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Hellooo Fans of JB! Would you still rather be a of fan of his? Yes............................................Sigh................! or No!!! He's now infected by "Miley Virus"....I'm not a fan of his any more! 5 years ago 101 votes 20 comments 0 likes
Do you you BELIEVE in The Shield? Yes. or No!...No!...No!...No!... 5 years ago 2,783 votes 22 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be best friends with.... CM Punk or John Cena 5 years ago 2,383 votes 21 comments 0 likes
Whom would you rather call a HERO? Batman or Gerry Lane 5 years ago 132 votes 3 comments 0 likes
Hey brave gurls/guys! If you wanted to show off in front of some one you got a crush on, which incident would you rather happen? A Zombie attack is the best situation to show off like a hero and save your crush! or I'd rather save my crush form an angry,hungry Lion,(just myself! I don' need no help.)Ummm....while every one is scarred and encourages me................besides, it's more realistic! 5 years ago 155 votes 0 comments 0 likes
Would you rather accept THIS myth!? This says, in Noah's era all women would menstruate just once a year, but after they went out of houses unveiled 'n worked just like men,ignored Noah's menace about God's anger about women working like men 'n being unveiled, God punished them to menstruate once a month till the end of time! L O L!!!!! or Yes! Why not?! 5 years ago 100 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Would you rather believe------> In original novel of "sleeping beauty", prince Phillip rapes princess Aurora when she's asleep and runs away before she wakes up. What?!!!!! Her?! or Yup :| 5 years ago 873 votes 9 comments 0 likes
Would you rather(Actually which one you like better!) Miley or Miley 5 years ago 4,085 votes 11 comments 0 likes
Would you rather(It's all about LUV)! Be like"Mama I'm in love with a criminal" or or"Parle a mon pere(Talk to my father)" 5 years ago 69 votes 0 comments 0 likes
Would you rather science or wealth 5 years ago 130 votes 10 comments 0 likes

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LOL 5 years ago  
I do believe in the shield except if they dare fight cm punk. 5 years ago  
Nope!but if you don't like it you don't have to be mean.I didn't like what you said. But any ways yeah dude I must admit today I was not in the mood at all and I was trying to to cheer me up! I just made some questions for fun, and since it doesn't affect your profile and achievements (besides I think you're gonna get some thumbs up too LOL, you get one from me for choosing A!) actually when I was making these two questions, I knew what the reactions could be!!!!!!! I just wanted to have fun. But, no genius buddy! Imma be 23 this Christmas. Eight!!!!!! HUH! 5 years ago  
you don't watch wrestling? well at least I wished you chose A. :( 5 years ago  
nope. i'm not saying people. I don't mean all of em. if you ever have seen television, there was lots of news about Justin Bieber and how girls killed themselves for him of course it was years ago. if you take an exact look to the question I've said hello JB "fans". not people, I've said JB fans and you must know that it's not just members who vote, I was a guest at first, just go to Google web search and type "would you rather questions gross" "would you rather questions celebrities,sex,love, sports etc. then see what happens! LOL so it's not only members voting I'm not expecting you to answer this if you hate justin bieber.....if you hate him....js let him go f**k himself, don't bother yourself this much! 5 years ago  
I see! 5 years ago +1
lol,well you couldn't say that: no one! i'm one. but I haven't got Bieber fever!!! I just like some of his songs.since I have seen the movie he's made about his life and I know who he was and what is he going through now, I was just curious to see how much this Bieber guy fame is decreased! and as I see he is really GONE!!!!! 5 years ago +1
okay!!!!! chill. 5 years ago  
No,no,no,no,NO. I wasn't trying to talk sarcastic.nope. not at all. Be a little bit more confident buddy.I really Am serious. I loved it. ((you're good at being good so you have the ability to be good at everything you want or choose, even being BAD)). I really enjoyed what I read and I was excited when I was writing you that reply . To tell the truth, I most of the times wanna be fun n some times be sarcastic too,BUT not in serious matters. And this ain't a funny or stupid question. and of course you're comment was so "Clever",NOT funny or stupid or dumb at all. I had to read your comment about being good at being bad 3 times to fully get the pure meaning of it. I really loved what you so cleverly said n I'm not making fun of you AT ALL AT ALL AT ALL. I really mean it. Really. And if I have made you upset please forgive me. Your rrrather.com friend Mahsa 5 years ago  
