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Who has the better community rrrather or your other favorite site 6 years ago 188 votes 15 comments 0 likes
{scenario} Your mom asks you to give her $5,000, you Give her the money or HEYLL NAW !! 6 years ago 253 votes 24 comments 1 like
{scenario} You have gotten bored of your current boyfriend/girlfriend and developed a crush on someone else, you dump him/her for this new crush or stay in the relationship 6 years ago 237 votes 15 comments 1 like
Would you rather persona 3 or persona 4 6 years ago 165 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Would you rather have the ability to have super strength or turn into any animal 6 years ago 3,156 votes 24 comments 1 like
{scenario} You get accepted by two different colleges, you go to the advanced one in another country, spending your own money traveling there,food, etc or go to the mediocre one that is close to your home 6 years ago 236 votes 9 comments 1 like
Would you rather die of eating too much spicy food or sour food 6 years ago 437 votes 10 comments 1 like
Would you rather listen to the opening theme of your favorite show or the ending theme 6 years ago 265 votes 27 comments 0 likes
{scenario} You see a grandma getting threatened and robbed by two thugs with knives, you step in and defend her with the risk of death. or Act like you didn't see anything and continue with your day. 6 years ago 277 votes 25 comments 1 like
Which is funnier inside jokes or dirty jokes 6 years ago 230 votes 9 comments 1 like
Which voice do you prefer? Female singing or Male singing 6 years ago 275 votes 10 comments 1 like
Would you rather be on good terms with everyone but you can't hangout with them or Have 1 best friend you can stick to 6 years ago 391 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Spring Break or Winter Break 6 years ago 521 votes 6 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be addicted to ( read author's comments) sweets or crossdressing 6 years ago 705 votes 20 comments 1 like
Which will you eat first Strawberry cake or The Chocolate Cake 6 years ago 585 votes 19 comments 1 like
Would you rather sit on a warm seat or cold seat 6 years ago 265 votes 14 comments 1 like
Would you rather have a class party or go on a field trip 6 years ago 233 votes 2 comments 0 likes
Would you rather have a tree house or a secret base 6 years ago 254 votes 6 comments 1 like
Do you prefer Fat Pikachu or Skinny Pikachu 6 years ago 6,836 votes 82 comments 12 likes
Would you rather celebrate Thanksgiving or Valentine's Day 6 years ago 424 votes 18 comments 1 like
Who is more awesome Izaya Orihara or Shizuo Heiwajima 6 years ago 8,654 votes 40 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Move states to live in a big house. or Stay where you are and live in a little apartment 6 years ago 971 votes 10 comments 0 likes
Would you rather watch luanlegacy or david so 6 years ago 149 votes 0 comments 1 like

Sandwicheltaco has posted the following comments:

"gaming" oh i see 6 years ago  
your racist 6 years ago  
cheese-kun! 6 years ago  
if it's true that's terrible and you shouldn't keep using it for humor :/ 6 years ago  
bridge fetish lol jk 6 years ago  
keep telling yourself that. hun. 6 years ago +1
and back up to your mouth 6 years ago  
and shoujo 6 years ago  
and fake 6 years ago +5
dat forehead 6 years ago +2
im wondering how you know that 6 years ago  
the internet in a nutshell 6 years ago +6
i will travel across the land...searching far and wide 6 years ago  
i just realized how similar they looked 6 years ago +1
then drink your piss 6 years ago  
anime music videos 6 years ago  
wumbo. you know, i wumbo, you wumbo, we all wumbo 6 years ago +3
eh...not really 6 years ago +1
it's nice :) 6 years ago  
i think it's the other way around 6 years ago  
i don't evem read manga that much 6 years ago +1
So does C 6 years ago +1
rent extra space to people 6 years ago  
i'd name it kevin! 6 years ago +4
Dick Dryer 6 years ago  
this is the first time ive seen this question!! 6 years ago  
im pretty sure they're normal in person .... 6 years ago  
is that aigis?? 6 years ago  
are those....boobs? 6 years ago +2
finding nemo and monsters inc 6 years ago +1
are you trolling? 6 years ago +1
but you'll run faster.. 6 years ago +2
noooooooo!!! *smiles* WHAT HAVE I BECOME 6 years ago +1
lemme guess, you watched django 6 years ago  
you picked one 6 years ago  
smilepocalypse 6 years ago +1
execute this man before he infects anyone else !! 6 years ago +4
i love your profile pictureXD 6 years ago  
it made me laugh. pftt 6 years ago  
oh, the irony 6 years ago  
i don't want a sibling 6 years ago  
no, this is patrick 6 years ago +1
most recently: Danshi Kōkōsei no Nichijō 6 years ago +2
im part french 6 years ago  
