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    that is true 6 years ago  
    low self-esteem= more oppurtunities 6 years ago  
    my birthday is the day after christmas so epic win(the 26th) 6 years ago  
    german girls are boss 6 years ago  
    neither 6 years ago  
    it dont matter either way they love their own sex 6 years ago  
    i am boy 6 years ago  
    sex nothing but sex 6 years ago  
    skyfall rocked 6 years ago +1
    watch skyfall 6 years ago  
    50-50 both good and bad things about them 6 years ago  
    lazyass 6 years ago  
    but we know what kind of stuff terrorists can do to you 6 years ago  
    i accidentaly clicked x ray vision no ability to fly ftw 6 years ago  
    better to get something than nothing 6 years ago  
    ski lift beautiful scenery 6 years ago  
    kill hitler change present 6 years ago  
    worst friend so you can rub it in there faces 6 years ago  
    no dangerous animals while surfing the net so internet ftw 6 years ago  
    they both taste awesome 6 years ago  
    when i get children i will die for them 6 years ago  
    the world will never know just like the tootsie pop 6 years ago  
    rockstar that way you dont have people invading your privacy also i dream of playing and singing heavy metal 6 years ago  
    if you end world hunger everyone is happy until there is another war where more people are starving good luck 64% 6 years ago  
    if you get caught u would be known as the asshole who cheats 6 years ago  
    immortality=forever alone 6 years ago  
    being a vegan is a crime against our true human nature MEAT FTW!!!!! 6 years ago  
    at least 70 house cats would be warm fuzzy lions wuold be painful 6 years ago  
    controling your dreams=lucid dreaming it can happen and you can do it 6 years ago  
    i am a ninja i am right behind you ready to beat you to death with a brick 6 years ago  
    hunger games=dying triwizard you are alive 6 years ago  
    we have the right of liberty so gays can marry 6 years ago  
    my sister is so damn mean, so forget her 6 years ago  
    more successful at work means promotion and more money 6 years ago  
    no dance club to many drunk people 6 years ago  
    yes 6 years ago  
    both definitely both 6 years ago  
    yes had the same idea 6 years ago  
    jump it is quicker 6 years ago  
    it means paralyzed but probably of the legs one of the two 6 years ago  
    couldnt choose they would both be painful 6 years ago  
    hermione she has gotten even hotter 6 years ago  
    why is it all about slenderman he doashvkivhjsbvjk 6 years ago  
    travel that way you get to see the world 6 years ago  
    or dementia or hallucinations 6 years ago  
    in private so i can savor the moment with the one i love 6 years ago  
    if you mess up you get a do over 6 years ago  
    i havent had my first kiss so if i mess up its a free do over 6 years ago  
    space core from portal 6 years ago  
    who needs friends when you have a computer 6 years ago  
    WWWWAALDO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 6 years ago  
    at least the dogs will dry off quickly with faties it would be like hell 6 years ago  
    money i am broke 6 years ago  
    hookers are high maintance she would dump you when you have 300 left 6 years ago  
    cash that waay you get your own christmas presents without complaining 6 years ago  
    hahahahhahahahahhahah 6 years ago  
    colosseum is in rome parthenon is in grece 6 years ago  
    tomboys are fun people to be with they like almost everything you like 6 years ago  
    restaurant. nightclubs have drunk people and people on drugs 6 years ago  
    die peacefully at least you dont feel anymore pain as you die 6 years ago  
    who needs friends if you have a lot of money 6 years ago  
    i eat cereal every day anyway 6 years ago  
    that sounds so wrong 6 years ago  
    knowledge is power!!!!!!!!!!! 6 years ago  
    its the thought that counts people 6 years ago  
    one must be sacrified for the good of the many(in other terms it would be better for the bad guys to still get in trouble than let them get away with what they did 6 years ago  
    answerd this question, i already did 6 years ago  
    women they act nicer sometimes 6 years ago  
    better to lose 100 than watch your enemies win(think about it) 6 years ago  
    i would kill every one 6 years ago  
    my sister it would be nice if she acted nice to me 6 years ago  
    i think that small ones make girls look cute especially if they are short(no offense to girls) 6 years ago  
    make new laws but on the bad side bad people will break them 6 years ago  
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