrible unemployment, higher taxes, higher energy prices, higher inflation, and not anything worse? what bs.  
    I'm saying that you can not always use that argument  
    No, but the sprout is.  
    not necessarily, you can give it up for adoption  
    ok then, tell me one thing he has fixed, just one. Exactly  
    Again, you are incorrect. It is estimated that we have over 250 years of accessible oil in America. If we drilled into that we can easily bring gas prices down to around a dollar a gallon or lower. Now think about how much natural gas and coal we have as well. With this huge excess of resources pigs will be flying before we come (or anyone else for that matter) near running out. +1
    u mad bro? +1
    yes they are, you can see that America especially is starting that trend +2
    have you checked the gas prices, unemployment rate, or the national debt lately?  
    Rape brings up the topic of gun rights. With less restrictions on guns, it becomes easier for people to get them, and the more women that have guns, there are much less rapes, much less babies produced by rape. Problem solved. +4
    If you look at it scientifically you would determine that something that has the basic traits of life is living... DUMB F*** +3
    I am simply stating that the animals are living, unlike what you have said. +1
    capitalism is equal opportunity, communism is equal outcome.  
    LOL We are in the middle of an oil boom. Prices are going up because of stupid decisions like this obama is making to prevent oil drilling. More efficient, really? What do you think makes planes fly? +1
    70% of voters are a**es +2
    the man from messed up MASSACHUSETTS would say obama... And what's pathetic it that you can not even put up a decent argument. +3
    *being tortured in hell +2
    the theory says the big bang created the universe... +1
    yes, because you don't accept an answer when you can't come up with one yourself. +2
    then what created the rest of the universe? +1
    1. It is relevant, because if you looked down at the comments, many people are saying rape is an excuse for abortion. 2. So would a jelly fish not be alive then? would sponges not be alive? would bacteria not be alive? Of course those are living, yet they do not have a nervous system or a heart at all. But they contain all factors necessary for living: made of cells, reproduces, reacts to stimuli. Same thing with unborn babies. 3. I think masturbation is wrong, but it should not be illegal. 4. No, they are not potential babies, as they do not create anything, there is no sperm and egg meeting, and nothing would grow. But when that does happen, it grows, and becomes a baby, and gets born. +2
    There is NOTHING better than oil, it is the best source of energy. Billions of dollars have been spent on alternate energy, and how much is that providing for the US? Let's see, around 1% of the energy produced is alternate energy. I wonder why people are against it then... +1
    Yeah, stopping the holocaust would make it more likely that you would exist, as more people would be alive to have children and grandchildren. +4
    well what created them? +1
    you could be great at farming, most farmers aren't rich.  
    This is the case with most criminals. They are sure they will get away with it, and most get caught and arrested. These results are pretty depressing about society.  
    again, you can easily fake it +1
    well that's weird then, we support God the most, and yet we are the most free and successful in the world. Now how does that work? +7
    Well women can damage their own bodies to claim rape can they not? And there are suffering people in the world, so why should we let them suffer the constant pang of starvation and running from war? Is that a reason to kill them? That's cruel. +1
    it is basic knowledge, you don't have to know all about crime to know this. +1
    since the big bang is wrong, God wins by default +1
    ikr +1
    The thing is that you can't really prove rape. You can go to an abortion clinic and say you were raped, but who is to say you actually were? You could have just been a prostitute and gotten pregnant and claimed rape. And there are not too many cases of pregnancy by rape anyways, so I say make abortion illegal. +1
    Obama +6
    Herman Cain dropped out of the republican primary. I guess they don't always win then (even though I would love Cain to be the nominee).  
    I'm loaded with sh*t? You can''t even give me an argument, all you say is that I'm stupid. Not many people are convinced of things by insults. +2
    I would just pull out a gun and shoot him in the face +5
    depending on how much fat you have  
    Oh bs, there are many less jobs today. The economy is still getting worse in ALL areas.  
    That's what the crew on the titanic was saying to the passengers. There is something called "bankruptcy" that we are going into. It means we will be unable to pay our debt. It is time to head to the lifeboats America.  
    I change my answer, the 1st choice is a double negative +2
    none of the above  
    oh bs, it was almost identical to the book, and I doubt you even saw it. +1
    The bible is made up of many historic writings put together. And it is by no means a short book. +1
    Again, those christianity proclamations were all made before his mother died, after which he attacked christianity, scolded it, lifted up evolution, and even sent many christians to concentration camps. Now why would any christian do that? Let us not forget that all those terrible acts of killing and persecution were made by the catholic church, which the protestants broke off from. Some other atheistic massacres include those of Josef Stalin, Pol Pot, and in Tinanamen square, just to name a few.  
    it's called fashionably late +2
    1. People are getting laid off left and right because employers can't afford to keep employees because of the massive taxes obama has given us. 2. That opens opportunities for people to work, but because the government gives so much benefits to unemployed people, there is no incentive to work. 3. Obama is ruining businesses like this, so there are less jobs anyways. +1
    I'll beat it like a boss +1
    So we should have anarchy?  
