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Would you rather Christopher on True Blood? or Christopher on Special Victims Unit? 7 years ago 443 votes 2 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Die and be forgotten or Die and be hatefully remembered 7 years ago 452 votes 4 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Everytime you have sex, it feels like your first or Every time you have sex, two strangers watch. 7 years ago 2,708 votes 12 comments 0 likes
Easy Question, Would you rather Paper or Plastic 7 years ago 499 votes 15 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Only listen to Lady GaGa music? or Only listen to Beyonce music? 7 years ago 554 votes 13 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Find out who "A" is on Pretty Little Liars or Bring Elliot back on Law & Order Svu 7 years ago 516 votes 9 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Watch The Rugrats or Or SpongeBob SquarePants 7 years ago 544 votes 13 comments 0 likes
Are the illuminati real? Yes or No, we're stressin' over nothing 7 years ago 470 votes 19 comments 0 likes
Do you believe the world will end on Dec.21,2012 Yes or No, we'll still be here Dec.22,2012 7 years ago 828 votes 54 comments 0 likes
Would you rather keep Awke or or keep Ringer 7 years ago 242 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Would you rather stop eating everything with milk in it or everything without milk in it 7 years ago 464 votes 10 comments 0 likes

Samora has posted the following comments:

Duh 7 years ago  
depends 7 years ago +1
Beyonce's my favorite singer. 7 years ago +1
this was easy. 7 years ago +2
but i love Obama. 7 years ago  
date him then break up 7 years ago +7
edward 7 years ago  
Ariana grande. 7 years ago +6
I'm just not a kid person. 7 years ago  
i love Big Brother now way is the Glass House better, I do watch Glass House though. 7 years ago  
too many teens pregnant. 7 years ago  
i like that color 7 years ago  
teachers make less. 7 years ago +1
duh... 7 years ago +2
no still from Mass, i don't know why it changed, weird. 7 years ago  
i already know their future...death. 7 years ago +4
neither 7 years ago +1
i like that theory... 7 years ago  
minus the berries. 7 years ago  
both 7 years ago +7
i love Teen Wolf. 7 years ago  
it's cool 7 years ago  
most important meal of the day. 7 years ago  
because the bus monitor that got bullied by middle school students received about 650,000 dollars because someone put up a fund for her because she got bullied. you didn't see it, it's on you tube. it's gone viral. 7 years ago  
do i get 650,000 7 years ago  
already am 7 years ago  
I'm saying it's not a question because the Lakers are better. It is a question question, but I like the Lakers better so there's no competition. do you understand what I'm trying to say. 7 years ago  
he spelled it correctly. 7 years ago  
puffy ones are the best. 7 years ago +1
Just Ask MAP! lol 7 years ago +3
I've got someone in mind... 7 years ago +3
I'm referring to the people who call him gay. not everyone is going to like his music, i get that. but why make fun of him and call him gay? even if he were gay, there's nothing wrong with that. 7 years ago  
you only die once too, think about it. 7 years ago +1
that's not a question. 7 years ago  
cheetah girls! 7 years ago +5
but I love Obama... 7 years ago  
Albert Einstein, that's all I'm saying. 7 years ago +2
you used the wrong "break". 7 years ago +3
i could sell the weed and make cash forever, it's unlimited. but i can only have sex with any three people once,not anytime i want. 7 years ago  
no one truly knows until they die. i do believe in God though. 7 years ago +7
already had my 8 years of being bullied. 7 years ago +5
:( 7 years ago  
doesn't matter, we all know she chooses Edward in the end. 7 years ago +3
I'm not a fan of pie, just the crust, maybe. 7 years ago  
zombie apocalypse is already happening 7 years ago +1
you must be a parent 7 years ago +14
I'm old enough now, where i don't need someone else to read a book for me. 7 years ago +1
vamps are sexy 7 years ago +1
that'll make me the smart one. 7 years ago  
then don't answer. 7 years ago  
really? 7 years ago  
I'm sorry do you a period every month? yeah, didn't think so. 7 years ago  
i used to eat them raw. 7 years ago  
? 7 years ago  
i loved their Taylor swift. 7 years ago  
i love sprite. 7 years ago  
oops picked the wrong one. 7 years ago  
some people deserve it 7 years ago +2
away from drama for 24hrs please 7 years ago  
i can't swim 7 years ago  
at least i lose weight 7 years ago +1
i don't mind either 7 years ago  
already excel at writing. 7 years ago  
