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What games are these from 3 years ago  
Natura. 3 years ago  
Telekinesis and Pyrokinesis. All you people getting flying, just levitate a steel plate around 8') 3 years ago  
Rice. 3 years ago  
" Read Homestuck, and live good lives. Don't hate yourself, either, no no other people do that for you. Screw 'em. Not literally." -Best speech. 3 years ago +1
Happens enough already. 3 years ago  
Tell me your secrets wise one. 3 years ago +1
While I do enjoy Apple products, I am very happy with my Iphone 4G. 3 years ago  
Sometimes. Never finished my stories though 3 years ago  
Tell me oh wise one. 3 years ago  
While we Do learn lots of things without the use of suffering, we learn more by suffering. Therefore, it is not right , nor wrong. ( Forgive if this makes no sense. It is midnight and i've been awake since yesterday morning. . ) 3 years ago +1
A few too many to list.. Mostly The Walking dead, Valiant Hearts, and The Last Of Us. 3 years ago  
Homestuck. 3 years ago  
I already do A.. Understandably though ahha my art sucks. 3 years ago  
If they're armed. 3 years ago  
RedEagle, AppleJaxx, HashSlingingSlasher, American_Jedi.. That's all I'd want in a superhero team to be honest. 3 years ago +3
She was hacked. And I think her account is going to be banned? I don't know. 3 years ago  
I Was Wondering as to Why she changed her picture into a graphic one , Her anime pictures were always so cute. 3 years ago  
I'd go with Trunks, or Gohan. Maybe Piccolo. Lots'a time to befriend them. 8) 3 years ago  
That's fine . 8) 3 years ago  
Nice! 3 years ago  
I almost always get spaghetti . I have an issue I know, but I mix it up quite often. 3 years ago  
Twenty One or so. 3 years ago  
" You remind me of the anti-christ. " I am so sorry if this spikes some religious debate. I just thought it was funny to share. 3 years ago  
24.50. 3 years ago  
Sorry this is WAY late. Scoplamine is a drug, that is basically " Hypnosis. " When in powder form it is odorless and can be blown into ones face , if so is done, said person is being " Controlled. " And will do almost anything, worst thing is, they don't remember it the next day. 3 years ago  
Where is this heaven? 3 years ago  
Ban the sentence " like if you're watching in 2015 " and " first " and we'd be good, youtube. Make sure no 1337 gets by it too. >:1 3 years ago  
I respect this good sir / madame. 3 years ago  
Who is Nala 3 years ago  
I have to go with this one even though I would get slapped so hard. 3 years ago  
C'mon then :D 3 years ago  
I will be cosplaying Terezi Pyrope (From homestuck) in October. 8) 3 years ago  
Why would you do this I can't choose ( Even though I did.. shh no one has to know. ) 3 years ago  
Killing it. 3 years ago  
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