    The national debt is 15.6 trillion and counting, taking all the money from everyone in the US would not put a dent in it +1
    Anyone is smarter than a Democrat +5
    we are getting worse every second dude +6
    you mean like pores? +2
    Oil companies being greedy? What BS! Oil companies make only a profit of around 8 cents per dollar. They have to raise prices just to STAY IN BUSINESS. Why is this you ask? Because Obama closed down many oil drilling operations and made extremely limited oil explorations. With us making less oil, the price goes up, our dependence on foreign oil goes up, and everyone else raises their prices for oil, so our gas companies must raise their prices as well. We are making people who hate us filthy rich. And Keystone redirected it's route so it wouldn't do environmental damage, and Obama still refused it. +2
    And we are sorry that we elected such a crap president so you couldn't sell your oil to us. +2
    neither is Rush Limbaugh +1
    1. You total racist. 2. Not only jews were killed in the holocaust. +3
    It's the democrats who create all these cruddy government programs that fail that we have to shut down.  
    because............. +7
    Oh sure, sure, but they still definitely help  
    hitler was for abortions. +1
    That many people haven't been to America. +4
    so you abandon your argument about the galapagos finches?  
    People sin. The consequences of sin is death. God has been gracious and allows us to repent for our sins and be forgiven. However when jesus was about to be crucified, Pontius Pilot asked the crowd "what if he really is the christ?" and they replied "then curse us and our descendants forever". I'd say the holocaust is part of the curse.  
    yes, but he's not helping at all +1
    Stupid lying disaster vs disappointing moderate republican. That's not even a question. +2
    Did you know that most people for abortions are men?  
    well abortion pills aren't really free either.  
    A reason for adoption being better than abortion: YOU AREN'T KILLING THE CHILD.  
    There is something called Child Protective Services. It's their job to stop child cruelty.  
    sure doesn't look like a clump of cells after being born, so some magic transformation during birth turned it human?  
    Yes, it is smart to kill people when the are in tough times, just like hitler did. Seriously? +1
    So that means I have the right to kill you? +2
    So should we kill all people starving in the ghetto to end their misery? +3
    Oh sure, and so is winning the lottery and then immediately getting hit with an asteroid and a lightning bolt simultaneously and surviving. In fact, that happening has much greater odds than random chance creation. htt p://w ww. scrib d.com /doc/448517/Evolution-What-Are-the-Odds  
    Oh sure, and so is winning the lottery and then immediately getting hit with an asteroid and a lightning bolt simultaneously and surviving. In fact, that happening has much greater odds than random chance. htt p://w ww. scrib d.com /doc/448517/Evolution-What-Are-the-Odds  
    Yeah, we believe it sends you to hell. Why else do you think we convert people? +2
    Well we believe it to be fact though. +1
    Well we believe it to be fact thought.  
    Where's the sense in believing something that winning multiple lotteries has greater odds than? htt p://w ww. scrib d.com /doc/448517/Evolution-What-Are-the-Odds +1
    well then how do you say we got here? +2
    got any other ideas for how we got here?  
    Except evolution is not the only option for creation. Please remember that the people who calculated the odds are evolutionists. And correctly guessing the order of the cards is more likely than evolution happening btw. +2
    when the odds for evolution are that low, relatively a "fairy tale" would seem like an event bound to have happened. +3
    amazingly gay +1
    we are already in the sh*tter with obama  
    did you know 99% of abortions had nothing to do with rape?  
    neither does president obama +12
    because any other belief other than your own cannot be said. classic +2
    then you must not read very many of my comments +1
    no, he just sh*t a lot more on us +3
    Did you know that 99% of abortions killed babies that were made with nothing to do with rape?  
    then you would be pro-life  
    1. Sure, it is a zygote in the very early stages, but if you have seen any pictures of "the fetus" later in development, it is obvious it is a baby. If they have no brain cells or anything, how do they survive once born? They obviously develop them in the womb. And it is only one cell extremely early in the pregnancy, where the sperm and egg cell come together. 2. If giving birth is extremely lethal, then why do people have large families with their mothers STILL ALIVE? It's called modern knowledge to make death extremely rare when giving birth. I do not understand why you constantly say giving birth will kill you. Sure you CAN get pregnant using a condom and birth control, but it is also possible to randomly mutate an extra arm. Both highly unlikely. And I don't think catholics are allowed to use condoms, let alone having an abortion. The main part of christianity believes by killing an unborn baby you are possibly sending his/her soul to hell, as we don't know what his/her life would be like if he/she was born.  
    have you ever heard of babies kicking while inside a mother's womb? Have you heard that people will recognize music played to them while inside their mother's womb? Interesting stuff.  
    giving birth doesn't normally kill you when you have the right doctor helping the birth happen. How do you think people get a lot of kids?  
    if you wouldn't be alive, then why are you growing? I don't see any dirt around me growing.  
