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    i do any ways  
    Aliens probe you....  
    its a one night stand why waste money on it when its guranteed?  
    my wife is a lesbian so i guess it wouldnt be so bad?  
    Woops my boob pressed fake (N)  
    might be able to jump off the ski lift. If the elevator plummets you may be F'd  
    I say small but I have a husky..... suppose i have a short legged jack too  
    Mario Karts gets a bit boring after a while =\  
    Mario Karts is good but gets boring after a while...  
    zip line down it oh yea  
    stupid question :3  
    Dont spend money that you havent got  
    gingers are creepy and one night when your all sleeping in your room the gingers are gonna get ya ...theyre gunna getcha  
    least id get it in +1
    It cant be that hard to kill 70 cats  
    if Angelina Jolie is there then so am i  
    F them  
    ewe spam  
    im not a cheat  
    ooohh err whos that :3  
    stop the war then conquer the hunger with the money saved  
    one drop of blood and id be passed out  
    whos rebecca black?  
    no worries but no alcohol either =\  
    I like my sleep  
    then you will be use to having time off with pay ;)  
    erm Zero?  
    it’ll be like a day in the life of dole dosser  
    Youngest is always the favourite ;)  
    I find it disgusting that people would vote No.. You don’t have to agree with it but doesn’t everyone have the right to be happy +1
    I can only think of like 3 things to wish for but a better job would be at the top of my list  
    try before you buy  
    sometimes the truth hurts but so do secrets  
    do you really think there would ever be a president that EVERYONE likes? any hoo id rather have a house and food on tap and be hated then be homless and loved  
    bye bye nightmares  
    why would i care... id be dead!  
    id rather not know either but if i had to chose then it would be the cause!  
    give a dog a home  
    id be able to get my 8 hours ...  
    baths it is  
    im feeling a little horse  
    why do people get so seriouse when answering these questions its hypathetical.. each to their own  
    i could train him to steal and wear a top hat  
    less work  
    I get car sick... i might get flight sick too  
    I didnt even watch the olympics...who won?  
    more people died in the Holcaust then 9/11 althought non of them deserved it  
    i might be able to forget things but other people might be around to remind me of it  
    ohh poop didnt think this through properly.. im 23  
    you can fix terrible sex.. just have it with someone else nr.. who wants to be in an abusive relationship just for the good sex...  
    Id rather a prosthetic leg thats covered up  
    bench warmer who wants to be blamed when it all goes wrong? +3
    it could be intresting....  
    could you imagine a conversation with a animal :3  
    set up fo life then i can travel where i wish instead of saving money for a house/mortgage  
    I couldn’t imagine killing either but killing a human being is just un ethical.  
    cus you cant have sex with money  
    I like all you can eat’s but feel really fat going up for the 2nd plate never mind anymore also sometimes a sneeze guard just isn’t enough  
    but psychological isnt physical lol  
    Im not self motivated so it would probably of helped me more  
    I like surprises but I also like money =\  
    never mind a masseuse does this mean id never have to do the washing up again?  
    can i change my answer? lol  
    unicorns have magic dust on their horns!? lool ;)  
    Got to have a physical attraction before a mental attraction  
    tattoos but on someone else  
    ill buy new ones  
    save more people  
    So you felt the need to tell everyone :3  
    knowing all the time could get messy  
    With knowledge comes power  
    Bad gift still shows I care enough to pick a gift out bad or not  
    Id rather not live forever... the futures not looking so bright  
    Iv smoked in the past and given up quite easily and quickly!!  
    whats $100 when your from the uk ;)  
    smart then i could make my zillions  
    Who wouldn’t want split personalities ;3 maybe I could get some meds for it  
    I could eavesdrop a lot easier  
    Id like to read minds not so bothered about flying  
    Money money moneeeeyyy... Religion is just a nice name for a cult  
    I dont actually care .. +1572
    I dont lie...  
    I say a lot of stupid things ...  
    Fail every time!  
    Although how would the songs get in my head? My dreams are messed up no one need to see that sh*t twice!!  
    I’d rather be a thief if I was a beggar id more than likely be homeless and I couldn’t cope being homeless  
    I already am  
    1 hour is better then 10  
    Gots to have foods  
    I’d get sick of my face after a while  
    old school  
    If I was a moron I wouldn’t know any different and id just be stupidly happy  
    Woops accidentally clicked average Joe but I’d rather have all my dreams come true..sure any one of us could drop dead any moment!!  
    I’d bring the death penalty back  
    I do sort of think god is real but there’s no way one man could create all this  
    Burger King of course I dont let clowns in my bed haha  
    rather keep my moneys to myself oh yea  
    Id rather work I think life would get a little boring if not  
    rather have a job  
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