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    Boy. I hate when girls want to collect dolls  
    Don't know who he is  
    We already spent too much on the cure for cancer and we know the government will never release it.  
    Ruin the life of my arch enemy  
    White wine is usually dry  
    Android is slow af  
    Shit I thought it said not stink  
    Who is Mussolini  
    Mega blazeikin!  
    I'd be pissed if I lost my pokemon omega ruby  
    What's a social life?  
    Just don't sit on the toilet  
    Both suck nowadays.  
    I picked cake cuz I'm lactose intolerant.  
    I already see stuff  
    See my ldr boyfriend.  
    @guest from South Carolina Both have animal bones  
    22 and hasn't happened (long distance relationship)  
    Both suck  
    Jim parsons is awsome +1
    Not the twilight kind  
    Cast away. Willson!  
    Caffeine kills  
    Study first and there is always jack asses who up the price by just $1 on tpir  
    I'd rather be always thirsty than have a sinus headache  
    I'm a girl and I hate hotdogs. They are the leftovers and intestines of random animals.  
    Anywhere I go it's haunted (schizophrenia)  
    White chocolate with peppermint pices  
    Both suck tho  
    Wow I guess people here are dumb 200s kids. 90s rule  
    Call me basic but iced  
    Both suck  
    My dad's a nice guy but hen he's pissed he is PISSED  
    Most food at buffet is sh*t  
    It's called Skype  
    Already have on the horrible video games these days  
    I loved the shirts I had as a kid but they were ruined by playdo and paint.  
    Lactose intolerant  
    Modern gameing sucks  
    Cats rip your skin to shreds.  
    Stupid question  
    What friends?  
    My "friends" already hate my boyfriend.  
    Realy people? Today's music sucks!  
    I already have both ( schizophrenic )  
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