    Yes, impeach him for sure +9
    he is a bad president. You don't elect people because they are cool +9
    Moron, he is GOD, he is not created. Think about it. +2
    I would slack off and still get payed  
    So you are saying you believe our beliefs don't matter, and yours does that we should kill babies. Wow  
    luxury hotel is more, idk, luxurious +1
    the late 1800s  
    LOL, it never said you couldn't drink fruit, n00b. +11
    yah, so then say evolution is wrong  
    as I for you +1
    says the evolutionist moron. +2
    you would do that wouldn't you +2
    can go extinct +1
    Well who witnessed evolution? Darwin. Proove it. His writings say so. The writings were written by humans. No, by Darwin. How do you know that? The writings say so. -_- btw, we don't say God wrote the Bible, we say it was written by people inspired by God. +2
    Archaeological evidence huh? Have you ever heard of the cambrian explosion? It defies evolution. And who said anyone needed to witness creation? +2
    Well do you know how many finches were there when darwin studied them? 15. And now? 15. hmm, I wonder why.. +3
    so do bears +3
    They are so damn different +1
    coke better +4
    and go where?  
    no, you would be too small to see on the radar  
    ikr +6
    No, but you can stop her from destroying the body of another inside her. +1
    Well they should have thought of that before they had sex. And where is the baby's choice in this? And who says it cannot feel anything? Yes, in the very first stages of pregnancy, as the brain has not developed, but still. It was the people's choice to have sex or not, and before you say rape, 99% of abortions were babies that were not formed because of rape. Screw all you atheists who think it is right to kill babies!  
    yes it does  
    big bang is a fictional event made up by some insane hobo desperate for attention +2
    ...he is the wrong choice +6
    suuuuuucks +7
    Ron! Defently not Barak Obama. +7
    Hitler professed himself as a christian before he took power over germany. After that, he showed himself to be an atheist. In fact, Hitler talked down christianity (if you didn't get that from the first quote: "The heaviest blow that ever struck humanity was the coming of Christianity. Bolshevism is Christianity's illegitimate child. Both are inventions of the Jew. The deliberate lie in the matter of religion was introduced into the world by Christianity." - July 11, 1941. Now why would he talk it down if he wasn't christian? +2
    we would have the xbox 36000 by now +1
    but it's a heck of a lot easier with smarts  
    stop talking about yourself +1
    that's ironic, I thought you guys were for gay  
    yup, sucks doesn't it  
    Democrats are devils...  
    Smartism +1
    democrats r literally as*es  
    demcrats r as*es  
    besides being total opposites +5
    we could if the democrats would stop being freaking a**es. +6
    but he would blow you up  
    being good-looking is over rated  
    now you're ignorant aren't you  
    so does that mean you shouldn't have attacked bush while he was president? +3
    Are you implying that all christians are stupid immature people? Is it just me or is that just prejudice?  
    haha, I wouldn't be defending it if I didn't read it. And those are the oldest SURVIVING bibles. We have fossils of dinosaurs from a long time ago, but does that mean there aren't more older fossils that haven't been found?  
    except big bang is far from fact, let alone scientific fact. +3
    fruit=vegetables. a vegetable is a part of a plant  
    all parts of a plant are vegetables, so all fruits are vegetables  
    for the same reason you accept the consequences of being taxed. Sure it really sucks, you have a lot less money, but it is necessary  
    Here's a big surprise for you guys, you have someone on your side that everyone hates! That's right, Adolf Hitler! He is an atheist! "Let it not be said that Christianity brought man the life of the soul, for that evolution was in the natural order of things." - Adolf Hitler, July 11, 1941 +3
    What other choice did Adam and Eve had? And they were married, not brother and sister. If you actually kept reading, you would know that one brother killed the other, and Adam and Eve had more kids, and they had to reproduce, or else humanity would just end there. +1
    you hypocrite +2
    be proud, finally there is someone besides me on the internet that isn't a total pervert +7
    How about the idea of betraying your own race and killing many of them just to protect another alien species and some trees? +1
    spelling and grammar are not science moron. And you are one to talk about spelling when you can't even spell Christians right. And religion is not a science either. +1
    Think about it, he's GOD. You know, all powerful, and existed forever. Whereas matter, is not all powerful. God was not created. +3
    lol, ur apparent knowledge of science has failed you. Not everything in science is theories, for example, the LAW of gravity. Not the THEORY of gravity. By your logic, I could say the study of mermaids is a science, and that they exist. Well look at what things you call science goes against christianity. Let's see, big bang, and evolution. Technically speaking, we believe God could have created the world however he wanted, but that is beyond the point. Both evolution and the big bang are theories, so yes, you are correct saying all that goes against christianity are theories. I find it funny that you did not attack my calling of evolution and big bang pseudosciences, and only laughed at them. +2
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