hello...because any meanie that messes with me will be done for or just really scared. 7 years ago  
less teens would be pregnant. 7 years ago +1
i wanna prepare for the pain. 7 years ago +1
lol 7 years ago  
little harsh? 7 years ago  
even though infinite money seems inticing...i'll go with infinite peace 7 years ago  
i wanna be smart 7 years ago  
i don't like to swim, well beause i don't know how, so i'll never really be in the ocean 7 years ago  
ouch 7 years ago +2
what's the difference? 7 years ago  
is that a question?? 7 years ago  
already happens, ms.Callahan hates me. 7 years ago +1
what's the difference? being a vampire would be sexy 7 years ago  
nice ASScot! lol 7 years ago +3
i was shocked 7 years ago  
i'll keep my eyes closed until i see my crush,wheather it be a celebrity or not. 7 years ago +6
i'd make people feel stupid :) 7 years ago  
numb by dubstep rocks! 7 years ago  
funerals would be something 7 years ago +6
we can be 2 nerds together 7 years ago  
me! :) 7 years ago  
i like the shore 7 years ago +1
is that a question?? 7 years ago  
there are some things that aren't meant to be smelt 7 years ago +2
my spouse would be my best friend 7 years ago  
i can't eat cheese 7 years ago  
bye bye 7 years ago +1
that's one more than i already know 7 years ago +1
does it matter 7 years ago  
i love Obama 7 years ago  
nough said 7 years ago  
well, at least my death would taste sweet 7 years ago +4
you can fall in love again as well 7 years ago +7
hopefully it's awesome 7 years ago  
your funny 7 years ago  
only cause I saw him in Mr.Brooks 7 years ago  
children are the future besides my spouse would(hopefully) die for his children as well 7 years ago +2
most likely death 7 years ago +4
i still watch Rugrats 7 years ago  
idk 7 years ago +1
considering i'm a virgin 7 years ago +6
numbers means cash 7 years ago +1
tough one 7 years ago  
your funny :) 7 years ago  
comes in handy if i were ever to get shot at 7 years ago +5
i don't frappuccino 7 years ago  
because of the love tragedy 7 years ago  
already do 7 years ago +2
both 7 years ago +1
someone who wants to be a milf 7 years ago  
niether 7 years ago  
RuPaul didn't have a sex change, just saying 7 years ago  
women are NOT b*tches...jerk 7 years ago +12
gay all day everyday 7 years ago +2
i HEART Demi 7 years ago +2
Britney Spears 7 years ago +2
it's called "skip" 7 years ago +9
i don't want to catch a disease. 7 years ago +1
if it's a one way trip, then i can never go back to the way it was before. 7 years ago +4
OBAMA....need i say more? 7 years ago +3
i like tv, so.......sorry 7 years ago  
google's been around longer than facebook has 7 years ago  
i don't like animals....sorry 7 years ago  
i like american football....sorry 7 years ago +1
the difference is?? 7 years ago  
just to say i did it 7 years ago  
well if it tastes like ice cream...can it be an ice cream of my choice? 7 years ago  
just to say i know how. 7 years ago  
what are yo tryin' to say? i love The Shore 7 years ago +1
we have the guns to kill those ponys......sorry 7 years ago +2
doesn't matter 7 years ago +2
uh..blow kiss 7 years ago +2
well i'm already a virgin but... 7 years ago +2
could i see the landmines?? 7 years ago +2
i'm bi so... 7 years ago  
least i'd know how to say her name 7 years ago +4
well if everyone loves me.. 7 years ago +1
didn't, but if i could..i'm only 16 7 years ago +1
oh, i picked the wrong one, i could have sworn we were a democracy, guess i was wrong 7 years ago  
first i'd have to get the cash 7 years ago  
i forget it anyway 7 years ago  
i'm using that computer to answer this question lol 7 years ago +3
if i had to pick 7 years ago  
it would be scary but cool 7 years ago  
i wish someone would mess with 7 years ago +1
niether, what they'd do to me?? 7 years ago  
i hope not, that would hurt. 7 years ago  
sorry 7 years ago +1
little mistake. meant to say," i love that thing."e that 7 years ago +1
i wouldn't want to think my computer could kill love that th 7 years ago +1 7 years ago +1
do i need to say why? 7 years ago  
first, i'd have to be able to walk in heels 7 years ago +3
it'll be cool to say I've been there and conquered that 7 years ago +2
both 7 years ago  
i'm sick of it's the truth 7 years ago +1
i've always wanted to draw well. 7 years ago +3
they're tv shows that got cancelled 7 years ago +2
i pick both. love these shows. 7 years ago  
i don't particulary like cellphones because they tie you down to people you don't want to be tied down to. 7 years ago  
where's the lol, because i know that's a joke. 7 years ago  
plastics here we 7 years ago  
baby baby baby 7 years ago +1
i have four alreadly plus it's awesome being the youngest.. sometimes 7 years ago  