LoL for what you said or what I said? I am serious. I really liked what I read. any ways........ 5 years ago  
DEPENDS! ON WHAT THIS "ABLE" WORD you say, CONTAINS! Killing Somebody? even if you DO this heavenly saving mission like a SAINT HERO and succeed!And then the survived guys and whole universe would be thankful of what you did and every one admires you.....there is still one crime you did and one person cursing you. no matter WHAT F****** reason you have, that poor "HUMAN" Wanted to stay alive too! he/she was alive too.had many things to do many hopes and wishes, a family.....Everything that those blessed three guys have that HUMAN had too. WELL thank you sooooooo much Mr. ST. Hero Tiansa and all other HOLY HEROes thank you. clap clap clap clap. Now that YOU GUYS are soooooo cool and brave and kind hearted.....I have sorta question:" couldn't you push that poor sacrifice THING! away? even if you didn't have enough time for saving your own life?( not that I've heard all heroes are so fast n strong n smart n their reactions are brave n life saving, I asked these questions.) BUT WHAT I BELIEVE ABOUT BECOMING A "HERO" IN THIS QUESTION IS:" An incapable dead Hero(who couldn't save his/her own life,you know! maybe even couldn't save the poor human sacrifice's life too, BUT took his/her chance.) IS VALOROUS. But a Criminal HERO!!!!! doesn't worth a penny. AND to stop you from saying:" you kill urself! u kill urself then! aren't I a human? then if I sacrifice myself that would be a crime too!!!! that would be a crime too!!!!!.....don't talk too much rather...stop nonsense....see I got you?! Imma genius.....imma hero...blah blah blah......!" i wanna say this: First! Be honest with yourself, if u can't do none of those options above don't answer this one question! nobody's chasing you with a dirk. Second! if you really wanna save those three people n you really feel you can, notice the other person is not an OBJECT, IS ONE HUMAN. So sacrifice Yourself for saving others. If YOU really are brave and want to save people's life , cross your own dreams, sacrifice your own wishes, decide to leave YOUR own loved ones for ever, take your OWN life,those are all yours and you CAN decide for them, to waste them or keep them, and Especially IN THIS CASE no one will judge you and no one will never call you a criminal. This is being hero not what you falsely believe and this is the only case you can say I did NO crime. YOU CAN NOT DECIDE FOR "NOBODY" EXCEPT "YOURSELF"! Like....... How would you react if you knew the POOR UNWILLING UNAWARE SACRIFICE IS GOING TO BE (you)??? 5 years ago  
GREAT logic. I really admire this. Loved what I read. GREAT. 5 years ago  
Good question!(I everyday spend my every free time for day dreamimg or makimg stories in my mind.) I've thought of immortalty n fantasized myself as I'm immortal, like about 6_7 days, instead of day dreaming, this time I made this story. Just like a tv show with all details, first it was cool but After passing about 200 or 250 years(of course I didn't think of every single day!LOL), it was not standable any more n I killed the character at last. the feeling of depression,step by step grew stronger till last day was the worst, loosing people you love when you're immortal feels way worse than you could imagine, imaginarry changes about my environment I'd made by passing time went more n more uncomfortable and the cool imaginarry improvements about science an technology were first great but after they became weirder n weirder became hateful, seeing the places you loved to go, destroyed or changed became more n more annoying, the cultures were cahanging and the more the time passed those changes got more confusing, humans' changing of tastes in fashion, foods n many other things were heading to be not okay with my immortal chracter as time went forward......I couldn't counitinue that. It's crazy....if you're good at fantasizing and making stories in your mind......try it yourself....I assure you, you can't last more than me. Besides, I believe in spirit n energy,but not hell or heaven,I believe in infinite worlds and dimentions. I rather die( not young ofcours!) then I wanna live in other worlds n dimensions too. 5 years ago  
