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    Much cooler  
    Hard to choose  
    I am really not sure  
    Better than drunk... kids aren't drunk  
    I have one  
    I'm 12 but I pretend I'm like 20 taking this  
    I talk kindly...  
    Justin Beiber is disrespectful  
    Way better than burnin' up  
    I don't know.  
    Life or death in an accident??  
    That's innapropriate!  
    I already am one.  
    I am a girl anyways so ummm if I was a guy  
    Better than luck. If you want something u need to earn it.  
    I do it anyways..  
    I'm not interested in science anyways tho  
    That's not racist... +1
    I'm kind. I'd do it.  
    I didn't lie...  
    Bald people are beautiful  
    My hair is frustrating  
    same here  
    I don't hate Obama because he's black, I just don't like him because he makes the wrong decisions. Romney should have been president  
    Smoking is sick.  
    It is soccer and I live in America so i like it more  
    I have a boy friend.... no not boyfriend, boy friend.  
    If I was the younger sibling, I'd be in BIG trouble...  
    Better chance of life!  
    Then u can give your candy u get to poor kids  
    Me too  
    More freedom!  
    So much more fun  
    Same here!  
    Well.... I'd date someone that was 22. Not a 2 year old...that's messed up. haha  
    I'd be embarassed for life...  
    By doing something GOOD!  
    Better for your health  
    TV doesn't have communication. Computer does.  
    They can help accomplish the dreams!  
    Christians didn't do anything wrong. I'm one.  
    WOOT WOOT US!!!!  
    That would be offensive...  
    I would't be supporting gay marraige if i owned it  
    That's a hard question.  
    I already do.  
    That's a hard question  
    Faceplant in the snow, ahhh....haha!  
    I win!  
    I got one  
    Much funnier  
    What is an anarchy  
    Dating is for adults  
    Wow! Really?  
    I'd get him outta office.  
    Friends are much better than being rich.  
    I already do.  
    Ignorance isn't good... but annoying doesn't matter. It's just being a person.  
    I'm not ignorant... but I'm annoying and fat also. :(  
    You get to have interaction  
    So cool...  
    I am not against Obama because he is black, I am against him because he makes the wrong decisions. I am perfectly fine with black people and they are normal people just like whites. We are all the same.  
    Potatoes make me hurl.  
    Cuz they are cute...  
    At least he loves me...  
    What's a utopia?  
    Live a normal life  
    Depends on the day.  
    Famous leader  
    Group work is so much more fun... you get more communication.  
    Annoying people give you a good laugh!  
    Famous Christian singer...  
    Surfing is so fun!  
    I don't know  
    Heaven is better than Earth... keep that in mind. Unless you just plain refuse to get saved. That's sick. I am going to live a normal length...and go to Heaven.  
    I don't steal...  
    Oh? I don't steal anyways  
    So hard!  
    Chinese food!! :D  
    Wow! Thats disgusting that all of you people are going for abortion. Killing a baby is like killing an adult. That baby would grow up to be an adult, actually! But no. You people just want to kill a normal baby. That's not respectful. God made that baby and wanted it to live a good life but you people aren't allowing it. Think of it as killing someone... Please stop doing it. I respect the 44% here.  
    I'm alive then. Duh...  
    That would be so nice...  
    I would encourage them!  
    Wrong one! I want to be a woman! I am one!!  
    Hear what everyone says about me.  
    I'm bad at swimming so...  
    Night clubs are not good.  
    Summer actually has more fun things to watch.  
    At least you like doing it.  
    Great food...  
    I could help her  
    Wow so good  
    Better dan nuttin  
    Books are practically better than movies  
    At least it's something...  
    Cuz I'd be outside more often & that is fun  
    We should all be treated the same... with respect.  
    McDonalds is crappy food.  
    Uh, I'm a girl.  
    So much more peaceful...  
    It's so fun to hide  
    who cares  
    I don't get football.  
    Better than living with the guy that wasn't meant for u.  
    so nice  
    What if text message isnt real  
    Cuz I'm a girl myself  
    they are hot  
    I'm too fat I'd fall and break the equipment haha  
    better communication  
    I don't care about me vision  
    Space scares the crap out of me  
    less expensive  
    That would be HILARIOUS!!  
    Wayyyyy better  
    Because Aliens aren't real.  
    Books don't hurt your eyes!  
    Already the smartest  
    Obama should be the president that everyone hates.  
    I can hop on 1 foot!  
    Loving your life...  
    Cell Phones have COMMUNICATION with REAL VOICES  
    That's sad..I want to end both.  
    It's better to be nice than a jerk... +1
    Peeing in the shower is disgusting. +1
    If not I'd feel guilty  
    Sure people would think i was crazy but who cares  
    Christmas is a great celebration to celebrate Jesus' birth  
    Oh brother people  
    I love reading!  
    I don't care.  
    I don't know.  
    SO HARD! But i gave my best answer  
    I'm only 12. I pretty much wear the same ones anyways  
    Oh shush guest from virginia  
    Weird is better!  
    Not right now tho  
    I already go by the christian religion...  
    Wait. nvm  
    I don't care how I am  
    Cats kill birds. Dogs kill nothing. My point exactly.  
    Quiet and Peaceful.  
    Mario kart is a good way to have fun w/ friends!  
    Who cares...  
    Divorce. Duh  
    It would be nice, anyways...  
    Oh my word.  
    That's rude. I can't believe everyone's saying to shun fat people. I'm fat, and yes I know I'm fat. I don't need to be encouraged to be fat or to lose weight. I'm happy at my weight now. +1
    Cash to give to the poor  
    Where's Croatia?  
    Better than nothing  
    Being gay isn't right, but if you want to be, be. God loves everyone.  
    Sure I'd be scared but it would be better than the second one  
    Sick question...  
    I hate showering in the first place...  
    That would be SOOO awesome...  
    Good question!  
    Minecraft is a bit weird, and not good for your health. Outside is MUCH better. I don't like minecraft anyways  
    I'd feel guilty.  
    I'd not take the money illegally, i don't want to get in trouble.  
    Oh wow...  
    Depends on the day.  
    Retirement home...old ladies are AWESOME! haha  
    That would be fun...  
    I'm using chrome right now. OFFENSIVE....  
    That way, more people would be non-injured and alive. Standing in line isn't THAT bad. Sure, it can be frustrating, but you can wait, right?  
    That's hard.  
    So it won't worry us and...  
    It would be funny!  
    Wouldn't be the best but...  
    Heaven has no sin. Earth does. My answer? Obvious.  
    Stealing ain't right.  
    Black people are wonderful.  
    Justin Beiber is sick.  
    Me. I do.  
    Oh man. That would be SOOOO awesome!  
    Better than lying...  
    Music is great  
    I'd get the real money because then I could give it to poor children and families.  
    Um....we don't need a world war 3...  
    I don't need the internet.  
    That would be so cool  
    Doctor, because you'd get to help others  
    Ear peircings ;)  
    Smartest might not always attract but at least...  
    The celebrity might not the the right match.  
    I don't need more time after I'm supposed to die  
    I'd just be the best friend of someone famous because then the paparazzi wouldn't be watching me all the time.  
    God created it...... If the big bang existed, then who made that exist? Hmmm?  
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