das nasty 6 years ago  
i heard you liek mudkips 6 years ago +5
it's about sending a message 6 years ago +1
chocolate :DD 6 years ago  
burned 6 years ago +2
-__- tsk tsk 6 years ago  
tesla fell in love with a pigeon 6 years ago +1
my home team IS my favorite team 6 years ago +3
i don't understand why you got thumbs up.. 6 years ago +1
confession: i hated ponyo ... it was a waste of my time 6 years ago  
they're both rednecks 6 years ago  
Nicolas cage 6 years ago  
studies show people who see you embarrassed are more likely to trust you 6 years ago  
you seem like a good person 6 years ago +4
finaeshedd i habbed 6 years ago  
nostalgia is sad 6 years ago +2
ALL HAIL LELOUCH 6 years ago +1
i can be times 6 years ago +4
insanity wolf 6 years ago  
i call it a circular red thing 6 years ago +6
how about OH NO :o 6 years ago  
your so photogenic 6 years ago +1
OH YEA OH YEA OH YEA 6 years ago  
finished :D 6 years ago  
:aliens: 6 years ago +1
apply water to the burned area 6 years ago +1
:) 6 years ago  
two words. HARRY POTTER 6 years ago +1
my lord..!!! 6 years ago +2
i'd be like one of those cheesy korean dramas :DD 6 years ago  
their still insane 6 years ago +1
BAHH 6 years ago  
I'd say injure, not die 6 years ago  
he went to jail for fighting frank ocean for a parking space :o 6 years ago +2
grumpy cat in human form 6 years ago +3
ok, you guys can stop raging now. 6 years ago  
beyonce is married > 6 years ago +1
pshh i love them both 6 years ago  
mine too bro ;( 6 years ago +1
i thought bye bye butterfree was the saddest 6 years ago  
some people don't have the privilege to go to an amusement park/school dances, so don't hate! 6 years ago  
"the ability to" is on the top 6 years ago +1
yup, it's very emotional and funny at the same time. go and try it 6 years ago  
fruits basket 6 years ago +2
i just like to look at the pictures :D 6 years ago  
imagine the fan-service 6 years ago +2
c'mon people you can eat it in two bites 6 years ago +2
i have pediophobia (fear of dolls) 6 years ago +4
epic entrance 6 years ago +7
thumbelina roles here i come 6 years ago  
who else thought pixy stix was like meth when they were little? :D 6 years ago  
why thank you ~__~ 6 years ago  
i read it as c*ck pot...look at what the internet has done to me !! 6 years ago +8
play on of the word deep 6 years ago  
asian potatoes :)) 6 years ago +1
your so deep i can't even see you anymore 6 years ago  
what a rare and thoughtful question !! 6 years ago +9
onion ring 6 years ago +5
set it free!! 6 years ago +3
those pictures.... 6 years ago +7
i think thats called masturbating... 6 years ago +2
im only going to watch it for dtk 6 years ago  
obviously the 1D picture is fake 6 years ago +5
the 1st picture made me vote the question up 6 years ago +1
it was sad when he died 6 years ago +5
purgatory 6 years ago +1
gold digger alert! 6 years ago +3
Fact: i hate ketchup 6 years ago +3
I'm more of a future person 6 years ago  
:aliensmeme: 6 years ago +7
no break ups 6 years ago  
whats so bad about getting beat up by a girl 6 years ago +3
does anyone play sky burger??it's so fun 6 years ago  
some of them do it for attention and it's annoying 6 years ago +9
you have multiple birthdays?? seems legit 6 years ago  
harry styles looks like that clown from the movie "It" 6 years ago +2
none. 6 years ago  
im watching Btooom 6 years ago  
impossibru 6 years ago  
yup i loved the twists and the ending(s) :DD 6 years ago  
Dec. 30 6 years ago  
is folgers in your cup!! 6 years ago +1
whos option b 6 years ago  
d'aww look at that turtle 6 years ago +2
series 6 years ago  
how do you think was the ending ? 6 years ago  
cool teachers are rarer, in my opinion. 6 years ago  
muahaha 6 years ago  
interesting question 6 years ago +4
lol :D 6 years ago  
grandma meaning old woman 6 years ago +1
i was implying a random old woman 6 years ago +1
it doesnt stop me from believing :D 6 years ago +1
i spell how ivonna 6 years ago +2
gud question 6 years ago +1
dragons 6 years ago +2
i like to live dangerously 6 years ago +2
nukeception 6 years ago +3
ain't nobody got time to read dat 6 years ago +1
college books 6 years ago +1
jonny young bosch 6 years ago  
i know where you're going XD 6 years ago  
i did nazi that coming 6 years ago +4
id be obese 6 years ago  
FIRST 6 years ago  
that should be censored 6 years ago  
murdering? 6 years ago +5
why not both 6 years ago +1
he didn't pass the 3rd grade 6 years ago  
he/she doesnt even have an account 6 years ago  
i though would you rather 6 years ago  
dont be racist 6 years ago  
if you have a family, you probably have a spouse working too 6 years ago  
say that to 3rd world countries 6 years ago  
no 6 years ago  
she turned into a chola 6 years ago +4
more like pain or pleasure 6 years ago +10
