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    I can. Catch my meat at a farm 5 years ago  
    Loll im a girl but she can be my frend 5 years ago  
    Justen is a criminal he got arrested for drug use 5 years ago  
    Modern 5 years ago  
    Lol 5 years ago  
    I like thes one better 5 years ago  
    Edward looks cleaner 5 years ago  
    Ya it did say that 5 years ago  
    Lol 5 years ago  
    Its anaysing 5 years ago  
    Ok 5 years ago  
    Is the pic on the right a girl lol 5 years ago +1
    What the 5 years ago  
    Loved it 5 years ago +3
    Never said the microwave had to be inside the house 5 years ago  
    Never sad it had to be human feet i could use a barbie doll 5 years ago  
    I dont ever get a brain freze 5 years ago  
    Duh 5 years ago  
    I can go to heaven before you all 5 years ago  
    Nothong will change 5 years ago  
    Sext 5 years ago  
    This is so ease being happy is good 5 years ago  
    I can survive 2 years 5 years ago  
    Lol whats a viddy 5 years ago  
    Same 5 years ago  
    Both 5 years ago  
    XD 5 years ago  
    Hehe 5 years ago  
    Safer 5 years ago  
    And im allready a lesbian so i win lol 5 years ago  
    Stay a girl 5 years ago  
    None 5 years ago  
    Lol 5 years ago  
    Lol 5 years ago  
    They all look like eachothor lol 5 years ago  
    It takes trust to love 5 years ago  
    Run away 5 years ago  
    GOD is the ruler of alll 5 years ago  
    Lots of sex can fix it all 5 years ago  
    No choice bye honney see u in the othor life 5 years ago  
    That pick is cute as hell 5 years ago  
    Is there a both option imma trool everyone :D 5 years ago  
    Wooo 5 years ago  
    At least try to love people 5 years ago  
    If you dont like them you dident try to 5 years ago  
    Fufubftgji 5 years ago  
    Love :3 5 years ago  
    Lol im a girl 5 years ago  
    I have had 129 chrushes and 1boyfrend all 129 dident like me back and the 1dumped me after a day of getting together 5 years ago  
    Ya 5 years ago  
    Ooohhh ya 5 years ago  
    Lol no choice 5 years ago  
    Same 5 years ago  
    Im a good singer 5 years ago  
    Get him before he gets me 5 years ago  
    Get him before he gets me 5 years ago  
    Im goth 5 years ago  
    Rape 5 years ago  
    Ya lol 5 years ago  
    Rape em all 5 years ago  
    Imma rape them 5 years ago  
    Lolllsome 5 years ago  
    Ya 5 years ago  
    Hell ya 5 years ago  
    I dont want children 5 years ago  
    Panda mango dude 5 years ago  
    Lolfhhg 5 years ago  
    Ya 5 years ago  
    Lol 5 years ago  
    I kinda wanna bang some of them 5 years ago  
    Potbullll 5 years ago  
    Lolllll 5 years ago  
    Lol 5 years ago  
    Rubix cubes r soooooooo eazy 5 years ago  
    3d bro 5 years ago  
    Hehe 5 years ago +1
    Lol 5 years ago  
    Ewwwww clams 5 years ago  
    Animay 5 years ago +1
    The pick is cute 5 years ago +2
    Anamal print yo 5 years ago  
    Lol 5 years ago  
    Its cute 5 years ago  
    Boobies 5 years ago  
    SOooooOoOOOoo cute!!!!!!! 5 years ago +2
    B is awsome 5 years ago  
    Lolsome 5 years ago  
    GTA bro 5 years ago  
    Im not wild 5 years ago  
    Mee too 5 years ago  
    One of them is cute 5 years ago +1
    This a dumb question 5 years ago  
    Lol relaaxx 5 years ago  
    Lol easy 5 years ago  
    Im a girl so that would mean im half and half 5 years ago  
    Saw gives me nightmares 5 years ago +2
    I love dubstep 5 years ago  
    Im a girl 5 years ago  
    Ya they did 5 years ago  
    Ya 5 years ago  
    Ok 5 years ago  
    Ya it does 5 years ago  
    It never said the tub had to be dirty XD 5 years ago  
    None 5 years ago  
    Sweat is salty 5 years ago  
    Ya 5 years ago  
    Duh people i hate sports 5 years ago  
    Ya 5 years ago  
    Same here 5 years ago  
    Whats with all the diarea questions 5 years ago  
    Good thing im gay 5 years ago  
    Ewww poop 5 years ago  
    Oh heck ya walrus 5 years ago  
    None i hate both 5 years ago  
    None 5 years ago  
    Im gay so 5 years ago  
    So stupid 5 years ago  
    None 5 years ago  
    Ya 5 years ago  
    Ya they did say u had to eat it 5 years ago  
    Wealth 5 years ago  
    Both 5 years ago  
    I am a girl and will always stay that way 5 years ago  
    Hotel suckers 5 years ago  
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