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    Yes he does, in fact if it wasnt for himm you would not be here  
    guest from illinois is a bigger one  
    ch ch bang banga  
    i have an ipod so...  
    id like to go that way maybe  
    umm on demand is epic  
    duhh spongbob wont be cancelled for another 10 years  
    idk wtf this is  
    wall-e ftw  
    skrillex lives there  
    no kids  
    i here u  
    -_- screw your self, you gave enough crap to make a comment in the first place!  
    obama... FUC* noo  
    a begger though  
    bye gay people +1
    abbie shut the fu** up u dont know what talent is  
    no space  
    fairy odd parents  
    ask the answers  
    kids are annoying  
    theres a discount down at walmart  
    i was so boss looking hen i was ten  
    im not black and look at my answer  
    buy a new one  
    obama got pwned  
    who the heck like choice two?!  
    grow the hair back  
    there is heaven  
    i have a step dad and a step brother so basicly only child  
    Gods already real  
    go to school  
    guys they have bloodd doners  
    *athlete* hey i have an idea... lets play cathch for 35 hours today *moviestar* hey lets make a movie  
    the centipede is backwords  
    take the mayo out  
    ur and idiot u good for nothing bit*c  
    in other words "get fat" or "get fat"  
    i already share an ipad :(  
    Atari still makes nice games  
    she can work out  
    thats why fake arms were born  
    Im a guy sooo  
    ima guy  
    41% of people are batches  
    if you have fame you will definetly have wealth  
    if you were smart you would be smart enough to get fit  
    I am the quiet type of person i know that my freinds are true. plus im already a loser and im proud :)  
    my time to eat  
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