:) glad you understand me. :* 5 years ago +1
New car!!!!!! 5 years ago  
Master! He's said "IF YOU HAD THE MONEY" or may be you don' wanna spend all THE MONEY! So....what will buy with leftover of THE MONEY you didn't spend? :p :D 5 years ago  
Now they've bcome 15%, after a year! LOL 5 years ago  
WOWWWW! You're a genius, what an intelligent way to make a shortcut for writing "TH", saves a lot of energy. :p (don get mad at me, js kiddin, I'm in my fool mood today) :* 5 years ago  
Yup! 5 years ago  
That's my hero! :p 5 years ago  
1 Tough job. 5 years ago  
I brush my teeth only mornings, IF I'm in the mood! And as you know....less people are in a good mood in the mornings n I'm not one of them!!!!! 5 years ago  
My uncle is on my side!!!!!LOL he says to me my bro n cousins: You guys just honorarily brush your teeth every night n day! No need to floss em!!!!! 5 years ago  
See! I wanna floss but there's a reason I don't ( n it is not an excuse, IS a reason!) I said it to my dentist n his answer was: wow, what weird people a human could see in his life!!!! It's a real wierd reason and takes long time tyiping, so...js know I wan't but I don't. 5 years ago  
Well, I js feel dumb! I don get any thing of it. HELLLLP MY brain's exploooooooodinG! 5 years ago  
I' m afraid you're js gonna feel the irresistible instinctive fear of death n will to survive before you explode n as it happenes bcz it's Expliosion, not burning! Honey, it ends when it starst's you won't be able to feel anythn...even if you DO! This instinctive feeling thing will make you hate what you call joy or ecxitment or whatever!!!!!! UNLESS....UNLESS if you explode unaware n soooo suddenly,and miraculously get the chance to feel it.in that case the good news is,there wont be any instinct there to bother you! :p BUT I don't want you to explode, alive or dead. Bcz I think I like you, bcz of your odd attitude, I think you smtimes think n talk odd n wierd like me, n as I said ODD we can't have anything in common except havin odd thoughts n talks. I also like your avatar, wild n cute. I like you, don' want you to explode AT ALL. 5 years ago  
why? you like it? cmon! hope u're not serious! 5 years ago  
:) 5 years ago  
no, I haven't seen Mean Girls but I've seen the commercial. well if you're question's based on a movie, lemme say, I didn't know that.And n I said smthn I believe which is the exact fact, bcz it's an instinct, The Inner Love between a mother and a child, no matter how bad the mom or the child is....but if we wanna answer n comment based on Mean Girls it would've become totally different thing!. :) and to tell you again, didn't want to be mean to you at all... :) 5 years ago +1
well when you're brain has stopped workin', you're nerves wont work too, you won't feel the heat n pain n fear n nothing in your body. but there's another case I can say you're right Britney...(if you believe in spirit, which I do) then that would be horrifying... if.your spirit sees or feels your own body which was the closest thing to it, burning and.....then I can say I understand what you mean....but I still wanna burn after death. 5 years ago  
good! But I hope you won't explode alive....... :) 5 years ago  
yes that's good too, I respect what you believe, I like you have a kind heart :) and the positive side is that your mortal part goes on n on n on n lives on. but to tell the truth, I was kinda trying to hide what I'm scared of in my first comment, I'm scared of that if I go through part of a plant, an animal or any live thing......then live their life with them again in this world,I js wanna live once on the earth!.....I know sorta weird thought!!! but smtimes I think of that.well no can can do! I smtimes think of these matters and I find myself confused, made books n books n books of weird philosophy in my mind!!!!! 5 years ago  
LOL. yeah! maybe changing gender, right now.....I couldn't handle That.......you're right. I think if I wanted to be a boy I should have been a boy from first..... 5 years ago  
ok. 5 years ago  
both r bad n I've had experienced how they feel, both of em. but being hungry is better at least you eat and enjoy smthn but when you're guilty..........worse than being hungry...always. 5 years ago  
flavored water more standable . 5 years ago  
