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I figure I'd get tired after like puppy number 40. I'm lazy so I'll just kill the baby.  
McCain was a fighter pilot and POW, his stories have got to be infinity more fascinating. Obama was just a lawyer.  
What? School girl outfits are a huge fetish for pervs. +2
Women kill millions of babies every year. +1
Anybody who said be half your height is a complete moron.  
My great grandfather lived until I was 10 years old. He was 98. There is no way you would meet your great grandchildren, they would be more removed than that 186 years into the future.  
Love doesn't exist. It's a figment of your imagination. And women especially are completely incapable of loving you unconditionally.  
It's called investing. Amazon is just consumer crap.  
My grandfather who was shot at by German troops doesn't even blame them for it. It's the NWO elite that orchestrated the whole thing and the peons of the world paid the price. Ever notice how the powerful and wealthy came out even better after the war, even the German upper class had a net gain from the war? I wonder why that is. +1
Girls are disgusting. A majority would rather not brush their teeth? Gross.  
It would be like time travelling. Similar to blacking out from drugs or booze.  
Oh you mean that arrogant douche who has never won a championship? Ever heard of Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant? At least pick a good basketball player as the reason you chose basketball for god sake woman.  
Sure, if you're a moron. +2
Lets not go comparing Democrats to Nazis. That's uncalled for. I disagree with the American Democratic Party, but comparing them to the Nazis is irresponsible, stupid, and completely loses sight of how terrible the Nazis actually were. +1
Bring the hate. I'll still get laid. Chicks can lie all they want, they would rather bone a hot guy who is an asshole than a nice guy who they aren't attracted to. +1
Family Guy sucks. Just a random assortment of stupid jokes that have nothing to do with the plot. +6
Just don't make mistakes. Problem solved. +6
McDonalds is disgusting. So is BK I suppose but less disgusting. The whooper at least looks like an actual burger. +1
I like their Army knifes and I'm sure there's other cool stuff to see, I guess. +1
Not if you moved to Vancouver. +1
You do realize that CA does not=LA, right? +1
Women are only good for one thing and you don't need a relationship for it. Thank you feminism for giving us the massive amount of sluts that are around. +1
Feels better and all the sluts are on the pill these days. +1
As much I wanted to bang Rachel Green, I gotta go with HIMYM.  
You really don't understand how the "would you rather" game works, do you? +2
I hate the Pats. How can anyone like Tom Brady? The dude is rich, has already won 3 Super Bowls, and is married to a Supermodel who happens to be even wealthier than him...that's not fair.  
That depends on where you live.  
They won me over with their great beer. Prost! +2
Feel stupid yet? You should. +1
From Gojo, the parent company..."Purell is an instant hand sanitizer made of ethyl alcohol which kills "99.99%" of most common germs that may cause illness in as little as 15 seconds. Its active ingredient is ethanol (63% w/w). It is used by wetting one's hands thoroughly with the product, then briskly rubbing one's hands together until dry." +1
From the Chicago Tribune story about a girl who drank a bottle of Purell..."“She was bumping into things and acting, well, drunk, but she said she had hit her head and we thought concussion,” said her father. “I took her home and she was passing out in the car. I was about to go to the emergency room when she blacked out. My wife called 911. She stopped breathing for a few seconds in the ambulance, but when they put tube in, she was breathing again on her own.” The hand sanitizer-Purell with aloe-contained 62 percent ethyl alcohol--and the father was told if it had been isopropanol, found in other brands, the ingestion likely would have been fatal. “As it was, her blood alcohol level at 6 p.m., less than two hours after exposure, was .218. She was going from unconscious to screaming rage to unconscious every few minutes. She awoke lucid at midnight, though her blood alcohol content was still .106. (The legal limit is .08)" +2
It would be like bangin a fat chick. Something to be done lights off, as quickly as possible, and never tell your friends. +2
That's the nature of the US Presidency. You've never heard the story about the letters? New President opens first letter of two from previous President, letter says to blame him the predecessor for the mess and to open the second letter next time he screws up. He does, the second letter says to sit down and start writing two letters. +1
Just to let you know, we have not learned from our mistakes. Your country is doing the right thing moving your oil business ties to China. Remove ties with the US as much as possible and make sure your kids learn Mandarin. +1
You got that wrong. Plato was Aristotle's teacher. Socrates was Plato's teacher. +8
A Macbook Air comes with a keyboard, retard.  
So? That wasn't the question. It just says which would you rather play. Not which "sport" is better. +1
You don't get to drive around on a cart and drink beer while playing basketball. Plus they have golf courses where naked chicks bring you beer. +2
I would be so mean to girls. I'd make them fall in love then ignore them... +1
Choking is just hilarious. That's why I selected it. +2
I'd be so much more productive if I didn't have access to stupid sites like this. +2
Jedi are homos. +3
Ashton Kutcher is a douche. Charlie Sheen is a legend. +4
I would be rich. I'd gamble on every sports event and win every time. +3
I'll just shave my hair off. Not brushing your teeth is disgusting. +5
Australia is cool and all but the US has more options. Big cities/small towns. Regions with 4 seasons and tropical islands. Liberal states and conservative states. +2
You watch too many American movies and tv shows. Stay out of the hood and you won't get shot. +2
She can always work out and improve the body. +2
I hate typing on touch screens.  
