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    you get out 6 years ago  
    then youre ALSO a sick fuuck. and u will burn in hell. 6 years ago  
    then youre a sick fuuck. 6 years ago  
    u dont give a fuuck. 6 years ago  
    wow. way to be racist. 6 years ago  
    because its not true. and you are a fuucking asswipe 6 years ago  
    fuuck you 6 years ago  
    fuuck you 6 years ago  
    it is in that section 6 years ago  
    no hes not 6 years ago  
    no we dont know who? who? harry potter? 6 years ago +4
    no you didnt 6 years ago  
    then youre an absolute fail. they were the biggest movies of the summer. 6 years ago  
    no you dont 6 years ago  
    no you dont 6 years ago +5
    fail 6 years ago +1
    no you dont... have a friend 6 years ago +2
    yea you knew your actual cod stuff 6 years ago  
    yes. 6 years ago  
    your tent will explode 6 years ago  
    no you didnt. it doesnt count unless you did it singularly. 6 years ago  
    why would you spend 4000 dollars on a bike? you will always be forever alone 6 years ago +3
    no you dont 6 years ago  
    learn grammer and go back to 1st grade you fuucking retard. this is a game and a theoretical question. 6 years ago  
    shush 6 years ago  
    im on an online survey because im bored and want to be entertained. not to your math babbling. 6 years ago  
    no youre not. 6 years ago +5
    velveeta what? 6 years ago  
    t3 6 years ago  
    BOTH 6 years ago  

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