This one is good cz the name is naughty n mad n obviously the city n the people r even naughtier than the name. I luv livin in a crazy naughty city........ 5 years ago  
sorta questions you ask!!!!! at least B is bigger! LOL y know man I luv this fun questions you stubbornly an repeatedly ask n ask n ask! makes every body mad but makes you cute, A stubborn cute. :* 5 years ago  
fantasy :) 5 years ago +1
I have a question......I'm serious why sm people don like thanks givin what happens during a thanks givin I js know bout the turkey......m I right? 5 years ago  
I donno what it is!!!!!!! 5 years ago  
obviously B. because you won't be able to WAKE UP in a POOL of your own blood.dead can't wake up actually as you know!!!!! LOL fun question :D 5 years ago +2
my only n best friend in the world is a girl my dear cousin Farnaz, but I rather die tilll......I'm not homophobic but I am a girl. straight one. so maybe smone could understand me. 5 years ago  
All is more complicated than that. I believe in Evolution and it is come from a creator. but creation has no start and end, creatures have start and end so they are just like a computer they just understand what they have like 0101000101 codes in computers in their mind,just like windows 7 can't understand many things about bill gates we can't understand many things about the creator(what ever the name you call it and how ever you imagine it) and the creation too.we js know bout end and start cuz we are with this code in life, in this world. even if smbody never ever dies.....he's been born smday! but we can't calculate about NO START NO END!!!! there's lotsa things I wanna say but not in the mood, I had this conversation with my dad before completely in Farsi language (of course) cz i'm Persian so it was even easier to discuss bout it. 5 years ago +2
A is brave and strong, B is a poor coward shape shifter. 5 years ago  
Both dear, both of them. S T O P! 5 years ago  
Oxford Dictionary-----> Make your own destiny= Free will :) 5 years ago  
Free will. I support it or not....destiny is a word made by the first looser in the history.Yes. 5 years ago  
at the hip. bcz I remember two poor head conjoined sisters laleh and ladan. they were Iranian. they were educated and confident, kind and happy n smart but the separation surgery killed em both. their farsi names: 'لاله' و 'لادن' 5 years ago  
why? 5 years ago  
real tree, such a shame to use fake things for these times....... :Z 5 years ago +2
:| is the answer 5 years ago +1
:| 5 years ago +1
LOL 5 years ago  
Gush I'm Dying!!!!! why not me? why herrrrrrrrrrrrrr. GOD why? I'm jealous.......okay imma go throw up.(hey not for your question, the scene is Grossssssssss) righ... imma goooooooo throoughhhhh 5 years ago  
huh God.....stop him.....forget man! choose another topic for your sexual Qs. and to tell you the fact! it is HALF RAPE!!!!! have ya ever heard bout it before? nope? yes I see why. cz YOU made ME have to make a new sort of rape name JUST for you, not to stay confused: at last what?rape or not? why sm say yup sm say nup! Dear it's half rape. H A L F R A P E. ;* 5 years ago +1
PIC B?!!!! I'll collapse if I see him even with one head even much more away from me. 5 years ago  
thumbs up for ya. 5 years ago  
nooooopE. 5 years ago +1
Speed in a fight is meaningless I mean this speed! this stupid speed for fight in picture "B".and as the pic B screams out loud: Run faster than fastest or you gone dieeeeeeeeeiiiiiiiiiiii ruuuuuuuuuuuiiiiiiiiiin ruuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhnnn, he's comin' he's reachin' yo, he's strong he's sadist he's scary run b**** ruuuuuuuuyyyyyn. I choose "A" 5 years ago  
despite I choose weapons but u're right. Imagine what what happens when you run out of bullets!..... but still, I say weapons LOL :) 5 years ago  
weapons and know how to head-shot.WOW! great questions TalkedAce :* :* :* 5 years ago  
PUNCH........GURRRRRATE KNOCK OUT PUNCH....feels heaven :D 5 years ago  
A question, who are those 51 percent? 5 years ago  
two thumbs up. 5 years ago  
I'm not scarred of spiders at all. but I rrrather DIE in sleep till I see a GRRRROOOOOSSSSS Centipede on my pillow. 5 years ago +1
B. because you die way faster. feel less pain as result. 5 years ago +1
acid. I donno why but smthn stupid inside me says acid melts your hands n nerves sooner so you wont feel your hand after a while. besides I hate blisters, and think of the smell of your boiling flesh......urgh.......... 5 years ago  
