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    well except that  
    ian obviously can be playstation or video games  
    already did second as kid  
    tried shampoo when I was a kid...along with stones, gums, little pappers...  
    again im a girl  
    im a girl  
    just a quick quick kiss  
    i slep already...oyu didn't specify it was about having sex  
    You can't get pregnant by drinking sperm  
    tough choice  
    whats in a name?  
    just like sheldon  
    well charlie oesn't even act...he is actually filmed  
    romeo juliet was really stupid... +1
    unbelievable...these majority is ither children and non drinkers or liers  
    well now he has a dadbod  
    modern family o doubt  
    pinot noir always  
    pika pika...  
    aren't tey same?  
    these other B selectors are mainly liars i think....  
    if he/she gains million or lose them, i am not going to gain anything or lose anything  
    option A would we like driving them towards their grave  
    a bit tough but hermoine  
    these 14% are insane or what??  
    already do this many times  
    its proven that average is always more attractive even than special ones  
    no malls or restaurants would give discounts on my birthday, unless im the owner. Sounds elfish but seeing many celebrate one festival is better than celebrating my life getting shorter  
    google work office is realllly awesome  
    aren't these many religions enough ? at least company would give jobs to people...rather than starting a useless one more religion which will ultimately be misunderstood and used for any retard's comforts.  
    mark my repeats guys  
    again food wins  
    games of course  
    perfect pic for B  
    my voice sucks  
    if the law says everyone has their own rights than this harmless liberty shouldn't be illegal  
    stuck like in a jail..  
    well call taylor to adopt them...  
    meanwhile become friends...  
    take a bath in tub  
    food wins  
    oops i thought to choose better among these two...mistakenly clicked rebbecca  
    well if i had one sib,i would save her/ him  
    there are many hotties outside  
    if you have everything insides... why wouldn't you choose B? And now i am living in average place with no sooo amazing surroundings...and not feeling any better have B  
    haven't tried it while we were babies? and well even ross confirmed that it wasn't so bad  
    at nights both are die or well, die situation...  
    who r these 13% insane ones... this baby's live free concert can also never beat a old performances of king of pop  
    any intelligent can indirectly earn infinite money from 10 wishes  
    sex is better than true love  
    well music unites more than language divides people  
    im guilty but yeah i surely like to watch fail ones  
    clothes were better than mullets  
    at least you can dance on gangnam style...better than orgasmic voices  
    who r these 20% ones? bella is one of main reason to hate twilight  
    at least 9/11 people died immediately with less pain unlike holocaust where many begged for death...  
    well sarah looks better than horse s stop cursing her...yeah im a fan of her +1
    imagine dreaming about sex and parents or kids come????  
    porn are made for a reason  
    please specify question... either option ables to talk in foreign language  
    surely these 18% are twihards  
    doctor ofcourse  
    5-star prison but no freedom...thanks ...i'll rather live in poornation  
    losing weight is much much easier  
    ok hottest and not genius type ....but normally smart  
    of course my crush...bcoz he's celeb only  
    ruling whole universe even maybe exciting for few days, but at the end happiness is all that matters  
    i would go back in time and change them,but i can't...  
    after im dead, nothing worries me.  
    anything for chocolates +1
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