nothing like old disney... 7 years ago +1
losing weight would be awesome! 7 years ago  
never had sex so...never smoked either but in the future i'm going to need something to relax 7 years ago  
remember me i'm goinna be a best seller. 7 years ago +2
exactly what would me and this celebrity be doing? 7 years ago +622
love family guy...but the people there are too mean 7 years ago +1
old disney..i miss it. 7 years ago +3
i've always wanted to be friends with a gay guy 7 years ago +5
wish it was longer 7 years ago  
he's SEXY! 7 years ago  
sorry little mistake 7 years ago  
i'm bi if he's sleeping with another girl it mi, but if it's porn the guy will just be a stranger.ght be my friend 7 years ago  
ice cream is AWESOME! 7 years ago +3
i LOVE chinese food! 7 years ago +5
i don't have a problem with it. 7 years ago +2
meant to say "some" 7 years ago  
love me so garlic breadsticks 7 years ago +2
although i do like the night 7 years ago +1
i'm a girl and i'm bi so... 7 years ago +5
do you mean date or have sex with?? 7 years ago  
as long as i'm sexy... 7 years ago +4
i basically already have 2 moms, but it doesn't matter either way. 7 years ago  
just to say i experienced it. 7 years ago +2
scary movies rock! 7 years ago +2
sorta, i do know Michael J. Fox has it, kinda sexy. 7 years ago  
both 7 years ago +1
least i get paid 7 years ago +2
he looks so awesome in drag. love RuPaul, love his shows, his songs. 7 years ago  
they get soooo much money 7 years ago +1
i can grant wishes 7 years ago +2
freedom of religion 7 years ago +3
hitler stinks 7 years ago +4
yahoo 7 years ago +1
ugly frog..scary looking 7 years ago +2
i don't dislike Justin Bieber. idk why people get so worked up over a person they do NOT know. they're just jealuos. 7 years ago +5
both 7 years ago +1
my name starts with "s" 7 years ago  
right now nick because this disney now, stinks 7 years ago +3
niether 7 years ago +1
titanic all day 7 years ago +1
i hate dogs 7 years ago  
numb dubstep best ever 7 years ago  
is that a question?? 7 years ago  
i can have them forever 7 years ago +1
i better get out alive 7 years ago  
more attention if i'm the only child 7 years ago +4
does it is love not a color 7 years ago +4
both, than i'd be really skinny 7 years ago +1
least i won't get hit 7 years ago  
38 percent are haterz 7 years ago  
wwe all day, fake and all! 7 years ago +3
is that a question? 7 years ago +1
both. haven't drunk white out but anything mountain dew has to be good 7 years ago +1
niether 7 years ago +4
sh*t..picked the wrong one. i don't want kids anyway. 7 years ago +1
i watched family guy first. 7 years ago  
niether 7 years ago +1
i actually watched the descent. 7 years ago  
does it matter? freedom of rather 7 years ago  
lets see how many people would do cocaine 7 years ago  
chloe. i watched that 7 years ago  
easy. i would be remembered as a hero 7 years ago +4
is that a question? 7 years ago  
ariana is prettier 7 years ago +1
that's called lust at first sight 7 years ago +7
i'm not a kid anymore so... 7 years ago +2
usa is a country 7 years ago  
baby i like it i i i like it! 7 years ago +4
if we break up i still have money 7 years ago +4
skittles all day! 7 years ago  
i love the news 7 years ago +3
i hate pie 7 years ago +1
they both made their mark 7 years ago  
snookie 7 years ago +1
that's vile. 7 years ago  
i can play games on the computer. 7 years ago +3
niether 7 years ago  
what the hell is that?? 7 years ago +1
both 7 years ago  
defend myself 7 years ago  
what's the difference? 7 years ago +22
my spouse would agree 7 years ago +2
is that a question?? 7 years ago  
what?? 7 years ago  
music equals life 7 years ago  
she won't kill me...we're friends. 7 years ago +6
men are the real whores. 7 years ago +5
which ever is more comfy. 7 years ago  
look at all the selfish people 7 years ago +7
i'm a girl but i need women attracted to me because i'm bi 7 years ago +4
who are they?? 7 years ago +3
wait...both 7 years ago +1
Team EDWARD ALL DAY! EVERYDAY! F*** werewolves 7 years ago  
what with the pics? 7 years ago +1
neither. 7 years ago  
don't you miss life before facebook? myspace all day! 7 years ago +1
let us die together...less scary. lol 7 years ago  
nothing's better than an orignal 7 years ago +2
didn't watch it 7 years ago +2
i already like 'em older 7 years ago +1
mickey d's all day! 7 years ago  
just because you're jealous of all the attention bieber is getting doesn't make him gay. haterz 7 years ago +1
niether 7 years ago +1
don't watch it 7 years ago  
both 7 years ago  
already am a geek and shy 7 years ago +4
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