they look more interesting 6 years ago  
yes really bro 6 years ago  
i suddenly feel sad for you. *gives a cookie* 6 years ago  
YU NARUKAMI 6 years ago +1
she doesnt have to know 6 years ago +1
orange soda is so sticky and its horrible when warm 6 years ago +1
you picked one 6 years ago  
id offer the bears to my enimies 6 years ago +1
who else watched django? 6 years ago  
thats what she said 6 years ago  
no -__- 6 years ago +3
he tries too hard 6 years ago  
THE SHELL HAS SPOKEN 6 years ago  
dafuq 6 years ago +2
i just got zapped and it felt so good -lonely island reference- 6 years ago  
thanks for sharing 6 years ago +7
iris gets too much spotlight. Ex shes the champion, in the show, and got to be a gym leader. dont forget she got A FREE DRAGONITE 6 years ago  
code geass. that is all. 6 years ago +1
i wonder if he has a human\ appearance 6 years ago  
they're funny and know how to take a joke 6 years ago +2
amaterasu 6 years ago  
elmo 6 years ago +2
yus 6 years ago +3
i think of diner dash 6 years ago +1
the sarcasm is strong with this one 6 years ago  
r u serious 6 years ago  
agreed 6 years ago  
how about no 6 years ago +3
im not a gay fish 6 years ago +3
two white girls with bad voices singing about how hot they are on youtube 6 years ago  
mulan is epic 6 years ago  
yet you voted for it 6 years ago  
some 911 jokes are BLOWN out of proportion XD 6 years ago +7
it was cool the first time 6 years ago +1
this was asked 3 times 6 years ago +6
because dtk and blackstar got knocked out and maka went too OP and punched him with her power of "courage". i loved the middle of the series though 6 years ago  
thats his last name 6 years ago  
oh god why 6 years ago  
i don't get why people ship izaya and shizuo 6 years ago  
soul eater was good but the ending was pretty bad.. 6 years ago  
yup, some people are blaming it on 9gag too 6 years ago  
technically everyone on earth is related 6 years ago +1
it hurts the belibers so... no problemo 6 years ago +3
ain't nobody got time fo' dat 6 years ago +8
mmm... diabetes 6 years ago  
it takes skill for both but ping pong is more entertaining 6 years ago +3
that's asking still 6 years ago  
taeyang 6 years ago  
nasty as hell 6 years ago +1
its too shy 6 years ago +2
thats what she said 6 years ago  
cali ... 6 years ago  
lets be real 6 years ago +1
to lose more money 6 years ago  
Torture: go inside a retirement home 6 years ago  
if you think getting first comment is hard...your going to have a bad time 6 years ago +3
this reminds me of the time i had to do it in PE and my teacher prevented me from getting a hundred by stopping me at 99 -__- 6 years ago  
it's not 6 years ago +3
*up soul the questions keep eater 6 years ago  
all im saying is that if you get sunburns often you might just get cancer~ *flies away* 6 years ago  
First, you grammar Nazi everyone and you think that thanking them for using correct grammar will make everyone forget? Gag me with a spoon. 6 years ago  
DAESUNG :DD 6 years ago +1
this is so nasty ... 6 years ago  
bromance>yaoi 6 years ago  
keep soul eater questions up :DD 6 years ago  
and then you have cancer 6 years ago +6
IT'S LIKE THE BEST EVER...... 6 years ago  
the guy above you 6 years ago  
:) 6 years ago  
Anyway ask but i them 6 years ago +1
*ar3 gam3s g00d R3ally b0th. 6 years ago  
Vat 6 years ago  
all hail lelouch 6 years ago  
who created this question ??... it doesnt say 6 years ago +2
mirai nikki.. 6 years ago  
depends 6 years ago +2
crepes are soggy inside 6 years ago  
re 6 years ago  
i see what you did there 6 years ago  
RE 6 years ago  
anything but trolls 6 years ago  
dude.... 6 years ago +1
-Bob Marley 6 years ago +23
he probably is anyways 6 years ago +6
honey boo boo 6 years ago  
FUS ROH DAHH 6 years ago  
all of the people in the world could live in texas 6 years ago  
ok. now you being too lazy 6 years ago +1
ummm.... 6 years ago  
bones :0 6 years ago  
bigbang 6 years ago +3
made out of sea cows :D 6 years ago +1
steven!! 6 years ago  
frosting muthaf***a 6 years ago  
gucci gucci 6 years ago  
grumpy cat >:I 6 years ago +1
chocolate isn't candy 6 years ago  
nervous at first but cool on stage 6 years ago +1
911 !! 6 years ago  
i was eating. 6 years ago  
HAHAHAH THATS SOOOO FUNNY im totally rolling on the floor 6 years ago +1
depends if im having a cold or cancer 6 years ago  
canto ftw 6 years ago  
why not zoidberg? 6 years ago +5
you have to understand idioms for one of my classes 6 years ago  
i get less pissed playing this one 6 years ago  
"baby, i know"-natalie 6 years ago +1
TOP ;DDD!! 6 years ago +1
chocoholic right here 6 years ago  
fat cat:) 7 years ago +1
then i wont need subs for animes 7 years ago +6
free kill 7 years ago +1
ice coffee 7 years ago +2
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