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I'm "leaving." In quotation marks just in case I decide to come back, which I probably won't. Basically I've lost interest in this site. It's been headed in a downward spiral for a long time, and it's surprising that I've stuck around for as long as I did. I'm tired of the biased questions, the rivalries, and all the good users leaving only to be replaced by trolls. It's clear that this site isn't ever going to be as good as it used to.I'm just not having fun anymore. So I guess this is goodbye for now. If anyone has my contact information from outside of rrrather (dA, email, etc.), you're free to contact me, but for those who don't I guess it's goodbye, and that's probably for the better.

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Want to play the rrrather user birthday scenario game? (link in author's comment). sure or I'll pass. 493 votes 120 comments 0 likes

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Sure. Can I be a superhero of some kind? +1
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