well first of all B is more at hand,n till you go find khukri you're GONE! second it's more easy to use a combative shovel to fight a zombie without hurting urself......bcz every one is not Gerry Lane or our dear friend SPARTTTA. 5 years ago +2
but from your avatar seems you like past better, n even while dying(imagine you were real Sparta.) it would be smhow like a myth......the sculptures and paintings on costrels about the great Sparta---->YOU. dying and goddesses and gods and people n soldiers n your Beloved crying upon your half live body, knowin their hero is GONEEEEEEEEE and a perfect smile on your tired face......Imagine! SPARTTTA! 5 years ago  
or might even accidentally know sm people you know are already dead. 5 years ago  
AVESUM????????!!!!!!!!!! did you know......yes I bet you know!......i'm not tryna show off as Dr. know! but you can only see 3D with both eyes? yes I know you knew....let's imagine you hate seeing things 3D. well....it's what you rrrather for life.GOOD. :) 5 years ago  
I luv my eyes better. 5 years ago  
nope cz im not christian but it must be cool. 5 years ago  
Who really, even deeep deeeeeeeeeep deeeeep inside and even very very very private inside the mind, inside instincts, doesn't love his/her mom?(even regular,evil,mad,annoying,crazy or what ever) Britney?! dear! don wanna be mean at all all all all! but when you aint got no question to ask, you don't have to. 5 years ago  
yes sm times! 5 years ago  
B. I even know how to make a face like that with a paper an a pen which opens and closes his mouth! LOL made me remember my elementary school we always made that paper toy while the teacher was eatin' our brains. 5 years ago  
dear one! which woman remembers her stove by seeing a green ball?!!!!! 5 years ago  
I like B bcz it's like a lizard seeing a tennis ball for first time in his life! poor thing! funny :D 5 years ago  
Obama, I admire him. no matter the one second bad face figure captured by sm........ 5 years ago  
perfect, my cousin's son 5 yo kissed me, best kiss ever....funny and (Hush guys he's 5 but a real womanizer!!!! js kiddin) perfect cutest baby boy eva!!!!! 5 years ago  
oky enough, had lotsa fun. enough. 5 years ago  
yes I do agree 5 years ago  
none. Not only I hate war(no matter the reason)!!!!! I am scared of it too. but cz ur white choco.......well obviously B 5 years ago  
sorta rude. don you think? 5 years ago  
cz imma girl I even don think of bein a gentleman for another!!!! 5 years ago  
but hey guys I've dreamed flying as an eagle or sparrow I don't remember which one but that was more than amazing. smwhile ago I used to dream flying, not like imma say sorta magical thing! just dreams but flying, flying is soooooo much fun. if any body has dreamed like me, flying, please tell me.....that'll be fun :D 5 years ago  
why coolguyva?! you're the first boy saying this!!!! I've asked lotsa boys including my bro, they all say urgh never!!!!!! 5 years ago  
I'd love to be a boy.cooler then gurls. well yeah we got cool girls too. but I luv to be a boy one of the reasons is we have GIRLY GIRLs the ones I hate, but we do'n have BOYII BOYs LOL :D but seriously being boy must be fun!!!!! 5 years ago  
well I don't want parts of my body become as a plant then eaten by animals n insects n then.......imagine yourself!!!!! well that body was securing my soul some day! 5 years ago  
Don't wanna be mean, just wanted to say it cz I'm allergic to what you asked!!!! I hate hiking I love swimming. js wanted to say!!!!! but to make more votes for ya dear white chocolate( cz white chocolate is my favorite) I imagine ratherin' B. :) 5 years ago  
I'm not gonna rather! I'm the one you searchin'!!!! " A" LOL but I'm not always annoying ;) 5 years ago  
none. none. none. 5 years ago  
Yeayyyyy! imagine....be the center of attention! you don need to be a famouse person to be the in the center of attention. BUT FAME!!!!!! is smthn else :D 'N yeah yeah I know bout paparazzi disaster too LOL 5 years ago  
any thing but living under ground. I think you js feel like a real damned prisoner!!!!! 5 years ago  
well I'm 22, and yeah I listen o music every single day too. but cmon man! js one pair?!!!!! Huh well seems like u REALLY ARE from England. but me! I live in countries which my proxy gives me if you see where was I from last time it was New jersey, smtimes from Quebec Canada, but this psiphon on my granpa's laptop has brought me to your country this time! well yeah in western countries, ESPECIALLY western countries every thing is Original. But here I live, My dear Iran.......huhhhhhhhhhhhh everythn is fake we just have good fakes n bad fakes! Especially perfumes n earphones....cellphones.....well Just today I bout a freakin SMS Street earphone, I just could listen to music while I was testing it. after that in the taxi I was openning the wire knots it became like picture B, except that I lost the I donno what it's called well the part goes into your ears........good for you bro! LOL 5 years ago  
