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    wtf when is the sun gonna explode  
    i am 10 +1
    no wait my brother moved it over and clicked immortal  
    just do it beleive in yourself i can talk to my crush cuz i built that trust asa friend of his  
    i would build up his her self asteem  
    i dont drink  
    i dont know what either is  
    it said sleep with not have sex with i would just sleep in the same bed  
    u just take off the clothes duh  
    both of course  
    shut up usa rocks  
    i would be allergic only sneezing  
    just cuz your skinny does not mean your anorexic  
    i am 10 a girl so i dont wear make up and i never will needto  
    only a quater  
    both suck  
    i am mormon +2
    i am a girl  
    what are they  
    i do neather  
    i would get to eat more food  
    i am a girl wear a dress  
    there smaller  
    i wear my close to bed half the time so  
    9 10 coming soon and i really like someone  
    u can carry a gun around in texas  
    i live in ca  
    i have way to much close  
    i already do  
    i dont know what this is im 10 i picked this cuz cool sybol  
    none yuck i only like crab legs  
    i dont drink cofee though  
    i am white and golf is still boring  
    i am already smart  
    just mouth wash white strips then your fine  
    i mean tom boy i am one my profile pic is my lil sis  
    i really dont care  
    5th would money 1234 are tic tac toe  
    wheres the both option when u need it  
    7 percent are so selfish  
    i just watched avatar about 5 min ago so now hunger games  
    and performance  
    already went to disneyland  
    geeks are better  
    no i mean geek  
    ipad only for games and i have a laptop  
    depends there fault they do the time my fault i do time  
    put a wig on  
    massages for daysssssssss  
    i am a kid i have nothing  
    i am not jewish so i dont care  
    i can watch tv on my computer  
    this was all my mom  
    i wacth neither so i pic that  
    bush +1
    no wait lemon juice acid forgot  
    yes itr is  
    my grandma is awesome  
    i am bad at singing at love thogh  
    i would be rich and second smartest  
    only with nutella  
    i am a girl so i dont have a wife  
    poor and happy already  
    it is easier to be a boy but i still havent benn a woman i am 10  
    right now they already have a prince and princess  
    i dont need keys no car and pin pad to house  
    do most f the time  
    woops nnnnnnnooooooooooo i love cookie dough i ment cookie dough ppl  
    i already have great sight  
    kids are soo lucky i know i am one  
    i suck at my hair so  
    nooo i want somebody who cares not a rich douche  
    it did not say where in the sea it could be near shore  
    i already live in usa and i love it  
    1 i dont want to probaly get killed 2 if ppl cared i wouldnt be a bum  
    how short  
    my brother picked this i want flashlight hands  
    huhh ?????? i dont get it  
    ok reading makes u smarter and then u can always watch the movie to it if there is one  
    i am so i would be the one doing the kicking  
    in the way that i act wierd cuz i already am very wierd  
    woops i mean weird  
    obama right now is president  
    i am 10  
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