You are idiots. Purell will not kill you. You will, however, get drunk. +3
If you're rich you can hire people to be smart for you. That's how athletes/entertainers do it.  
Trying to educate them would be futile. People are dumb. Convincing them you're God would be much easier.  
One of these guys is a bloodsucking lawyer. The other was a Doctor. I'm going with the guy who has an MD. Why so simple you ask? Because politicians are all idiots, at least the guy with the MD cares about people, the guy with the JD is a douche like all JDs are. +9
I picked religion because it's the global status quo. And it just so happens the status quo benefits me greatly as I'm extremely lucky to live in the USA and be relatively well off compared to others. No religion could upend that system and humans would find other ways to group themselves anyway, watch the South Park episode where Cartman goes to the future for proof. +1
Try going without one arm for just one day. It's hard. You can always get a fake leg and walk around reasonably well. But a hand can't be replicated very well. +3
Over 75% of Canada's population lives within 90 miles of the border with the United States. Do people in Ontario actually know more about snow than those in Michigan. No. You're an idiot. +1
Hilarious Canadians accuse Americans of being ignorant... +1
She's 19 bro, you're not pulling a Stan from the Eminem song "Guilty Conscience." Don't be gay, kiss her. +1
Don't hate the player, hate the game son  
No it doesn't. The logic is picking the lesser of two evils in the sense that changing 9/11 would have less of an effect on our world than changing the holocaust. You're just too stupid to grasp that concept.  
SOPA isn't even a law and it's not going to be. Plus, I don't see any hate towards Pakistan or China for censoring their internet. Why do you give a crap what the US Government censors their citizens from seeing, it doesn't apply to Canadian servers. Oh wait, you're a typical anti-American douche Canadian.  
You're so stupid. Texts can be intercepted just like phone calls can. Plus you have no guarantee the person you're texting is deleting the texts.  
Selena is younger and not as skanky. Although she's probably had Biebs in her so that's a knock against her but who knows what the hell Kesha has had in her.  
I'm American, screw royalty. +329
Soccer is for sissies. A more fitting comparison would have been American vs. Australian football or American football vs. Rugby. +4
The EU isn't a country so why would I vote for what is essentially just a huge undemocratic bureaucracy. +2
I live in Michigan, snow sucks. Anyone who doesn't think so has never come out of work and had their car covered in ice. +5
Worst enemy for sure, it would give me extra reason to hate him. I'm all about the hate, it gives you power, just ask Darth.  
I work for a huge multi-national corporation. They lie, cheat, and steal all the time so I wouldn't feel bad doing it to them. +4
That's outside the scope of the question. Any and all comments from me are based solely on the information I'm given. Adding variables to the question will change the answer given.  
Lol, you mad? Shouldn't you be in the kitchen? What are you doing on the internet when you should be making me a sandwich. +1
SUIT UP! Being in a suit is bad ass. People respect you more and automatically assume you are a success. +2
Dating someone ten years younger would be illegal for me I'm 25.  
National Security is important. +2
Invisible. Think of all the awesome crimes you could commit. Bank Heist!  
Harry Potter is stupid.  
I'd rather not bleed from my crotch once a month and be crazy and paid less money and shorter and weaker and less capable and in the kitchen all day and well you get the point. Being a man is better because men are superior +5
A big dog because I'm not gay  
Kadafi because he's dead therefore Biden would be POTUS and he says crazy entertaining stuff. +3
THE N-W-O!  
Has anyone seen "What Women Want" with Mel Gibson. Read Minds for sure. +2
I'm human I am a land animal I feel like I'd have a better chance on land.  
Legal. I work for a living and drug test are not cool. +1
I don't need a passport to visit Hawaii and the US Government won't issue me a passport because of crimes. +2
I'll take my chances with Satan. He can't be all bad if he's making me rich and powerful  
If they brought back Crystal Pepsi I'd switch.  
At least with bad gas mileage I'm assuming I have an awesome vehicle like a Hummer. What does slow internet get me besides frustration?  
Crocs will rip your arms off and take you in a death dive. I'm confident I can escape from piranhas. +3
Fat people smell way worse than wet dogs. +2
You can always change the fact that you're ignorant just need to read. Ignorant does not equal stupid.  
All real men voted to stand. Sitting down is for b*tches  
I live in America we will win WWIII just like the first two because we are winners. +4
Does the android have realistic girl parts? I'm assuming yes. Can't wait for the future. +6
They both suck. I'd rather have a beer with Dubya. +3
Well if I can't prevent it, at least I'll know when my time is up and get things I wanna do done before that time.  
I can pay girls to "love" me if I have 10 million bucks. Mulitple Girls at once. Charlie Sheen has shown us the way +4
MJ is a legend. Sure he molested little boys but whatever he was way more talented than Biebs +2
Phone Call, but I was born prior to the 90s so there was no texting when I was growing up. +1
Family Guy sucks. It's not funny. +5
Aliens! At least I'd know I was right and they do exist.  
Aliens! At least I would know I was right after all these years  
I am a guy, I have a sister. I would not hesitate to give my life for her. She's an awesome person. +3
Doctors save lives what do Lawyers do other than be worthless bloodsucking parasites? +1
Who's Rebecca Black?  
I'd stop 9/11 because stopping the Holocaust would change history and would have a huge effect on our world as we know it. 9/11 of course would too but less of an effect because it happened only 10 years ago +1
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