Nope, cat LUVER woman! :D 5 years ago  
Soooooooo! in that case I'll freeze! about me, I can't,I can't. not bcz Imma saint or angel or smthn! jus bcz I can't. even if three people could be saved even without sacrificing another one......even if I could take a chance to save those people. In death or life matters......no can do! my natural reaction is to freeze and breathe hard, not that Imma natural coward! no but, please! js think about the situation you say(even with completely different details!) Well I say it just right: I'm not James Bond!!!!! 5 years ago  
Well....not that much complicated...but I know! Imagine Imma be 23 in christmas but I wrote a childish thing! No can do! Sm desires stay childish..... 5 years ago  
Mimi, great question, and at least for me, it's the first time being asked bout this, well you know I don wanna be bad, ever, but I choose A bcz at least you are not dumb an stupid, you just bcome complete n at least least least least completely useful for yourself, but being bad at being good....it's even worse than being good at being worst! Y know why? Just imagine a medical student, trying hard to do brain surgery on sm poor guy, trying to be good! 5 years ago +2
I can understand.......:( 5 years ago  
How old are you?ever listen to music? What brand of earphone you have NOW?!!!!! 5 years ago  
Why do you like this way? saving 3 people by sacrificing one another? N just trains and 3 lucky n one as a sacrifice? N what if the train doesn't stop in the right time you expected?........ 5 years ago  
Huh......it's just them earphone's fault, with their stupit wires......you put them on your desk, just srait and without knots....5 minutes later.... You need a brush to open the wire knots....no matter beats....somic......sony...apple...same sh*t! It's like they LUUUV to be stretched n torn...it's nonody's fault but them earphone bi**hes. Yeah. 5 years ago  
Me?in this situation, I js freez....can't do nothn....but, cool confusing question! 5 years ago +2
None :| 5 years ago  
Just like me, all you said, exactly....thumbs up for you...at last n at leat it should be a boy....but I hope it'll never happen to me to have a child! 5 years ago +1
Still no certain way!(and I think....well sort of sure...u've missed the NOT word in ur question! Dear one!!!!! When a baby's born, every body can SEE if it is HE OR SHE!!!!TOO MUCHCHCH OBVIOUS!) And I can even say it, You meant this in fact-----> how can you decide for a baby's gender when you wanna get pregnat! Yes? 5 years ago  
I don wanna have children at all but may be, if sm day I changed my mind.....what's rather? It should be a cuttie baby boy....yes I'm a gurl but I don't like gurls, I like BOYS....... :D 5 years ago +1
I luv luv luv luv luv luv cats, all kinds, even ugly ones! :* lovly cats. 5 years ago  
NAZI Zombies are perfect. And....hey! Have you played Wolfenstein? Best horror game of my child hood....reminds me that....NAZI zombies.......WOW! 5 years ago  
Yeay man! You got that! Gerry is the hero(never bcz he's brad pitt! Ofcourse, cuz he's Gerry Lane.) 5 years ago  
Yup, but sm believe it!LOL....n as imma sissy not a bro that's even more than LOL TO MEY!!!!!! 5 years ago  
okay! it means which one do you wanna have! 5 years ago  
What do you think urself it can be mr. Philosopher! Man! It's obviousely HAVE! 5 years ago  
Oh no! Sorry. I absolutly, seriously didn't mean you. Seems like you love rabbits, well yeah they are really cute 'n adoreable, I've had pet rabbits a billion times, I know how they are, cute n furry, innocent looking. Yeah(except those little ones that scream an run away even when you look at them!may be an army of them could be strong!) but believe me, rabbits are not as wise as squirrels, I don't mean to insult(but I've tried hard to teach em smthing, waste of time!) they can't make an strong army, they all die. Sorry I bothered you with my comment, I should've explained more, not to break some ones heart. :) 5 years ago  
rabbits ARE stupid. 5 years ago  
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