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Would you rather: Swim straight for 5 hours or Have sex 5 hours straight 7 years ago 7,887 votes 44 comments 0 likes

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what if they're bad in the bed and you have to do them twice? 7 years ago +1
What apocalypse?! xD 7 years ago +2
My tablet is my computer xD 7 years ago  
I dont know i thought it wuld funny xD 7 years ago  
Some people just need help 7 years ago  
im addicted to both couldnt say which i lik better 7 years ago  
selenas way prettier 7 years ago +3
wrong button 7 years ago  
wrong button crud 7 years ago  
How could you live without water but with internet?! Thats ridiculous! 7 years ago +2
If your a giant then you have more health problems. Thats what i've heard 7 years ago  
same but im 14! lol :D 7 years ago  
if we had everlasting world peace, we could work together as a freaking world to stop hunger and disease 7 years ago +4
I love both equally! 7 years ago  
I dont get it whats so bad about gingers? 7 years ago  
Skipped lol 7 years ago  
Your amazing for saying that xD 7 years ago  
you are aazing for saying trhat xD 7 years ago  
Im 14 and still havent frenched anyone and im proud about it. 7 years ago +6
gum wuldnt help anything xD Your teeth would still fall out 7 years ago +2
I like both equally. and how can you say someone is fak if you've never met them seriously? 7 years ago +3
Think about it, if we didnt need to sleep, we would have more time for reasearch and more time for discoveries in all categories. NO SLEEP 7 years ago  
Dogs ar emans best friend duh who wouldnt want to be a whole species best friend?! 7 years ago  
NO PERIOD YES!!!!!!!!!!!! 7 years ago +3
whats "a dumb"?? 7 years ago +2
It never said if you lived or died xD 7 years ago  
How would you know that? Some people thought in 1700's that we wouldn't live to 2011 but look at us now. 7 years ago +2
I love gays! Go blurt all the way 7 years ago +5
I want grandkids, i just dont want my grandchildren to be born at the age i could have another child myself xD 7 years ago  
Whhy is there only skinny and fat?! 7 years ago  
hit the wrong button -__- 7 years ago +1
Ok I dont get it. God made each and everyone of us the way he wanted us to be. Well if he did that then why is it against the bible to be gay, if he made you that way? Seriously i dont get it! 7 years ago +4
Whats so bad about homos?! 7 years ago +4
It never said you were in the same ocean as the creature 7 years ago  

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