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Whenever they decide to fix the "Server too bust" problem on rrrather, I'll come back (unless I find a site like this one, that's managed better).

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    I'm personally not going to use something just because the "cool" people are using it.  
    I'm not American, but the way I see it, is if you're voting for someone just because she's a woman, that is very bad. I say vote for someone who you think would make a great president based on their views on policies and what not. Whether they're a woman or male shouldn't matter. But, it would be nice to see a woman president, I wouldn't pick Hilary Clinton though.  
    Either you want to work in politics or you want to work for a magazine, in the tv industry, etc. I think they would be both good bosses to have. But, I don't want to work in politics.  
    Then why did you even vote?  
    What the? Seriously? Well then what if you were raped? Wow.  
    I'm pro-choice. You don't have to be pro-abortion to be pro-choice. It just means I think we should be in control of our own bodies.  
    I see someone did their research when looking for a picture of 1950 lol.  
    You can go camping anytime, but how many times do you get the opportunity to stay in a luxury hotel? Unless you can afford it, which I can't. So, yeah I choose a luxury hotel.  
    Hello thousands of children to the foster care system. But, that's not your problem is it. I mean there's only over 108,000 children waiting to be adopted in the USA alone. I'm not pro-abortion, but I certainly am pro-choice. My body is my body, not the governments.  
    I do. You can't do anything outside in the rain, Unless you want to carry an umbrella all day or be soaked. I'm used of snow and if I wanted to do something outside or go shopping I could.  
    This site has gotten so full of pervs.  
    You're too young to be on here, if you don't know this. +7
    School is a waste for you isn't it? Learn how to spell lol. +11
    Not in summer lol. +2
    I'm one of the 6% lol. I don't care, I like Yahoo. +1
    I'm a girl, I want running water. +2
    As long as my kid is happy, I'll support them either way. By the way, there's nothing wrong with either of them. +1
    My goodness, people lol. What is wrong with the 55% of you?  
    Sounds nice. But, you know what? I'd know it would be wrong. So, I wouldn't do it.  
    Michael Scott is the best boss. Steve Carell is a great actor.  
    How so?  
    Uh skip.  
    You can add friends on Twitter too lol. Also, there are Twitter fan pages.  
    I think you're talking about Facebook. What do you get out of stalking someone on Twitter.  
    Facebook is just full of drama. +1
    I'm in my 20's so, yeah I picked older lol.  
    The original 90210 is better than both of these shows.  
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