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joined the undead army on 7/13/12 BTW everyone that reads my wyr's, they(excluding the je fa fa one, and the hollywood undead one) were all created by cha cha, a texting servace that if you txt wyr to 242-242, you will get a would you wather everytime you txt it. its awesome

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    i'm glad this took over the McDonald and Burger King wyr.  
    what if you call and they ignore?  
    the maker of this question :D  
    only if katiniss or robin hood shoots the arrom :D +37
    ha ha i love the cannibalism comments  
    bacon sucks and wtf is spam?  
    why be with a douche bag bf when you can have one that cares? then get a nice job and buy yourself nice things you want  
    what does god have to do with jeebus?  
    i dont want a crap load of guys in my yard because of a god damn milkshake so i'll go with smoothie  
    once they dry off, PLAYTIME PUPPIES!!!!  
    Hello teen mom  
    then hell with it  
    Eminem is awesome and Skrillex isn't that bad JB and NM suck tho....  
    is that bad?  
    ha i have no kids :)  
    only if i loved him, i wouldn't want someone that i didn't love  
    it's all three combined secretly ;)  
    i dont call him satan... i call him the devil ha HA  
    you don't know whats in the water.  
    only apple freaks are able to tell that this is not an iPhone +2
    has anyone else noticed that the head lights and the bumper make faces on cars? the Camaro looks mad and the Bugatti is cross eyed :D  
    but then you use duct tape to fix it :D  
    rainbow +1
    red apples are sweet and green apples are sour and wait a second, why is classified as tech?!?!!?!?!?!  
    i hate tv. when tv becomes interactive, then i will watch for more that a couple minutes  
    heh i like chiller :D  
    *too :D  
    f*ck my friends, at least i would love truely  
    i would love to visit where the Reniasance started  
    ya cats maybe but 70 of them? TEAMWORK!!!!  
    i love how she is lighting her cigarette with the birthday cake candle XD  
    so? are you planing on eating your pet pig if you got him?  
    he said nothing about god, you came up with that one  
    i am the youngest child and i like it :D im staying this way. no need for change  
    synthetic leg  
    but they kind of do because it was rigged to kill harry  
    RB sucks but she is practaclly gona, and all you JB haters, most of you are either A) refering to baby which sounded like a girl, but now he doesn't, or B)dont like his style of music  
    that scene in that movie is halarious XD  
    but if that bungee cord snaps, im gonna haunt the person that told me to do it as a ghost :D  
    for all those that say'oh well i'll just take a bath' remember, your bathing in your own filth, + getting dirtier from all the people that didn't clean out the bath, leaving all their dirt at the bottom. have lots of fun :D  
    didn't you know? you magicly stop aging at thirty, then read this question, then continue aging normally  
    she looks like she is falling, not flying  
    would you wanna turn into some ugly ass guy/girl  
    then you picked the wrong one  
    the twilight books were pretty good til i found out Edward sparkled. then i started a fire in the fire place with that book  
    if that happened, watch as they figure out how to life forever about ten minutes AFTER you die  
    you are one sick bastard  
    ah ha thats where your wrong my friend! got put in one on a 72 hour hold, and if i lived there with sexy guys walking around that place, awesome  
    better way to get famous. more people watch the superbowl than a lot of blockbuster movies  
    uh huh i can tell  
    alot of sport cars look really nice,therefore, looks can be both :D  
    i think they do, they're just trolling  
    wait is there animals in heaven? because i heard that animals don't go so if not, i change my answer  
    yes, yes he is XD  
    my only good friend is a guy so am i safe?  
    raven won tonight yay +1
    some ne was watching soul surfer before answering. whats the likelyhood of that?  
    JB makes more money so it will be worth it +1
    17 again :D  
    please edit typo for option B " futere" to "future" +1
    lone wolf  
    trick question  
    why not make it gold and make a profit?  
    it never said anything about that has to be the only thing bro +2
    guys can wear make up.  
    once someone finds a movie that is better than the book, my answer will change  
    which singer? we got alot of awesome, dead ones.  
    is there a difference?  
    wait some plz tell me if spongebob died or if it was a hoax! PLZ!  
    a cross breed between a grizzly bear and a polar bear +3
    someone who is paralyzed in 2 limbs.  
    some women can drive, but not all  
    can christians not trick or treat? if we can't im screwed  
    greek is better  
    ya she is 22 years old  
    that wouldnt be true love then  
    disney is worse tho  
    haha i see what you did there!  
    ture ha HA  
    obsesive much? +2
    is that even a question? +1
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